SG Analytics: Careers, Salary, Interview and Company Review

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pune, SG Analytics is a leading financial service KPO working with Market Research, Financial Services Companies and Business Consulting Firms. Their business analysis and data research and management solutions assist both small and large organisations to focus on core business processes.

The team at SG Analytics is formed with people displaying in-depth industry knowledge, expertise in cross disciplines and diverse capabilities.

FinanceWalk presents a balanced review of SG Analytics in the hope to assist readers to make the right decision in choosing financial KPO companies for furthering their career.

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Why Should You Work with SG Analytics?

If you are looking around for good financial KPO service companies, the following list citing reasons why you should work with SG Analytics should interest you. The reasons are true as they were gleaned from reviews left by previous and current employees at rating sites like

1) Learning Opportunities

SG Analytics is a good place to begin financial KPO career. They offer a lot of leaning opportunities to anyone who takes the initiative to learn within the organisation. Regular trainings and seminars are conducted to help employees scale up their skills, gain better industry knowledge and perform better.

2) Management is Approachable

A major issue employees often have in almost every company in the world is the lack of efficient interaction with the higher management, leading to misunderstandings and unstable work atmosphere. Many SG Analytics employees reported that their management team is approachable for discussing issues.

3) Impressive Work Environment

SG Analytics follows MNC work culture where employees are encouraged to interact and develop skills that match global perspective and requirement. The company working structure is such that every team member is encouraged to take ownership of the project to fulfill client requirements to the best of their abilities. SG Analytics offers opportunities for employees to excel and give value-added services to its clients. They offer various employee benefits and perks, flexible work timing and immediate HR assistance to create impressive work environment.

4) Multi-Cultural Environment

SG Analytics offers a multi-cultural environment where people from all over the world from a part of their team. Moreover, employees are sent abroad for projects and assignments. Skilled and talented professionals at this company are often sent abroad.

Some Cons of SG Analytics

Like any other company, SG Analytics is not a ‘perfect’ place to work due to some reasons cited by their employees. They are reiterated below.

1) There is limited and restrictive interaction between various teams. There is less vertical interaction. In plain words, teams keep to each other, which is not good because vertical-level interaction ensure cross-knowledge sharing.

2) A lot of reasons might be behind this but on a whole, it is surely an unfair practice to offer different salaries to people working in the same hierarchy position.

3) There are no fixed work timings. Some employees complained of a lack of schedule and project management by the managers and senior management.

4) Strange but more people seem to complain about the lack of any snacking availability within the premises!

5) Additional perks or incentives do not seem to be available for newcomers.

Pay Scale and Education

According to data, financial analysts’ market researchers draw an attractive package based on their skills. Most of the employees have MBA degree.

SG Analytics Salary

Interview Process at SG Analytics

Equity research analyst, data scientist and business analyst are popular positions at SG Analytics. Interview opportunities are mostly availed through online application and employee referrals. So, if you do not have any referrals, you should check out their official recruitment page and apply. Here is a screenshot of real-time interview experiences.

SG Analytics Interview

Reading the SG Analytics feedbacks, we found that there is a great variance in the time taken in recruiting new employees. People hired through referrals took less time, few days at maximum, whereas recruitment through online applications took 4+ weeks.

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The HR conducts the initial round of interview. In the next round, a small assignment is given and you have to complete it within the designated time. They also test your computer skills, analytical skills and writing skills. You are asked questions on Excel and other technical details, valuation questions and other related topics. The interview is very simple if you know your basics. There can be multiple telephonic discussions.

Most of the feedback suggests that you should try hard for negotiation, implying that salary offered is either same or below industry standards. Negotiation is essential.


I hope the SG Analytics review proves to be useful. Compared to other finance KPO establishments, SG Analytics is a new company, offering good career growth opportunities, exposure, good working environment and salary packages.

Write to us if you have experiences to share.

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