BIWS Premium Course: Financial Modeling Course Review

BIWS Premium Course Certification Review

When it comes to investment banking professionals, financial modeling is quite an important skill to possess. One of the main venues through which you can obtain this knowledge is via financial modeling courses. The best in the field is, without a doubt, the BIWS Premium Course. Here is an in-depth look at what financial modeling …

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20 Skills Every Aspiring Investment Banker Must Have

Investment Banking Skills

Investment banking is one of the most difficult paths to take for your career. Needless to say, it’s not for everyone. To be a successful investment banker, you must have the guts to take on the challenges. More importantly, you will need specific skills. What exactly do you need for an investment banking career? This …

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Your Essential Guide to Hedge Fund Internships

Guide to Hedge Fund Internships

‘A monkey could do this job’. No, not the job of being an investor at a hedge fund or doing hedge fund internships, but the job of being a junior analyst at one of the big banks on Wall Street. That’s what an Ivy League graduate notoriously said. Evidently, he left the entire banking and …

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How to Get into Investment Banking – Your Definitive Guide

Get into Investment Banking

The primary objective of an investment bank serves to underwrite new securities issued by its clients. Apart from that, it also provides other services, such as mergers and acquisitions advice, private wealth management, and many types of professional help. Investment bankers work a difficult career. You need college degrees, extracurricular activities, and determination to make …

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Best Investment Banking Internships: Top 10 Best in Asia

Top 10 Investment Banking Internships

Landing the best investment banking internships in Asia is similar to landing a Summer Internship Analyst (or other iBanking position) in New York and Wall Street investment banks. This is mainly due to the corporate structure of the hiring companies, which run vastly similar operations across the globe. This is how the interview process goes …

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