Reval Analytics – All You Need To Know {Company Review}


Reval Analytics
Reval Analytics


In my endeavor to help career aspirants in financial research, I regularly write on the analytics companies which are into financial research & analysis space and in this post, I will write on Reval Analytics, full name—Reval Analytics Pvt.Ltd.

Before I start, let me clear one thing—this analysis is for people who are looking for an entry-level career in financial analysis and research and want to know more about Reval Analytics.

This is located on Senapati Bapat Road, Pune and has three offices in India, one of them is in Vijaywada.

Reval is a fully-owned subsidiary of Virtua Research—which is into financial modeling services.

About Reval Analytics

Reval Analytics is co-founded by 3 people—Venkat Chalasani, Andy Detwiler and Prasanna Walimbe.


Reval Analytics Founder
Reval Analytics Founder

Prasanna is the Founder Director and heading Indian operations since 2004.

Reval has 300+ people working in its 3 offices in India and the US.

The company’s founders have 10+ years of experience in Financial Services and Software Development space.

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The company provides innovative, cost-effective financial models and research solutions to institutional investors and help them lower costs.

The company’s services are focused on data collection, building financial models and software development.

The company is into financial modeling and equity research space, primarily, and has 2 main products—Indigo and CheckWork.

1. Indigo is an on-demand, Web-based platform of detailed, interactive company financial models. This product allows users to manage operational drivers and create proprietary forecasts and save multiple scenarios — all at the touch of a keystroke.

2. CheckWork is an on-demand, bespoke proprietary channel checking and investigative research service.


Currently, people are working at these positions:

1. Junior Research Analyst

2. Research Analyst

3. Client Service Analyst

4. Business Analyst

5. Equity Research Analyst

6. Market Analyst

Job Responsibilities include

  • Independently build and update financial models for equity research on quarterly basis for different sectors by identifying major drivers and develop sound revenue and cost model.
  • Writing short research report and analyst report on the companies and sector report on a given sector.
  • Projecting free cash flows, earnings and ratios to build DCF and relative valuation models.
  • Using sensitivity analysis for DCF valuation.
  • Work on related Macro Elements required for forecasting.
  • Writing short research report and analyst report on the companies and sector report on a given sector.


You’re eligible to apply if you’re an MBA(Finance)/CFA/PG in finance, commerce or economics.

Skills required

If you want to apply for the positions mentioned above, you should have following skills.

  • Good knowledge in Accounts & Finance
  • Good communication and analytical skills
  • Fundamental analysis, financial modeling including DCF and relative valuation, equity research skills , model auditing, research report writing, client servicing support
  • Data collection from company filings, additional information from analyst meets, industry forums etc, macro data collection, data quality check
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Report writing skills

In my opinion, Reval is a great learning place which provides good quality work. There are very few companies that provide pure and exclusive equity research work and Reval is one of them. So, it’s advisable to join Reval to shorten your learning curve.

Work culture is very friendly and you’re surrounded by smart analysts, which in itself, is a perk.
Any questions on this?

Disclaimer: The author of this post is not a placement consultant and is not related to Reval Analytics. The opinions in this report are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation.The information in this report is believed to be accurate, but under no circumstances should a person act upon the information contained within without proper due diligence.

Reval Analytics - All You Need To Know {Company Review} 1
Reval Analytics - All You Need To Know {Company Review} 2
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  1. What are the different questions asked during the interview of Jr. Client Service Analyst.


    • Dear Arvinder,

      This is about financial KPO queries. I think you are asking about BPO interviews, which is not covered here.

  2. thank you Sir, I want to make career in equity research can you give me the opportunity work with you.

  3. First of all I want to thank you for the clearing my doubts about the kpo industry which I had posted last time. Can you please help in finding out the good equity research firms in Pune, Mumbai or any other locations in India.

  4. Hi, I got an offer for the post of jr. research analyst at reval analytics. But the salary is not even 17K pm, apart from that company is asking for a 1.5 year bond of 1 lakh rupees. As of now i dont have any other opportunity at my hand. Should I go for this job or try in other KPO.

    • Hi Nirmal,

      Reval is a good starting point and you should spend 1-2 years in an organization to grow.

      Having said that, whether to sign a bond or not is completely a personal decision. You may try other options too.

    • Hi Nirmal, Could you please guide me which type of question they are asking in interview.

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