Magic of Equity FINANCEWALK

Magic of Equity

In this chapter, we’ll see how investment in equity gives you excellent results. We’ll also see some companies which have given excellent returns in the past.

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  • Marie Sourimant says:

    Question: 1) What is meant by Cro or crol?
    2) What does slag or slack shares mean?
    3) Don’t understand why numbers are written as 1,92,000 (1997). Is this an Indian way of writing 192,000?
    4) Please explain how 1,92,000 after company split the
    shares to Rs. 2 results in 9,60,000 shares (1999).

    Please help, this is so confusing.

    • 1. Crores means Rs. Lakhs in Indian Rupee (INR)
      2. Where did you find the use of this word?
      3. Yes
      4. Before Split, Face value was Rs. 10, and THEN we split the same share into 5 parts, so, 1,92,000 x 5 = 9,60,000

      Hope this cleared your doubts.

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