Investment Banking Training: The Ultimate Guide

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March 11, 2021

Here’s a witty saying in the industry that I quite like.

Landing a job as an Investment Banker is actually a lot harder than the job itself.

And that is saying something, as we all know that being an IB is one of the toughest positions in the game.

What should this motto mean to you? That you need to prepare as much as possible to get a job.

The keyword here is investment banking training.

This is what I am going to detail for you in this piece.

Not only that, but I also took the liberty of choosing the best set of investment banking training programs on the market, which is the Breaking Into Wall Street or BIWS.

Here is all you need to know about this fantastic tool that can be your best friend into becoming one of the best investment bankers in the world.

Is the BIWS Investment Banking Training the Right Choice for You?

If you want to further your career in Investment Bank, it is.

It will show you just how to complete investment banking works. Afterward, you can use this experience as well as the ample knowledge you gain to get the job of your dreams.

During your interviews, it will make you look very confident as well as knowledgeable, skilled, and a real asset to the bank or financial institution you are applying to.

Usually, this type of experience is a tad difficult to find in real life, especially if you are not living in a big city or don’t have the appropriate network of people around you.

Still, you needn’t worry, because this is where the Breaking Into Wall Street training come in. Here are its ins and outs.

What Is Breaking Into Wall Street?

First things first.

Before you go for it, you need to know what it is. BIWS is a very trusted provider of online training from the US.

It is currently being used by more than 75 countries, over 150 universities and schools, and more than 150 corporations and financing firms.

Investment Banking Training
Investement Banking training Universities

As far as complete investment bank analyst training goes, BIWS offers a set of courses that will benefit you greatly.

There are three different levels, as follows.

Level 1. Investment Banking Training for Beginners

First of all, visit every one of the following three options included in the first tier.

#1. The Investment Banking Networking Toolkit

If there is one thing, you need as an investment banker, other than your intelligence, of course, that is strong networking skills.

This course is the perfect way to acquire them.

It will teach you how to build your contact list in the industry, help you get over the anxiety of cold calling, and, of course, create a great impression.

The great thing about this course is that, apart from the theoretical part, it also offers email templates, cold calling scripts, a guide to planning your weekend trips so that you get the most out of them, as far as networking is concerned, and much more.

Visit the course’s page by clicking on this link to see all the exercises, lessons, Q&As, and everything in between.

Download an investment banking training PDF on this course by clicking here.

Add it to your cart so that you can take advantage of all the benefits.

Click here to sign up.

#2. The Investment Banking Interview Guide

Are you worried about acing your interview? You shouldn’t be, as long as you take this BIWS course.

It provides unlimited support from real, experienced bankers, an amazing and comprehensive set of 254 questions that you can use in real life, 12 quizzes, all interactive, five sample interviews, video tutorials on how to pitch yourself, and the list of benefits is only getting started.

Go to the BIWS website to see a full description of this course.

Download the detailed PDF description of this course here, and don’t forget to add it to your cart.

Go through a sample lesson of this training, which will show you just how exhaustive it is. 

Take a look at this video, which you can also download if you wish.

As part of this level, you can also get a package of the two courses, for a combined price of $244, which means you will be saving $50.

Sign up here!

Level 2. Learning Financial Modeling

There are two separate advanced investment banking programs here, as follows.

#1. Excel and Financial Modeling Fundamentals

There is no possible way for you to get an investment banking job if you don’t know advanced Excel.

This investment banking training course will teach you not just that, but Corporate Valuation, LBO Models, mergers, and accounting as well.

You also get the chance to take notes, track your progress, work on some very interactive quizzes, and learn how to dominate all your interviews positively.

Apart from that, at the end of the course, you will get a Certificate, which will act as proof of your knowledge once you attach it to your resume.


Follow this link to read more details about the course.

Click on this button to add the course to your cart and start preparing for your dream job immediately.

#2. Advanced Modeling

Once you finished the first part and know all there is to know about the theoretical side of modeling and accounting, you can start practicing on a genuine case.

BIWS takes a cue from the Harvard Business School and uses real case studies to help all its students, including you.

The case BIWS uses is that of Microsoft trying to buy Yahoo! for $44 billion. Sound interesting? I thought so.

Go to the website to find out more details.

Check out this sample video from one of the lessons, about Yahoo!, to get a taste of what lies ahead.

If you want, you can also choose a combined package of the two, which is the most popular choice on their website.

It will cost you $497, which means that you will save $197.

Sign up for the package, called BIWS Premium, here.

Level 3. Industry-Specific Modeling

Here is where you get the chance to upgrade your skills and expand everything you’ve learned so far, by going into industry-specific valuation modeling training. Here are your choices.

#1. Real Estate Modeling

The great thing about this course is that you will not be learning the same old dusty paths that they teach in universities.

Instead, you will go through the experience of working in a real-life real estate agency.

This training also offers seven PDFs, as well as nine elementary lessons on some of the topics known to come up most during interviews.

Every lesson comes equipped with a Before and After Excel file to help you learn and feel even more prepared for your interviews later on as well as for your actual job.

Read the description of the course here for more info.

Add the course to your cart.

Sign up using this link, for fast access to investment banking training.

#2. Oil and Gas Modeling

There’s no better way to master the company valuation, accounting, and financial modeling of oil and gas than by working on real-life models.

And, this is precisely what these investment banking programs offer you.

The BIWS example is that of Exxon Mobil bought XTO Energy for $41 billion.

It was one of the biggest and most important deals in the industry ever, and you get to work on it with professionals as if you were there when it happened.

Industry Specific modeling

Watch a video sample of the course right now to see what BIWS has in store for you.

Sign up right here and get started as soon as possible.

#3. Bank Modeling

Who amongst us hasn’t dreamed of working in a bank?

Well, now you have the investment banking training programs to back your dream up.

This investment banking training has two detailed case studies that will help you get a taste of real mergers and acquisition strategies and everything else related to this domain.

It also has 13 videos prepared specially for your interviews, based on the topics which are most likely to come during one.

Some other benefits of this training program include its quizzes and practical exercises, the ability to take notes, track your progress, receive non-stop support for a whole year from a team of very experienced bankers, and the possibility of getting your money back.

BIWS is the only investment banking training program in the world that guarantees money back during the expense of 90 days.

Follow this link for more information on this course.

Watch a sample video to see what you can learn with this module.

Add the course to your cart with this easy-access link.

Here’s another fantastic thing which you can receive thanks to the Breaking Into Wall Street Team.

BIWS Platinum

If all the above courses and modules look too good to resist to you, then you can get an investment banking training bundle.

It comprises all the training pieces I detailed above, and it will cost you $1497, which means you will be saving a whopping $982. Check this link for the offer.

Auxiliary Investment Banking Training Programs

As you might have guessed, the BIWS investment banking course syllabus doesn’t comprise only the above.

Seeing as it is the best of its kind in the world, its specialists have thought of everything and included a series of complementary courses in the syllabus as well. Here are some examples.

#1. Excellence in Excel

This piece of training has a very smart name, so I’m guessing you already know what it does.

Still, did you know that it has some 63 videos totaling 23 hours of footage, which will help you learn the ins and outs of Excel a lot better?

It also has 146 quizzes, as well as transcriptions of all the videos, so that you can take notes and pace yourself while you learn.

Watch a sample video about cleaning up data right here and see how easy it all is.

Read the full course outline here for more info.

Sign up using this secure access link.

#2. PowerPoint Pro

This is the online course that doesn’t like to focus on the basics of PowerPoint, but on turning you into a PP ninja, to use their own words.

They want to teach you shortcuts, tricks, and formatting ideas that no one else is aware of.

In this way, you can optimize your timing, and, of course, create the best and most amazing PowerPoint presentations.

The course has just a few, quick and easy modules, at the end of which your PP presentations will be golden.

Go to the BIWS course review now to learn more about your future in PP presentations.

Watch a sample video right here.

Use this button to add it to your cart right now.

The Importance of Attending BIWS Training Courses

As many people in the industry will tell you, there is not one category of people in the investment banking sector who cannot benefit from these courses.

In other words, even though these courses are typically sought after by college students or individuals who want to enter the world of IB, they can also benefit those who are already part of the industry.

Seeing as the world of financial modeling is made up of an entire plethora of modeling techniques and tools, the training offers ongoing training for several years.

For example, let’s say that you are an investment banker who, for the past few years, has been doing DCF equity valuation analysis.

In this case, you can and will benefit from learning the methodology for performing accretion/dilution modeling, right before you delve into Mergers & Acquisitions.

To put it simply, these training's value resides in the idea that they can help you branch out as far as your knowledge in the field goes.

In turn, this means that you can get an even better job and, of course, a bigger paycheck at the end of the month.

However, the BIWS training will help you first and foremost when you are a student or a beginner who is trying to make his or her way in the field.

I don’t have to tell you because I’m quite sure all of you know that you need to be the best to score a job as an IB.

Not second best, not the kid from the Ivy League College that finished third in his class.

Apart from perfect grades, you also need all the specific training you can get.

Therefore, why not start with the BIWS courses?

You can mix and match them, and you also have the luxury of taking them from your living room, at your own pace.

Apart from all this, they are a lot less expensive, and we all know how important money is when you’re a student.

Private Equity valuation:

Private equity valuation is roles evaluating private companies and making investment recommendations.

So we generally recommend the Excel & Fundamentals courses (mentioned above) since it covers the critical accounting and valuation knowledge you'll need in these roles.

We cover private company data gathering, financial statement projections, cash flow statement, valuation, and related analyses, such as how M&A deals differ, in this module of the Financial Modeling course Fundamentals course.

In conclusion, I stand by what I announced in the beginning.

Getting jobs in investment banking, corporate finance, or financial modeling may be harder than working at it in itself.

Therefore, taking all the investment banking training that you can get is a good idea.

Walk into your interview in investment banks secure and confident in knowing you are on top of your game!

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Career Coaching

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