How to Choose a Career Based on Your Inner GPS?

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August 1, 2022

You are occupied in your life -- studying, working, and learning some skills which will make you ready to fight on the battlefield, called 'the World.' 

Your unique story begins from your home, school, college, university, and company. Your career extends to the global world as you progress in life.

After going through a million job search, preparing an endless resume, and different job descriptions on the internet, confused about career advice based on your personality type, you finally land upon this site. 

Whether you are introvert or extrovert, choosing a career seems like going to the battlefield unarmed and unprepared.

After much energy loss, how to choose a career becomes your priority because nothing feels settling for you.

When you talk about some of the highest rewarding careers in the present world, you come across the following careers:

Doctor, surgeon, therapist, psychiatrist, engineer, web developer, chartered accountant, finance careers like financial analyst, risk manager, investment banker, asset manager, equity research analyst, pilot, event planner, judge or magistrate, advocate, actor, film-maker, fashion designer, graphic designer, teacher, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a passionate individual seeking the right career choice, you get flooded with endless possibilities before you.

The education you acquire in schools or colleges imparts essential skills to position yourself in the world. Still, it is not an end to select the right career.

Each industry demands professional skills and expertise specific to that area. Your interests, passion, view, talent, and ideas should align with your professional career.

In this technology-driven world, your email gets bombarded with information from:

  • Many institutes for various courses, training programs, interviews, internships, and positions.
  • A range of job requirements and opportunities from thousands of employers, companies, and networks.
  • Stress from different influential people(parents, spouse, relatives, boss) who are beneficiaries in your successful career.

Everyone is looking for the target product - YOU. Each one is selling services and products to you without your permission.

The vanity of the package associated with prominent institutes and alluring job titles may seem to be enticing in the beginning but do not guarantee success.

Your satisfaction in your career will depend on your relationships with your work.

For a moment, play the pause button to the external happening and pay attention to what I am sharing with you, about you:

You, the one who is going to spend the rest of your life, contributing one-third of your life at work, do not know what career is the best for you. 

The million-dollar question is :

"How to choose the right career for you?"

If this question haunts you, then you are in the right place at the right time. Reading this article is going to be your life-transforming moment.

What Is a career?

Career is your life purpose. Your life purpose is the reason why you are born.

When you live your life based on your life's purpose, you live a happy, prosperous, and wealthy life.

You should choose a career wisely because it will determine the quality of your life. 

Your right career choice is the direct route to your wealth. Whatever role you play, whatever income you earn to maintain your lifestyle, your heart senses the best life for you and shows you the best direction to your freedom.

You should ask the following questions to yourself:

  1. What am I passionate about (what I love doing)?
  2. Whether am I good at it (what are my gifts, skills, and talents)?
  3. Whether the world needs my services (Is my product or service worldly viable)?
  4. Whether the world is ready to pay me(does the world find my product or service valuable)?

Suppose, the answers to the above four questions are:

  1. You are passionate about playing football.
  2. You play football pretty well. Rest, you can learn the skills of an ace footballer.
  3. The world needs good sportspeople.
  4. The world is ready to pay for your services.

When you explore these questions, you get a certain amount of clarity regarding your career path.

This is not enough because you might love to play football, but you don't want to spend the rest of your life as a sportsperson.

Likewise, you might love to travel, but you don't find any great career possibilities for yourself as a traveller.

Similarly, you can explore different possibilities right from doctors, engineers to entrepreneurs.

Whether you can spend your life engaged in the challenges and demands of the profession, you choose based on above.

My experience as a Coach says that despite evaluating each practical aspect of my career, what worked for me is my 'Inner GPS.' 'Inner GPS' is the internal guidance system that knows the destination and takes you there. 

Exploring the above questions and areas; something should strike in you:

  1. Why am I born?
  2. What is my life purpose? 
  3. How do I find my life purpose?
  4. How could I live a wealthy life?

When I explored these questions, my Inner GPS guided me for the right career. Though it wasn't an overnight journey, ever since I began following my 'Inner GPS,' it guided me on my career path accurately.

How to choose a career

I started introducing my clients to this 'Practical Authentic Tool.' In the journey, I helped them access their lifetime guiding autonomous mechanism 'Inner GPS'.

The 'Inner GPS' is the guiding system that functions in you on a moment-to-moment basis, guided by your intuitive feelings.

Whether you want to make small decisions or big decisions, it offers you the right choice.

For instance, if you wish to be a financial analyst, an investment banker, or an entrepreneur, it gives you the right intuitive signal. 

You never go wrong with this mechanism in-built in you, as you move towards your destination while pursuing your career goals.

Here I am introducing you to the underlying mechanism of this innate gift in you. 

What Is 'Inner GPS'?

'Inner GPS' is the internal guidance system that functions intuitively in you.

It is your inherent gift that knows your life's purpose, why you are born, your potential talents and qualities, your way to freedom, and wealth. 

For example, if you are born to be an entrepreneur, an actor, a musician, or a chief executive officer, your 'Inner GPS' will guide you based on your feelings at appropriate moments.

You will get inclined towards that field and will be able to take related decisions. 

When you live a life based on your 'Inner GPS,' you enjoy freedom every moment and live in the ultimate present- the secret to the wealthiest life.

When your external purpose is in sync with your internal purpose, you welcome peace, happiness, prosperity, and wealth.

Career Coaching Based on Your Inner GPS

Through my coaching, I help you to access your 'Inner GPS.' I make you aware of your consciousness from where you can intentionally take action.

How does the 'Inner GPS' function in you?

  1. By breaking the limiting unconscious mind patterns ruling your life, I help you get tuned to your 'Inner GPS.'
  2. By attending your present and planning the future, I empower you with true wisdom that you apply instantly to design your foundation: personally and professionally.
  3. ​I navigate you like a satellite to tap your 'Inner GPS' and energies of your career and wealth. I make you access your Inner GPS, provide you with the complete roadmap and transform yourself into New Wealthy Version 1.0. 

Explore Yourself in Three Core Dimensions:

If you want to know how to choose a career wisely, you need to be present with me 100% while reading this segment. 

1. Where You Are (Your Present Location)

When you sit in your car, you insert your present location for the GPS to function.

Similarly, you must first evaluate your current situation and requirement about your career decision.

How do I add value to you?

  • I intuitively sense your 'Inner GPS' and read your energy levels in the present.
  • I unblock your mental traffic (created by obsessive thoughts) by releasing your stuck energy (fears, anxiety, anger) and anchor you for further journey.
  • I help you unleash and break through any problem or weaknesses that hold you (and your career, business, life) back and leverage your strengths.

2. Where You Want to Go (Your Destination)

The next action is inserting the destination of the car, where you want to go. The GPS can guide you to your destination only when you place it accurately.

You are the vehicle of your life. If you know the destination to your life route, you will successfully reach your goal following the best way.

How do I add value to you?

  • I read your inherent potential career and talents to determine whether you are aligning with your life's purpose.
  • I help you learn to track your Inner GPS, experiential in the session. 
  • I share the secret glimpse of your Inner GPS, which you can apply intuitively in every step of your life, for availing any opportunity.

3. How Intended You Are to Go (Your Proactive Approach)

You have inserted the present location and your destination. You are ready to go only when your car functions well, it's fuel tank is filled, and you know how to drive your vehicle.

The vehicle of your career journey will take you seamlessly to your destination based on the degree of your passion and commitment.

How do I add value to you?

  • I help you navigate autonomously in any life's situation based on your confidence and flexibility.
  • I make you functional with a practical action plan to be applied proactively for optimum results.
  • With my dynamic guidance, you prepare to transform yourself into New Wealthy Version 1.0 and future updated versions.

A Reality Check

The analogy of battlefields mentioned in the beginning is pointing you towards the truth of your existence.

You are born in a world that follows certain beliefs and has conditioned you towards a profession. 

You have collected enough information in the form of garbage from millions of sites about the unlimited career choices available.

But you don't know whether you can spend one-third of your life in a career which is not suitable for you.

Take a moment of silence and go deep into yourself and answer these questions:

  1. What is my 'inner calling'?
  2. Which is the right career for me based on my 'Inner GPS'?

The answers to these questions should come to you as a result of introspection and in-depth research into your consciousness.

My efforts are towards making you independent enough to make the right decision for choosing a career based on pure fact.

Four Challenges of How to Choose a Career

You are born in an unconscious world where trends, beliefs, and conditioning play a manipulative role in deciding your career goal.

Certain factors are negatively involved when it comes to how to choose a career:

1. Family inclinations towards a job or a profession

Parents and family want you to be "someone."

e.g., Parents want you to be a doctor, engineer, or financial expert or anyone who will fulfill their dreams.

2. Society and external environment give preference to a particular high paid job profile

Society and your external environment prefer you to the "one."

e.g., An advocate or a chartered accountant will be respected more than a photographer or new-age entrepreneur, who happens to be an explorer.

3. Cultural influences are unique to each region on this expansive planet

You get influenced by a career path based on the traditional limitations existing in an area. 

e.g., A great singer confined to entertaining the local public rather than being courageous enough to put out his talent in the global world.

4. Personal limiting beliefs, conditioning, garbage, and a specific kind of victim ego or any ego collected and preserved over life

At each level of your life, you have created a personality like the animal in the cage. Fearful and unwilling to step out of your comfort zone. 

e.g., You are 'Mr. Nice Guy' who always tries to please others. To overcome this crisis, you need a personality make-over to become practical on all front.

I am guiding you towards the fundamental rule of decision making, i.e., zeroing into what you want.

You will require filtration of the garbage you have collected in the way to pursue your dream job. 

Remember, everyone is not a career counselor. Seeking everyone's advice about your career may prove to be a disaster.

Problems do not get solved on their own. Your proactive approach, self-communication, and self-reflection determine the way to the change within for your freedom.

Five Practical Suggestions for Your Career Path

1. Don't get lost in the number-games and packages of jobs

Money does play a significant role, but it cannot be the dominant factor while choosing a career.

Money is the resource and reward for your talent and the creativity you will bring to the world. 

Never compromise on the quality of your career choice based on the monetary aspect of that role.

Remember, salary is the bribe given to you by companies to forget your vision.

2. Don't get into the favorable job outlook

The working hours, job outlook, location, and future opportunities of others need not suit you. The job outlook is deceptive and becomes outdated with time. 

You are unique, and based on your 'Inner GPS'; your career choice will be personal. 

Often you are induced to pursue a job based on specific traits of personality types. Stay away from such influences. Engaging in any task or activity is not your career.

3. Don't be manipulated by pleasing job titles

The decision to choose your career based only on job titles might lead you to an unsuitable work environment. 

Your job title should reward you more than the series of vanity associated with it.

You should research and verify the authenticity of the job title and the work environment.

4. Don't be greedy with alluring career paths

Your dream career could be a new career created by you based on your inner potential qualities. Be careful when you shortlist your career.

Your job cannot be your life. 

Careers demand your presence every moment, and as life progresses, each stage might lead you to a different career.

5. Don't spend too much time, money, and energy on career and aptitude tests

Generalized career and aptitude tests bring misleading results. A bunch of career tests is available, which will not help you choose your career.

I strictly recommend staying away from false test careers.

Shortlist your preferences based on what is the right career for you.

Every individual having similar personality types is not suitable for a specific profession.

Take-Away from This Guide

Your life is unique to you. Your career is the pivot around which your life revolves. 

  • You should keep all rights reserved for choosing your career to yourself. 
  • Everything you pursue in your career should reflect your idea of success. 
  • Your ability to play different roles in your professions will favor you in the long run. 
  • Always keep the big picture in consideration to get optimum results in your career decision.

If you want to have stability and growth in your health, wealth, and relationship, follow your passions and life purpose based on your Inner GPS.

You are one of the best resources for yourself. Take the plunge to generate the transformation process within.

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