GMAT Pill Review: Course, Study Method, and Success Stories

Here's my most comprehensive GMAT Pill review...

The GMAT is a commonplace name in the contemporary academic arena across the globe.

Students/aspirants from all over the world are aware of this competitive exam and it is usually regarded as the most sought after option for getting a place into the top universities for pursuing MBA.

Studying and preparing for any competitive exam is like getting into a battle field.

You need to have a strategy, a schedule and a plan B for contingency.

Gone are the days wherein hard work was the need of the hour, instead in today’s times smart work is the way to go.

With the advent of technology the access to knowledge and resources has become very easy that enables smart work.

There is a plethora of online courses available for cracking GMAT.

Many of these courses claim score improvements in multiples of 25, 50 or sometimes even 100 points.

As a student, one should not fall prey to such misleading and disguising claims.

There are only a few courses that are genuinely good and can help you improve your competence.

One of such courses is the GMAT Pill.

GMAT Pill Review

GMAT Pill is an online video preparation course for GMAT.

It is an extensive full length program and can be finished in a month.

There are 6 ‘pills’ or modules for each of the question types asked in GMAT.

One can buy individual pills, combination of pills or the whole package at once.

Not many courses offer this freedom of choice wherein a student, depending on his / her level of competence, can choose the course module.

GMAT Pill has a three step approach for preparation, wherein importance is first given to creating a strong base / foundation, then testing out the strength of that foundation and in the end applying it when required.

It provides you with a detailed and systematic plan from day 1 to day 30.

It enables students to know exactly how to pace their preparation and what are the targets.

Having targets ahead of you has 2 major advantages – one, it keeps you motivated, and once you achieve those targets you gain confidence. And two, it keeps you on your toes and help you avoid complacency.

Also, the approach is such wherein the students are first taught the core frameworks of concepts.

After laying this foundation, while solving the problems, the student is always taken back to the core framework to solve that problem.

It strengthens the understanding of core frameworks and also helps students to understand the problems much better for them to be able to arrive at the correct solutions.

In addition to the regular online videos, GMAT Pill also offers mobile applications for iPhones and Android phones for its students.

These apps are easily downloadable, hassle free and user friendly.

These apps make sure that you are never left behind competition and can utilize your time studying anywhere.

It also offers a money back option if the student doesn't like the course.

This option, again, is NOT available with most of the courses.

The philosophy behind this is that the course is meant to help the students, not get their money if there is no value for them.

Zeke Lee, who scores more than 760 in GMAT, is the founder of the course and is widely acknowledged in the academic circles.

Zeke Lee GMATPill

He also teaches MBA students at the Stanford University.

He is very popular for his style of teaching and his rapport with the students.

It is true even in the case of distant students. Zeke personally answers to the queries of all his students and never ignores any question directed at him.

It gives all his students immense confidence in him which is a vital part of any course preparation.

Watch the video below for GMAT Pill Review: 

GMAT Practice Questions

The feature of Practice Pill Platform is one of the best attributes of the course.

It is an online repository of questions that you can practice anytime.

What makes this feature special is that it keeps a track of every question and tells you how many students have attempted that question and what the success rate is.

It helps you get a hang of your relative position amongst fellow aspirants.

It also helps the student identify his / her areas of strength and weakness.

The course also offers Timed Quizzes for testing retained thinking and improves it further.

This has been a major contributor in the success of the course.

It is a unique aspect of the course that sets it apart from the rest of the available courses.

In addition to the subject questions, the course also offers computer adaptive full length tests for its students for practice.

Most of the courses offer these tests to students, but what sets “GMAT Pill” apart is the variety of questions and the mix of questions in a practice test.

It is very close to an actual GMAT and exposes students to different test situations at various difficulty levels.

Please watch the video below for a walk through of Practice Pill Platform of the GMAT Pill: 

Whether GMAT Pill Is Worth It

Most of the online video preparation courses are pretty expensive.

Usually any course from a recognized and established trainer costs somewhere around USD 1,000 to USD 1,200.

But this 60+ hour full time course is available for less than half that cost.

It is usually perceived that whatever comes for less money is often not that good in quality.

That is not true for this course.

It is a comprehensive and economical course with a very good curriculum and training design.

Moreover, it gives you a lifetime access to all its contents and updates once you are enrolled for the course.

Whether you are taking a shot at GMAT in a month’s time, or in the next 6 months or even after 2 years, you will always have complete and ready access to the study material.

It is not that bad a deal for the money you would spend.

As mentioned earlier, it gives an offer of 100 % refund if you are not completely satisfied with the course.

In my opinion, it is definitely your money’s worth!

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GMAT Pill Vs. Kaplan GMAT

Kaplan GMAT is a traditional classroom training course that also has an online offering.

Their focus and expertise is in classroom training whereas GMAT Pill is a dedicated online course with absolute focus on enabling students to get everything just by watching the videos.

Kaplan GMAT has its online course but it is not just as good as their regular classroom program.

It is just a way to attract students to join their full time course. Also the course is not exhaustive and has limited content.

Usually such courses are just an extract of the full time regular course.

Also, the focus of this course is not on the foundation building.

It is more appropriate for the students that have already attempted GMAT before and are comfortable with the advanced terminology.

On the other hand, GMAT Pill is exhaustive and does not hold back any tips and suggestions like the former.

GMAT Pill Vs. Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT too has a regular class room course in addition to their one on one private sessions and online course.

They also have their own set of guides for students to prepare and practice the questions.

If we compare their online course with GMAT Pill, in my opinion the latter has an important edge.

In a course like Manhattan, as the company is quite big and popular, there are multiple instructors and tutors that deliver the online sessions.

Every tutor has a different and unique style of teaching and imparting knowledge.

And as the saying goes, no two human beings are the same; it stands true for the tutors as well.

The advantage with GMAT Pill is that all the sessions for all the subjects are taken by Zeke Lee.

Therefore the course has the same approach and technique of teaching for all its subjects.

The students are comfortable if the same approach is followed throughout the course.

It also enables the students to adapt to a teaching technique and sticking to a pattern during the entire course.

GMAT Pill Study Method

The GMAT Pill Study Method is fairly simple, but very effective.

As mentioned earlier, first the students are taught the core frameworks to understand the fundamental concepts. Second, they are taught how to apply those frameworks to arrive at the correct answer.

Usually in a multiple choice questions, rejecting wrong options is equally important as selecting the right one.

The GMAT Pill Study Method teaches you how to read the questions and available options so as to eliminate wrong options in less time.

The techniques shared by Zeke help students do all this in very less time, which is the key to cracking GMAT.

GMAT Pill Vs. Kaplan GMAT Vs. Manhattan GMAT

The GMAT Pill in my opinion is ahead of Kaplan & Manhattan because of the following 2 reasons:

  • The cost advantage – The course is absolute value for money and is almost half the price when compared to other courses
  • Teaching Methodology – All the subjects are taught by a single person, and using a framework that enables students to grasp and  learn quickly and efficiently

Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT is next in line in terms of ratings and stands at 2:

  • Question Bank – They have a very large question bank for all its students to practice. This is one parameter where it is better than Kaplan GMAT.
  • Focus – Just like Kaplan GMAT, this course too has its full time class room course which stands on a higher pedestal when compared to the online one. One additional advantage that they have is that they have their own set of guides and books.

Kaplan GMAT

The online course offered by Kaplan GMAT stands at 3 because:

  • Focus – Their full time course is much better when compared to the online one. The latter does not cover all the areas and the depth is not as much as compared to GMAT Pill
  • Expensive – Their full time class room course is worth the cost, but online course does not do justice to the fee charged to the students

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Success Stories of GMAT Pill Students:

Story #1: James, London

A student from London, James, shares his story on how Zeke’s tutorial videos and study material helped him achieve a score of 770 in GMAT.

An important point brought out by James is that you need to have confidence and trust in what you are doing, and not get swayed away by the student forums and comments.

There is always hype and high expectations surrounding GAT, but if you take the right approach, cracking GMAT is not that difficult.

To read the full feedback of James please click this link.

Story #2: Alex, a Bain consultant

Alex, a Bain consultant, shares his success story of scoring 760 in GMAT.

He started preparing for the test just 2 weeks before the test date and saw 70 points improvement in that time period!

The reason why Alex succeeded is because the approach was familiar to him.

The course is designed by an ex-management consultant, wherein it was broken down into small parts and plugged together in a framework.

As most of the consultants resort to frameworks for arriving at business solutions, thanks to the GMAT Pill approach, Alex could also followed the framework and succeeded.

It brings out another important point that GMAT Pill is suitable for both non-working and working professionals.

To read the full feedback of Alex please click this link.

Story #3: IT oriented mother

A 32 year old married woman, also a mother who took at 4 years break from work after working in the IT industry for 5 years, shares her success story.

A whopping 100 points improvement from 610 to 710 just on the basis of verbal score is a sensational achievement.

She gives credit to GMAT Pill for this drastic improvement.

Her score for quant was 49 each time, but verbal score jumped from 25 to a convincing 40 using GMAT Verbal Pill.

This brings out a very important fact which is quite widely known.

IT professionals are usually better at quant when compared to verbal.

And these people form a large portion of the total test takers.

If an IT oriented mother can rock GMAT, people with lesser responsibilities can definitely do a good job as well.

To read the full feedback of this successful candidate please click this link.

When to Take the GMAT? GMAT Test Dates?

There are no fixed dates of taking GMAT.

As per the convenience, students can choose any date they want to take the test.

Yes, it is true – you can choose any day for your test! This gives a lot of flexibility to all the students especially working professionals to adjust their work schedules.

Although you can take the test at any time of the year, you should keep in mind the admission dates of your target universities and colleges.

There are typically three rounds of admissions around the year. The first one starts in September or October. The second one starts in January or February and the last one starts in April and May.

It is suggested for all the students to take GMAT at least 2 to 3 months before the admission deadline so that you have enough time to prepare for interviews and getting reference checks ready.

Please do a thorough research on the admission dates of your target colleges before deciding on the test dates.

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