Goldman Sachs India Internship, Jobs and Salary Guide

This guide is all about Goldman Sachs India internship.

If there is any company, which is associated with the top of the line salary, work-life, social prestige, then a job in Goldman Sachs (GS) India is probably it.

Since there are only a few companies in the world which can match Goldman Sachs India for what it offers, hence the company also is very selective in taking people whom it deems fit to bestow with a reward of being a GS employee.

In India GS offers the following lines of services:

  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Research
  • Broking
  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing

GS operates out of two locations in India; with the Front office work i.e. Investment Banking, Broking and Investment Research related work being done from the Mumbai Office and the Back office work in the fields of Information Technology and Knowledge Process Outsourcing being done primarily from Bangalore location.

In India, there are two primary modes of entry into GS for fresh pass-outs from college. They being

  • Summer Analysts
  • Analyst

Goldman Sachs India Internship

A GS summer analyst internship program gives you the opportunity to learn about the financial services industry by working alongside some of the best names in the field. The advantage of interning with GS is that the interns are involved in practical projects that have a real impact on the firm in their own small way.

Eligibility criteria

GS summer analyst role is intended for candidates currently pursuing a university degree. The internship is usually taken during the penultimate year of study.

For you to be eligible for a GS India internship, you as a candidate need to possess excellent academic records and more than just “interest” in the financial markets.

Please note that although technically all are eligible, the bottom line is that unless you are from the top of the line colleges like IITs, Select NITs, and IIMs, your chances are slim.

It is not easy for these top of the line Indian institutes too as they have to take, head-on competition from Ivy leagues college graduates like Harvard and Stanford.

Emerging market experience is as relevant to their CV as a developed market experience is relevant to Indian candidates.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment dates are decided basis the placement season at particular schools. With Goldman being Goldman, it is either day zero or day one.

The on-campus recruitment process can be broadly segregated into two parts:

At the initial screening level, candidates are shortlisted on primary selection criterion like academic score and depending on which department of Goldman is hiring additional requirements of written test or group discussion may also be there.

The selected candidates go through further rounds (a minimum of two) of personal interviews.

What does one do in the eight weeks?

As mentioned earlier, the summer internship is an eight-week program designed to give you a very good idea of the day-to-day activities of one of the company’s divisions. The program is initiated with a firm-wide orientation where you will learn about the culture, benefits and responsibilities of being an employee of GS.

You will also receive the necessary department-specific training designed to help you do your assigned task in your department.

After completion of training, you will receive real duties that will allow you to have a perspective of what is expected out of you in terms of results and under what circumstances you are required to perform.

Thus, for eight weeks you will have the same workload and expectations that a full-time GS employee may have.

Also, this is an opportunity to impress your guide and people above the guide with your capabilities.

In all probability, if your summer internship has gone well, then chances are that you may be invited back to join a full-time position as part of the new analyst program.

New Analyst

If you get a call to join GS India as part of their “New Analyst Program” then you can give yourself a celebratory pat on the back, after all not many get through it. Once in, you will learn about the business line in which you could be working at least for some years if not make a career out of it.

Who can apply

This program is technically open to final year graduate and postgraduate level students.

This program takes in people from both the summer internship program as well as from those campuses where candidates were not part of the summer internship program.

The rigour would be even more than what a summer intern may have to face.

Recruitment process

Similar to the summer internship process the recruitment dates are in line with the placement season at particular schools.

The broad criteria for selection are also similar to the one made in summer internships.

What may get asked at the interview?

The interview process can be broadly divided into Technical and Behavioral:


Technical skills are tested to evaluate your understanding of the basics of finance. Most of the questions asked should be easy to answer if your understanding of the basics of finance is good.

For example, how would a given transaction impact the statement of accounts i.e. the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement?

You may have to answer harder questions so that the interviewer can assess your understanding of financial concepts, but also to evaluate your reaction to pressure cooker situations.

It would be wise to admit ignorance and then try to show an approach about how you are going to solve the issue at hand. This approach is likely to create a positive influence on the minds of the interviewers.

A possible way to prepare well would be to form small groups and conduct mock interviews with a focus on technology. This activity would help you save time and be prepared when an actual interview comes.

If being interviewed for the investment banking division then spend some time on the “pitch book” which investment bankers prepare. Try and understand what goes into a pitch book and why are they placed in a set manner.


Once satisfied with your technical abilities the next round would be behavioural.

Because this additional line of an interview is that in general investment banks are tough places to be in and in GS, it is even tougher. Thus in addition to technical, there will be situation-based questions to test your cultural fitment.

A simple point to remember when answering any behavioural question is that there is no right or wrong answer.

The interviewer is asking these questions with a view to gain insight into your thought process.

Also, remember that demonstration of clear logical thinking would be your biggest asset not only at the interviews but also in your career there.

Additionally, be very strong on ethics as that’s another area where investment bankers have had a tough time lately.

The analyst experience

Goldman Sachs India prides itself on providing the analysts with the necessary tools for professional growth and career advancement. Once inducted, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to execute the duties assigned. This is done through effectively unlimited access to training programs.

Once inducted the analyst goes into training at what is called the Goldman Sachs University to help you do the best at each stage of your career.

Goldman Sachs University is assigned to train you on division-specific or department-specific training.

The training would be on an ongoing basis, based on specific skill needs and interests, to enhance your professional development at the workplace.

The analyst experience also includes creating opportunities to connect with people who can help in your career progression. At Goldman, you are encouraged to create your network and interact with partners across divisions and regions.

Ongoing career growth

Throughout the analyst years, you would be expected to take on ongoing developmental assignments and exposure to multiple disciplines that would be in addition to your day-to-day responsibilities. Since Goldman Sachs has a relatively flatter structure, hence the career path is more multidimensional


Analysts are formally evaluated at the firm's annual appraisal process called "Performance Review Process", which in essence is a one hundred and eighty-degree appraisal including peers, managers and internal business partners’ with whom you have interacted.

You will also be participating in a "Personal Development Planning" process, in line with the kind of feedback and your individual interests, the feedback would help you in establishing career goals and identify developmental opportunities within Goldman Sachs India.

Goldman Sachs India Salary Survey from Glassdoor India:

Goldman Sachs India Internship

To conclude, I can say that if you tick the right boxes i.e. academic excellence, sound knowledge of business concepts, the ability to deliver under high pressure and have a logical thought process, you can look forward to one of the most rewarding careers in the financial services industry, which may not have many equals in today’s day and age.

I hope that this piece helps all aspirants to one of the best jobs that financial services can offer.

Have queries? Write a comment below.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a student of CA Final and completed my 1st year of Articleship training and want to pursue Industrial Training in the field of Finance and eager to work with Goldman Sachs. Kindly guide me in this regard as how should i proceed?

    • Hi Ishaan,

      I suggest you to contact GS directly through website or LinkedIn networking.

  2. I am an IT Business Analyst. I am looking to work in Goldman Sachs. I want to learn about Finance but they will not consider my application until I will have MS in Finance or MBA. Please guide me.

    • Hi,

      What are your queries for me?

  3. Dear sir,
    I have completed CA-CPT and ACS-inter module 1. Right now I’m pursuing (regular) final year, getting completed by this april2018. Do I have an opportunity to get into GS???

    • Dear Sudha,

      Please check their official website.

  4. I did my graduation in Finance and now I have started my post graduation in International Business. I am interested in investment banking in Goldman Sachs. I want to know the eligibility criteria.

  5. I am a student of CA Final. I’ve passed my Group II and the result of Group I is pending. Meanwhile till my result come, I want to pursue some course to enhance my CV and that too particularly in finance and stock market as I aspire to become an investment banker. Kindly guide me in this regard as to how should I proceed.

    Thanking you in anticipation!!

  6. Hi sir,
    I am a graduate having work experience in accounts receivable reconciliation in Hewlett Packard. I have cleared CMA inter group I & continuing CMA. Could you please tell me do i get job opportunities in Goldman Sachs?

    • Depends. Please contact them through their official website.

  7. Sir, I am pursuing my CA course. I am very much interested in finance and want to work as a investment banker. So how can I apply in Goldman sach??As industrial trainee or after my chartered Accountancy course?

    • Dear Alisha,

      Please complete your CA and then apply. To make a career in investment banking, acquire practical skills mentioned on this page.

  8. Hi sir,
    I’am a student pursuing my final year of graduation can I apply for this and I want to know what kind of 4years work experience is required to get the CFA certificate.

    Thank you.

  9. Hello sir,
    I am a BCOM. Graduate and CFA LEVEL 1 candidate. I have given my level exam in June 2016. Should I go for internship or a full time job? And where to apply?

  10. Hi Avadhut ,
    I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by education and working in top IT company ,post qualification (campus placement ). But i have interest in investment banking and accordingly want to take up job in Gold man sachs .Can you guide me on the same .

    Regards ,

    • Hi Sonam,
      Your question requires a detailed discussion.

      Step 1: I suggest you become our Email Member.
      Step 2: Email me for a detailed career coaching session.

  11. I am a recently qualified CA looking for a career as a finance analyst/controller.I got enough experience in financial reporting and accounts related topics.The only drawback is that I have little to no experience about the finance world.So,I just wanted your view as to whether I should apply for a position in GS now or get some experience elsewhere first.

  12. Can students pursuing CIMA apply for this programme? Which other companies offer similar programmes or anything relating to Equity analysing?

    • Dear Jash,

      Please email me ([email protected]) your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I have registered for CFA level 1 exam and I have exam in Dec 15 and after that I want to join Goldman and Sachs can I get internship there?


    • Dear Saurabh,

      Best way is to check their website and contact directly.

  14. Do companies like Goldman Sachs hire economics graduates from universities like St xaviers Mumbai, Ramjas, St Stephens, shriram or are they confined to CA and engineers?

    • Dear Anmol,

      Have you applied to them?

  15. sir
    i am ca student cleared 1st group of final level and undergoing my articleship.
    i really want to go in the field of investment banking after i complete the 2nd group of finals.
    Is it really need to go for any mba degree from B- Schools to have a job in this division or a profession of Chartered accountant is sufficient to have an experience.
    It will obliged from my side if u could provide a suggestion in this regards…
    Thnaking you in anticipation

    • Hi Nancy,

      CA is enough as long as you have the skills mentioned on this page to enter investment banking careers.

  16. Hello sir, im a bcom final year student from bangalore university. Im looking for an internship in GS. Whats the eligibility criteria?

    • Hi Pratik,

      Please check the company website for details.

  17. Hello sir, Im currently pursuing 2nd year BA economics, psychology & sociology at jain university,Bangalore. I need your guidance to take up internship in economics. Please refer me few possible places in Bangalore and also the procedures for it.

    • Hi Shuba,

      I’m not particularly aware of such places. You can check this and this list of companies though.

  18. Dear sir,
    I have completed and will be appearing final year exams this year . I am interested in making career in banking and investment companies please guide me. I want to persue the summer internship program of Goldman Sachs.
    Need your advice .Please respond.

    • Hi Kratika,

      Have you checked the website of GS?

        • Did you check their internship program, eligibility criteria and requirements?

          • Yes sir

          • Then, are you eligible? If yes, then apply directly.

  19. Hi Sir,
    I am going to start my Master of finance from Singapore Management University and I wanted to get some internship experience in IBD before I joined the course . Could you suggest a few places I could apply? My course begins in June.

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    I am in my final year enggineering(CSE), i want to make a career in banking(IB).
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    • Hi Apparai,

      Check this program for Investment banking career and placement assistance.

  21. Hello sir,
    I’m 22 completed my and pursuing in final exam this year as well as my cs final(1 group left) exam will be held in june 2015 right now i’m looking for a job, can you please tell me the name of good companies where i can pursue my career as an investment banker.

      • Sir, i hardly find any vacancy there, may i know the specific company details where i can apply.

        • Which company websites you visited and applied?

          • I’ve visited almost all of the captive kpo site you’ve mentioned and i didn’t find any vacancy there or if there are any vacancy they prefer experienced workforce.

          • All company sites have Career page and they mention their email id to send your resume. Have you done that? Have you uploaded your profile on job sites like – Naukri, Monster?

            Please list 5 companies names whose sites you’ve visited.

  22. Hello Sir,
    I have completed my 1st PUC, COMMERCE at Jain University. I am interested in choosing investment banking as my career. Can I do undergraduate summer internship in these vacations or after my 2nd PUC. Or is it that you have to be a degree student to do the internship?

    • Hi Akash,

      I think you can do articleship but for internship you need to be a graduate.

      • Articleship in what sir? Investment banking or in any other course like CA, CS, etc. And where should I enquire regarding this?

        • You can email them directly about your interest.

  23. sir,
    I’m qualified for written test and hr round and its said that it would be technical related in my next rounds ie., operations-1,2. mostly
    as Goldman sach is finance company and im from Bsc(math,stat,computers) how they go on kindly let me know.

    • Hi Arjun,

      Which post you’ve been shortlisted for?

  24. I am a student in National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, studying my 3rd year in the branch of Information Technology. I am interested in pursuing a summer internship at Goldman Sachs during June-July ’15. Kindly respond.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Sofia,

      You can apply directly through the GS website.

  25. hello sir.
    i m pawan pandey doing MBA(finance)…and searching for good companies for SIP(summer internship programme).can you help me to find good company and help me to crack interview of that company.

  26. Hello sir.

    I’m 21. I did my B.Com(Hons) from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, having graduated in 2013. Further, I’m pursuing CA and CFA. I will be appearing for CFA level III in June, 2015 and recently appeared for CA Final in November, 2014.

    I want to land a job in Investment Banking/Corporate Finance Division in one of the top-tier banks after I complete all the levels of CFA. I am currently undergoing CA-Articleship Training (not from Big 4 firms) slated to end in March, 2015, and so I don’t have any work-ex in Finance as of now. Also, I have been noticing a trend in past years where all of such jobs are offered to B-School graduates via summer-internship-turn-fulltime-jobs, campus placements, etc. and as such it becomes a herculean and almost impossible task to even land an internship there. Sir, I wanted to know if my education profile makes a suitable candidate for an IB/CF job right after I complete my CA and all the three levels of CFA? Or should I consider a B-School degree first and appear for CAT next year.

    Please provide suggestions that may help me in my endeavour. Any help in this regard will be immensely appreciated.


    • Hi Yash,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please email me ([email protected]) your contact number. My associate will call you to provide a detailed career counseling.

  27. Sir,can you please tell me few good companies having summer internships 2015 for management undergraduates ?

    • Hi Renu,

      Few good companies in which field? I do not know your specialization. You can start with these companies.

  28. Thank you for this post sir, I am a 3 rd year college student and my previous internships were realted to sales and marketing for various start-ups so is there any chance for me to get the summer analyst position at GS ? Also what is the best way to apply ? I have already applied through their website, and haven’t received any reaponse so just wanted to know that, do people at GS consider applications that are made online or its just for name sake ?

    • Hi Abhay,

      The best way is to keep trying. You can also use LinkedIn for that.

  29. Hey Avadhut,

    Could you please tell me how and when to apply for the internship for summer 2015. I’m studying in Symbiosis School of Economics and pursuing BSc Economics(2nd year).

    • Hi Siddharth,

      I think this is the right time to apply. They haven’t mentioned the date yet.

  30. I am studying BA Economics at Sri Venkateswara College (2nd year). How hard is it for DU students of Eco to get this internship?

    • Hi Neha,

      Best thing is to try. You never know they may select you for their internship program 🙂

  31. Hi,

    I am a freshly qualified chartered accountant(articleship at big four).I have also passed my level 1 cfa exams.How hard would it be for me to land a front office job at goldman?

    • Hi Ishita,

      Which role and city you’re eyeing for?

      Please read this article for more information.

  32. Respected sir
    I am a btech 3rd year electrical engineering degree pursuing student in bharati vidya peeth pune.
    I want to get enrolled in ur prestigious summer internship..
    What will be the eligibility criteria for us.
    Please help.

    • Hi Bishnu,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We are a training and consulting firm and do Not provide summer internships.

      Please check these companies for summer internships.

  33. Hii first of all thanks for such a great post.

    I just have a question, I am pursuing my and just completed second year. I m in Sri Aurobindo college Delhi University. I know it’s not a great college and also I don’t have good marks either but I know a bit about stock market and have made some money around 32% in last 4 months. Do I have a chance to get summer internship also m not a passout. Any answer will be appreciated.

    • Hi Jatin,

      Try your luck. They need candidates from different skillset 🙂

  34. Dear Sir,

    Mostly, Goldman Sacs will come to college to recruit summer analyst interns. Is there a possibility to get an internship by applying to the Summer analyst internship between October to December 2014 (for Summer 2015 internship) via online with a resume, since Goldman sacs doesn’t recruit in my college?

  35. Please, for the new analyst position, can fresh graduates also apply. Like someone who just graduated 3 months ago but has not yet commenced on his masters level program

    • Hi Nazario,

      This is specific to India. Which country you’re in?

  36. Very good analysis Avadhut.


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