Investment Banking Interview Questions: The Only Guide You Need

Investment banking interview questions

Are you preparing for an investment banking interview? What are your presumptions? As a newbie, you may have wondered how to prepare for an interview and what questions to expect when you face the interview panel. The reason for this self-help question and answer session on investment banking. It’ll help you to prepare you ahead …

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How to Get into Venture Capital

How to get into venture capital

Getting into venture capital is not a walk in the park, but it is possible. A venture capitalist (VC) is someone who puts money into new businesses in the hopes of making a profit. The primary objective is to aid new businesses in their early stages. To be a venture capitalist, you should get started …

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A Detailed Guide on Corporate Finance Career Path 

corporate finance career path

We all know how daunting and challenging managing money is. This is why most people seek help from a corporate finance professional individual to assist them with savings, investments, tax payments, etc. But do you know the same principle applies to organizations as well?  Most companies depend on corporate finance professionals to assist them in …

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Why Investment Banking? A Career Guide

why investment banking

Investment banks are among the prestigious banks to join and have an incredible experience. Joining an investment bank requires passing through multiple interviews.  During interviews, investment bankers usually ask why you choose investment banking. They want to know your real aim in selecting an investment banking career.  Some questions are generally asked to test your …

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A Detailed Guide on Technology Investment Banking

Technology investment banking

The technology industry is evolving and dominating almost all sections of the economy. Technology domination aids in making processes faster and easier. Sectors, including investment banks, private equity, media companies, and telecom companies, have ventured into technology.  These tech companies offer essential benefits, including better financial savings and increased productivity. Better customer experience and increased …

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Why Private Equity? A Detailed Guide on Investing

why private equity

Before private equity was solely available for specific individuals, the people that could take advantage of this investment were relatively minor, or we could have unique characteristics.  But now, it has opened its doors, giving access to individual investors. You have heard that investing in private equity is one of the best ways to diversify …

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Is Finance a Good Career Path for You?

is finance a good career path

Are you ready to start your finance career? Welcome on board.  The finance industry is a well-known industry with lots of opportunities to showcase your financial abilities and also sharpen your skills in everything that has to do with finance. The industry is constantly flooded with new faces daily, making it highly competitive. With its …

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