Do You Provide Placement Assistance?


placement assistance
Placement Assistance


This is one question that I am asked most of the times, more often than details of the programs that we provide! So I decided to write a post on this favorite question of students - Placement assistance! 🙂

Well, like I told above, this is the most frequently asked question, to which we say “Yes, we do provide placement assistance”. And phew!!!! It opens a door to a series of next questions like—“ In which companies you “place” the students?” Or “ In which companies do you “refer” your students?” Or “ Where are your students currently “placed”?

Do You Provide Placement Assistance?

Placement Assistance: Reality Check

Wait wait wait!! What’s all this fuss about “placement” or “placing the students”?? If you take a minute and see my answer to the question, it is “ We do provide placement assistance”. Which, in plain English means, we help our students in whatever way possible to get a decent job. And in doing this, we first and foremost see to it that the student is well-equipped with the right skills! Then where does the question of placing or referring students come into picture? And why should we or any institute for that matter, do so? And even if we do “refer” a student, why would a recruiter hire the candidate if he/she does not prove him/herself?

Come on ! Employability is a serious issue! Before hiring, employers will definitely think of their time and money! And so, they would definitely prefer only those candidates who prove themselves fit for the profile, rather than hiring someone who has degrees from reputed institutes/universities but still lack the right skills/attitude, and then spend time and money to train them!

Getting your dream job is not a cakewalk. No one is going to serve it to you on your platter. You have to go and “earn” your job by putting right efforts! Don’t forget that you are competing with hundreds or may be thousands of candidates who are equally deserving, may be more. When you ask for reference or for “getting placed” through any institute, it shows that you yourself lack confidence in your skills. If not, then why would you require such references? Remember one thing, if you have right skills and attitude, company will definitely hire you. The point is, first concentrate on learning and gathering the right skills then worrying about getting placed.

So next time before asking any institute for placement assistance, first ask yourself, “Do I have the right skills and attitude that the job is demanding?” Like for example, if you are looking for a profile of a Financial Analyst, ask yourself—can I analyze annual reports? Or do I know ratio analysis or forecasting? Can I write research reports? (You should know all these skills practically). And if answer to this question is yes, then take my word, you’ll never have to ask anyone for “placement assistance”! Because, if you are thoroughly skilled and posses the right attitude, only sky is the limit for you!

So my friends, think about it when you ask someone about placement assistance next time!!

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7 thoughts on “Do You Provide Placement Assistance?”

  1. Thanks for the motivation and guidance Avadhut!

    Keep writing such good articles.

    Ketan Dixit

  2. Hi Avadhut,

    I am in 2nd year of MBA and would like to make a career as an Equity Analyst. I read your article. The point you mentioned is valid. But taking into account current job scenario, I think there is panicky situation amongst students. Let me admit even I ask this question.

    But going forward, will take care.

    Ketan Dixit

    • Hi Ketan,

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I think skills, attitude and confidence is the key, no matter what, there will always be good demand for you if you’ve these skills.
      Remember, you need only one job and give it your best shot by having right skills and be ahead of 90% of others.


  3. Thanks for the article, it is an eye-opener! Thanks again!


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