Netscribes Review: Careers, Salary and Jobs Guide

Netscribes is a business and market research intelligence company, functioning as decision-makers by offering tactical and strategic inputs to clients. Founded in 2000, Netscribes creates management content information using technology and business insights.

As we have been doing in the past, today I will do Netscribes review and help you understand whether working there will be an asset to your career growth. We will discuss work profiles, remuneration and interview process in brief.

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Netscribes has offices in Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Mumbai, and 70 percent of their revenues come from Europe and the US while the rest comes from the Asia-Pacific zone.

Netscribes functions primarily in 5 zones.

  1. Business Research – Delivering business intelligence analyzing global market dynamics and its relevance for the intended client through primary and secondary research works.
  2. Technology Research – Delivering technological insights from the market and suggesting next-generation technology trends and ideas. It also involves patent research such as patent analysis, licensing support and patent drafting.
  3. Investment Research – A dedicated team that handles modeling, library services, valuation, and due diligence research to support the trading and investment banking needs of the client.
  4. Market Intelligence – Tactical experience is used to draw market insights that help in client business development and expansion.
  5. Marketing Support – Assisting clients with content development needs through social media presence, presentations, brochures, intranets, portals, and websites.

The purpose behind telling you about the functions is to see whether your job profile will suit these primary functions. Of course, this is just a brief. They have in-depth roles and responsibilities.  You can check their current job openings here.

Netscribes' Review by Employees

As I did with all our previous reviews, I depended on online resources collecting feedback from employees working at Netscribes. Here is a screenshot of how employees perceive Netscribes.

Netscribes Review

Data Source

Netscribes Ratings


Most of the respondents recommend Netscribes for the following reasons.

1) Internships

It’s a good place to work while you study. Interaction with department heads and executives strengthens knowledge about various related subject-matters and the interns are able to see to how it will be like working in a similar or same firm once they begin their career course.

2) Work-from-Home

Depending on the work profile, employees have the option to exercise work-from-home conditions, provided they have prior approval from the seniors. This way the working time remains flexible.

3) Working Environment

Honestly, the feedback respondents are undecided over this factor. While some believe the working environment is negative and unproductive, another group of people believes in the exact opposite. This perspective is something that will differ with every person.

4) Freedom of Project Management

Some respondents said that employees have the freedom to execute projects on their own terms but whether this feature is available to every member staff is unknown. However, we also found that the HR manager is much on a low-scale and there is grave mismanagement sometimes, which could be why the freedom to manage projects as the designated person likes is given.

5) Training Events

Sometimes Netscribes conducts training events and seminars for employees and popular opinion says it’s a good addition by the company.

Some negative feedbacks were:

  • the working environment is fraught with politics; culture of nepotism
  • salary is sometimes not proportionate with the work profile
  • senior employees aren’t friendly towards newcomers and juniors
  • management is non-communicative with staff
  • gender discrimination
  • fewer growth prospects
  • there is no job security (on-the-spot firing seems common)
  • lack of work-life balance

It won’t be wrong to say that the balance tilts more on the negative side. Current and ex-employees had more negative feedback than a positive one; glad that their stint at the company is over.

A lot of people advised that Netscribes is not advised for career-minded people but suitable for freshers looking for initial work experience.

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Salary at Netscribes

Let’s look at the salary scales with variations on various factors. The most common position at Netscribes is that of a Senior Associate and they are paid as such:

Netscribes Salary

They also have openings for Data Analysis, Market Research, and Research Analysis personnel which is as follows.

MBA is a common degree between employees. The staff gender ratio is equally split between males and females, with the average salary of female employees being higher than the male employees.

67% of the staff members have 1-4 years of experience between them and 33% of the staff has less than a year of experience.

Netscribes Locations

Netscribes jobs are available in Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Parel.

Netscribes Locations

Interview Process at Netscribes

As per data collected from current and ex-employees, the interview experience at Netscribes is fairly positive. Most of the applications were made online and on a scale from 1 to 5, the rating is 3, which is a positive trend.

Netscribes Interview

Data Source

The interview process takes anywhere between 1 day to 3 weeks, depending on the job profile and interview stages.

Usually, I found, there are three interview stages.

  • HR Round – Conducted by company officials, this round is about knowing your overall experience and skills and understanding your suitability within the company. You might be asked to attempt an aptitude test.
  • Case Study – You are given a case study on the basis of which you have to create PPT. You have to show analysis and logical skills effectively. This section has both subjective and objective questions. You might be asked questions about your profile.
  • Client Interview – This is an interaction with the client or very senior personnel and checking your skill suitability. You will be checked on networking and communication skills.
  • Telephonic Round – This is an added round but can happen to some of you. The telephonic round is like the ‘final’ assessment where doubts are cleared and queries asked.

Depending on these feedbacks, it seems a lot of focus is given on the case study / PPT section because this is where they adjudge your real skills. Be well prepared for this round.

An offer letter is extended soon after the third or fourth round.


This review is for informational purposes only. You shouldn’t decide whether to work at Netscribes or not based on this. Please do your own research. You can talk to their staff and follow-up with ex-employees while getting interviewed there. This way you will have a better idea of the company’s functioning.

If you have worked with Netscribes in the past, share your review here.

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