Top 30 Financial KPO Companies in India

Financial KPOs IndiaWhat do you understand by KPO? 

KPO, which I believe every one of you is aware of is Knowledge Process Outsourcing, which in general terms means outsourcing some knowledge based work of the organization to be done by any third party in consideration for some pay.

This knowledge-based work is mostly technical in nature which requires specialized skills and the person or team should be analytical in their approach.

In general, India is considered to be the major hub for KPOs along with China, Ireland, Israel, and Russia. It is also said that approximately 70% of the KPOs work is outsourced to Indian companies. The apparent reason being

It is also said that nearly 70% of the KPOs work is outsourced to Indian companies. The apparent reason being the availability of technical skill set of engineers, doctors, graphics and website designers, Chartered Accountants, Architects, Economist, etc. at a very low cost.

Why to Outsource to KPO?

Organizations tend to use the KPO services when they find it beneficial to them regarding finance, time, and manpower.

Instead of creating a division for doing the particular work they prefer to outsource the same since it is more beneficial to them.

Whenever the cost of creating a division for any specific skilled work is more, then the organization prefer to outsource the same, since they get the same work done more efficiently, with more skill sets and with better quality at a lesser cost.

For Example, Company wants to have an Excise and Service Tax Division to handle its Excise and Service tax dealings, returns, official legal works and other legal compliances about the same:

Cost to the Company

  • Company needs to hire at least 3 to 4 qualified technical staff out of which one has to be the division manager
  • Provide a space for the team to handle the work
  • Increase in work load of HR (Human Resource)
  • Increase in MIS reporting of the division

Outsource to KPO

A monthly or annual payment needs to be made and rest all the work of filing, maintaining and managing the legal requirements are taken care by the KPO. The work is also conducted offshore at the place of the KPO; only the company is required to send adequate data for the KPO to do their work.

Financial KPOs are a good place for MBAs, CAs, and CFAs

If you have a degree in MBA, CA or CFA then Financial KPO is always beneficial for you.

Whether you work for a financial KPO or you, get work outsourced from them, in both the scenarios you will be in demand.

The very reason being the degree of MBA, CA and CFA are all linked to finance, and the technical skills which are gathered from these studies are helpful in the work of financial KPO.

Let us specify each of the professional degrees about financial KPO’s. 

From MBA’s point of view:

The degree of MBA (Master of Business Administration) gives you an insight of all the aspects of business administration whether it is with Human Resource, or with Product development or with Management or in Finance.

You will be having knowledge of all fields and as such you can be involved in financial KPO’s.

Maximum people hired in KPO do have the degree of MBA.

As such you can expect to work in financial KPO if you have an MBA degree, and you will earn more if the specialization is in finance. 

From CA’s point of view:

The degree of CA (Chartered Accountancy) is valuable from both the angles, i.e., getting outsourced work from KPO and also getting a job in KPO.

If you are in practice and have specialization in any specific field, then expect to get some work outsourced from KPO, and if you are a fresher, you can join them and earn handsome money.

And of course, you can always change your decision and switch to practice after working with KPO and having earned sufficient experience for yourself. So it’s always a good place for your development.

From CFA’s point of view: 

CFA means Chartered Financial Analyst, who are specialized in the analysis of financial securities and derivatives. Also, they are expert in arranging data and creating MIS reports with the said data. This type of specialized skill is mostly absorbed in financial KPOs.

If you compare all the three degrees, you will understand that these people are mostly involved in all the workings of financial KPO whether it is on their payroll or as their partner.

CA, CFA, and MBA are degrees which provide the skill set for the working that financial KPOs are involved with, and so it is always a good place for such degree holders.

Benefits associated with outsourcing of work with KPO

As mentioned if there are risks, there are also benefits of assigning work to KPO and the organization generally compares the risk and benefits associated with the outsourcing of any particular function if it finds that the benefits are more than the risk, the work is outsourced and vice-versa. We are listing herewith few of the benefits of outsourcing the work to KPO.

  • Cost effective – Mostly the work associated with KPO are done at a much lower price in comparison to the cost which the organization would have incurred if it was supposed to do that same work within the organization.
  • Work conducted by KPO are mostly technical and as such there are a lot of professionals attached to the work. We get the work done by a person having specialized skill in that area thereby increasing the effectiveness and quality of the work.
  • Organisation also gets the benefit of time zone, since sometimes KPO work in different time zone as such the organization can utilize the advantage of 24 hrs working.

In my last post, I wrote some basics about KPO career in India.

In this post, I plan to cover top 30 financial KPOs in India

There is no dearth of opportunities for the right person having good skills in KPOs. I have included the skill set required to get into financial KPOs in India, in my last post.

Please note that this list is based on my research and updated today(February 8, 2016).

Note: Some of the companies are into pure research.

Here’s the list, city wise:

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Financial KPOs in Mumbai

1. Sutherland Global Services (Formerly Adventity)

2. Transparent Value India

3. Aranca

4. Integreon

5. WNS

6. Boston Analytics

7. TresVista

8. Axience

9. Netscribes

Financial KPOs in Pune

1. SG Analytics

2. Reval Analytics

3. Eclerx

4. Syntel


6. Credit Pointe

7. Verve

8. ValueNotes

9. BNY Mellon

10. Credit Suisse

11. WNS

12. Capital Metrics & Risk Solutions

13. AlgoAnalytics

Financial KPOs in Bangalore

1. Amba Research

2. iGate

3. Brickwork India

4. Axa Business Services

5. Infosys BPO

6. WNS

Financial KPOs in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

1. Grail Research

2. Genpact

3. Copal Partners

4. Evalueserve

5. Smart Analyst

6. McKc (Mckinsey Knowledge Centre)

7. WNS

8. The Smart Cube

9. RocSearch

10. Cians Analytics

11. Valorega Research & Analytics LLP



Financial KPOs in Chennai

1. Irevna

Financial KPOs in Hyderabad

1. DE Shaw

2. Deloitte

Whatever be the risk or benefit with sharing work with KPO organization have their set and pattern of decision making and in current scenario most of the overseas jobs are outsourced to KPO’s working in India, China, Israel or Russia since the cost of getting the work done through KPO is beneficial to the organization

Financial KPO Summary

Did I Forget Anything?

There you have it, 30+ financial KPOs in India.

I spent at least 10 hours on this post, scouring the web for every KPO I could find.

Even so, I’m sure there are a few that I missed.

Or maybe there’s one on the list that you disagree with.

Either way, leave a comment below!

Top 30 Financial KPO Companies in India 1
Top 30 Financial KPO Companies in India 2
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  1. I am working in TCS since 5 years now I want to switch the company and want to work in other company like vodafone.
    Is it ok to leave the TCS as a female associate?

    • Hi Trupti,

      It seems your work is in BPO. This post is about Financial KPO.

  2. why are ey gbs or kpmg gbs etc not listed on list? how are they different from a kpo?

  3. what qualifications are needed of opening a KPO and what is the client base of it ?
    How much experience is needed to run a KPO efficiently ?

    • Hi Utsav,

      I suggest you work in KPO Management role for 3-5 years to know how KPOs are run.

      I do not recommend starting KPO without knowing the industry and your work well.

  4. i am (honors) graduate and cleared cfa level 1. how can i intern or find a job for starting a career in equity analysis, investment banking, financial analyst etc. i have searched for kpo’s but how can i apply to them. i reside in delhi.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Let’s discuss this on WhatsApp: +91-9422038561.

  5. Hi,

    Myself Tamanna Joshi, currently working in HR domain in an US MNC at Gurgaon from past 7 months, having total 1 years experience in HR profile job. But I am looking for job in good repudiated company , but I am unable to get an job opportunity in HR Profile.

    I need an help and advice’s for getting an new job HR Profile in any industry.

    Please let me know, what additional steps that I need to build myself for getting an job in KPO Domain.


    Tamanna Joshi

  6. Dear sir,
    I am Gautam Singh.. I am from india…I have done M.A. ….can i get a job in any type KPO…

  7. Hello sir,
    I am pursuing ICWA final course but could not pass the exam…so i want to switch to kpo job…is it a right decision? I am 25 and from kolkata…plz also suggest a good kpo in kolkata and will it be beneficial for me ? Currently i am working in a audit firm for last 1.5 years…

  8. Hello Sir,
    My name is Nikita,right now I am living in Allahabad my hometown . I am an engineering graduate in Electrical and electronics engineering and also an MBA in Finance and marketing(2016 passout ), both from Uttar Pradesh Technical University. I have keen interest in research and analysis and looking for job profile in the same as financial analyst . I have been offered jobs in sales but I don’t want to do that. I have applied for various private banks as well but they prefer As an engineer and MBA finance,have I taken a right decision? If not then how do I start my career as a professional in finance field to find a stable job. I am extremely confused and disheartened after 1 and half year of unemployment phase. Please provide a helpful suggestion in which domain to go for in financial sector or if I should star with financial KPO companies?

  9. Hi

    My Name is Kubendar Reddy from Hyderabad, I have been working with KPO since 4years, i wanted to work with in MNC company. At present im working with started company. So i need some guidance to attend the interview in MNC

  10. Why aren’t companies like Cheers Interactive, Innodata,Thomson Reuters,Aptara etc listed out here?

  11. Hi, graduated in BFM. I have a two wish. What if I want to switch career from sales job to finance jobs or vice-versa. Will this be allowed. And will company recruit me on my past job. Thankyou.

  12. Sir ,
    I have completed my Ca IPCC and graduation also have one year of article ship experience want to join kpo ,how may get in ?
    Kindly suggest

  13. Hello Mr. Avadhut,

    Your post is so highly informative. Thanks for sharing your views which are eye opener for many. I am a Chartered Accountant (practicing in Kolkata) and having 6 years of experience. I have been selected in one of the Financial KPOs in Hyderabad (for off shore audit). Do you think it will be a good decision to make this career move. I am 35 years old right now or should I try for something else.

    • Dear Yana,

      If the job profile is of Audit of companies which is a natural progression for your educational background, you can go ahead and take this job.

      However, this is not a core finance role.

  14. Hi Avadhut

    I have a 5+ year experience in retail industry in India. Right from front end , back end merchandising to e-commerce. I am thinking of switching the industry to KPO industry for few reasons. I am MBA post grad,married and have a small child.

    Do you think it will be a wise decision.


  15. Hi Nigudkar,

    Am Sneha from Bangalore.Have completed my CA articleship and appearing for CA Final.
    Along with this am working for an Australian based KPO from past 6months, mainly specialising in finalization of accounts and tax returns ranging from Individual to Company and trust.
    My question is how do you think the growth path if I want to continue in Australian based KPO only focusing only on companies in Bangalore.
    Also the Australian dollar rate is also decreasing drastically.
    What do you suggest for me as a long term career growth?

  16. Hi,

    Myself Raj Kumar, currently working in BPO domain in an US MNC at bangalore, having total 11.5 years experience in BPO Non Voice job. But I am looking for job in KPO domain, but I am unable to get an job or pass an interview. My applications or in interview is rejected due to over experience. Also my age is 35+ old.

    I need an help and advice’s for getting an new job KPO domain.

    Please let me know, what additional steps that I need to build myself for getting an job in KPO Domain.


    Raj Kumar

    • Dear Raj kumar,

      It’s difficult to get into KPO at this age and experience for functional roles. However, you can try for managerial roles.

  17. Sir,
    I had completed MBA (Finance) in 2014. I am working with AXIS Bank as Customer Relation Office – Grade Assistant Manager from September, 2014 till date. Now,I want to change my field and wants to work in Finance KPOs. Kindly suggest me.
    Thank You
    Vishal Sharma

  18. Sir I am final yr in B. Tech in mechanical engg. Sir if I join KPO companies what will be my work is it will be beneficial for me?

  19. Hi Mr nigudkar

    Your posts are a godsend. I was so lost before I found your site. May you get back ten times more than what your giving to others.

    I cannot understand why have you not included HSBC& JP Morgan in this list. Even Accenture. These financial services firms are hiring for voice& non voice process jobs relating to banking cards etc. So aren’t they also financial kpos? Please reply. I have been jobless for months now.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Rohit,

      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      Are they into high-end financial analysis outsourcing?

  20. how many financial research KPO companies in Ahmedabad. Only popular name is SNL Fiinancial who is direct foreign subsidiary.

    In ahmedabad there is pool of experience candidates in financial KPO who are waiting for foreign companies to start KPO in Ahmedabad.


  21. I am a graduate in BA, have completed in 2009 from burdwan university in WB . I would like to work for KPO but I’m bit in cofusion that what kind of qualifications required to get a job in KPO..I’ve already been working in BPO..what are the types of KPO apart from finance? get a job in KPO is it mandatory to have a degree like MBA , CA or CFA or any otheres ..?could you help me please ?

  22. Hello Sir,

    I am a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager . I want to work in investment banking and pursue CF. I am currently working in private wealth management. Can you please suggest me. Should I go for KPO or not.

  23. Thanks for sharing the Top 30 Financial KPO’s in India.

  24. Dear Avdhut,

    Can you please include one more KPO in Greater Noida in your list.

    KPO Name: Valorega Research & Analytics LLP

    Rakhi Sharma

  25. hello sir myself siva kumar from hyderabad i completed mba finance 2015 pass out still now i didn’t get any job i have done global financial & acccountancy certification good in subject can you suggest what should i do now i am planning to go pune for searching job

  26. Very good information. Thank you !

  27. Really informative website. Thanks for putting this up.

    It would be really helpful if you can update this list as it was posted 4 years back. I am sure the market must have changed. Can you please sort them on the basis of the best opportunities.
    Are there new entrants?
    It would be really helpful. Thanks.

    • Dear Kartikay,

      The list is updated based on reader’s feedback. Please update us if you know any KPO which is not covered here.

  28. Hi Sir,

    I have 18 months experince in AR process. then i left the job and tried for CS exams and cleared excutive one module but due family issues i couldnt contiue my education. could please guide me again i want enter corprate. is any course i need do or they will accept one year gap.

  29. I am MBA finance student 3 month back joined HDFc bank as RM in corporate banking. It was a campus placement l. But I am feeling I am not a guy suits for RM type job thinking for shift in finance type role. I m interested in risk management or investment banking type kpo. Sir please will I shift now or complete my 1 year in my job. Or is my experience helpful to switch in finance job. And which companies I can target and how much salary I can expect.
    Thanks in advance

  30. Hello
    I am a practicing CA and want to work with KPO.
    please suggest.

  31. Hi
    I am in my mid 30s, have an MBA In finance and have working in the finance industry for 10 years – not in bpo or kpo, but in b2b advisory for Indian corporates.

    I wanted to know is it advisable to shift to a kpo at this age, and what can one expect as one would be leaving all his contacts and networks by making such a shift.

  32. I have done Btech in electronics and instrumentation{2013batch} and don’t have a programming and coding skills. And unable to get a job in my technical field as a fresher. I waste my 2 year in non-technical exams (banks,insurance….)but results negative with few marks. I try in kpo job he regected me due to my btech degree. So i want a non-voice, non technical job please suggest me.

  33. Dear sir,
    I am pursuing MBA in finance , i seeking for internship for months during my 3rd semester( after may to December).
    can u suggest some good internship opportunities.
    Thank you

  34. I completed my CA articleship in the year 2000, but could not focus on clearing the CA exams due to some personal and family problems. I have been working with an International BPO for past 10 years, and currently my Annual Salary Package is Rs 6,25,000.

    At present, my age is 35 years, I have started focusing on my CA studies again now, and I am planning to complete my CA exams in next two years.

    My query is what will be my prospects in KPO after 2 years once I complete CA considering the age factor and duration taken in completing the course ? And also how much salary can I expect once I complete CA ?

    • Dear Jiten,

      It would be good if you focus on practical skills than to go for CA now looking at your age.

      I suggest you to check our 6-week course to get a rewarding career in core finance/ KPO.

  35. You missed Kpo from kolkata.. Avise Analytics.

  36. Hi Sir,

    I am Karan Bhatia, pursuing B-Tech in Computer Science. I am looking for summer internship in the field of data analytics. Please give me some suggestions for the same.


  37. Sir I have done MBA form Sikkim Manipal University and graduated from Amrita University as BBM for MBA specialization in Banking and finance and I have completed 4.5 yrs. of working experience in financial service KPO at Ocwen financial corporation’s as senior analyst customer operations controls. Please need your advice I would like to start my career in banking sector and I need to start related course classes which can easily chance to work in MNC bank.

    Appreciate your time and assistance

  38. Hello sir,

    I am From commerce background . Bcom & PGDM/MBA IN FINANCE & MARKETING with 4 years of experience. currently Iam working as Sr. executive- Finance & accounts in a Pvt Limited company .Now I want to change the sector to Bank or KPO /BPO with accounts & finance role. what will be good for me ? As Iam married also . I need a growth becoz I have the capability but not not able use fully here so want to enter This KPO sector.
    what is good option Betweemn Bank and KPO/BPO with finance role?

  39. Sir,
    I am a B.Tech graduate in Mechanical engineering in 2015.Now,I want to change my field and wants to work in Finance KPOs. Kindly suggest me course in Finance walk that could fetch me a better start with KPOs and a bright future.

  40. Hi Avdhut,

    I believe there are 3 new ones come up recently: Investance, Gravitas and Trafigura


    • Thanks Joel for this.

      I am unable to find right URLs of these company websites. Can you please mention the right ones?

      • Hi Avadhut,

        I believe Investance is a French Research firm in Mumbai. I know this because I have a friend who moved from Morgan Stanley KPO to Sutherland to Investance and is now in Gravitas, Mumbai.

        Trafigura, If I’m not mistaken, is more into the Energy sector: Oil, commodities. I have seen some openings for trafigura on in the past seeking candidates for Analyst roles

  41. Dear sir,

    I am Ravi Sharma. I have done my graduation (B.Com.) and currently in CS Professional. I have given 4 attempt of professional exams but not even a single group is cleared and there is a huge gap of 6 years after graduation. I do not have any experience either. I want to make my career in finance and want to become a financial analyst. Right now I am totally messed up and unable to understand what should I do. Should I continue my CS or move on to job ?

    If I do a job in KPO, will experience in KPO be countable in financial services companies, banks, nbfc, other financial firms etc ?

    Thanks and Regards

    Ravi Sharma

  42. Hi
    I have recently cleared ca my education includes, post graduate diploma in financial analysis and control, CS inter, fundamental analysis module(NCFM).
    Now I want to pursue my career in the field of equity research analysis/ financial research analysis/ investment analysis and portfolio management.
    I m a fresher so kindly suggest how should I proceed ( including whether I should go for job or internship and where should I apply) and also what are the career prospects in future.
    Thank you.

  43. Sir, I have done CA inter and got an opportunity in Accenture as level in Accounts profile. Is it help me anymore in my career or should i drop this chance????

  44. Sir I am pursuing my MBA in finance and marketing eclerx is coming to our college for the post junior analyst in Mumbai is this good to join because the salary is only 15000 plz suggest some good advice

  45. how will be the salaries for cfa holder in kpo please advice

    • Dear Faheem,

      It depends on various factors like – your educational and experience background, how you perform in the interview, your last drawn salary and company’s set range.

  46. Sir
    I have completed my bba and got selected in eclerx pine as financial analyst post. But they want me to sign a bond for the period of one year. Should I join.

  47. Planning to start own KPO, do u have any idea how I could initiate with the same. Having past experience of working with KPO and presently Practicing Chartered Accountant

    • Dear Vicky,

      First step is to decide which services you will provide to clients in US, UK or Australia. And then getting the clients.

  48. Hello Sir,

    I have 8 months experience in wealth management and financial planning. I have done B. E (Electronics & Communication) and Certified Financial Planner, i want to work as financial analyst I am looking for research and analytic kind of profile in finance. and i have plans to go for CFA. Please suggest me will it be good to work in financial KPO for me, if yes then how can i enter into these kind of jobs in the above mentioned KPO’s.

  49. Hi,

    I passed out BBA in 2010 ans started my job career in 2012 with in accountancy firm as accountant(on Tally ERP). worked there for 2.3years and then joined accenture as Sr process associate in P2P process,precisely work domain is vendor reconciliation & invoice processing.
    I am working here from sept 2014 till date. the problem is i am 30years now and getting the salary of 20k in hand right now.

    Please suggest me is there any possibilities to get a job in my domain in a good MNC with salary of 30k aprox?? (I am not getting married just bcos my parents wants me to earn atleast 30k then only they can think of)

    please suggest me the companies.


  50. Hello sir
    I have done B.Sc in Statistics (H) and pursuing in Statistics . I am thinking to pursue my career with HP analytic in Bangalore .please suggest me is it good to start career with HP or i need to look for some analytics organisation

  51. Sir, I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Level 3 aspirant of the CFA Program. I’m currently serving last month of my CA Articleship Training. My career goal is to get into Investment Banking (with an M&A preference). Sir, is 12-15 months stint with the above-mentioned Financial KPO’s recognised by Bulge Bracket and Top Tier IB firms in India and will it help me to ultimately get into IB?

  52. I am working with MetLife Global operation support centre as of now as a Process Trainer, its dealing with insurance, I have done MBA in Finance (Distant) and BBA(Distant) and having almost 5 years of experience in insurance industry. I have done industrial certification like AAPA(for Annuities products) and ALMI(for Life Insurance) from LOMA (Institute of Georgia US), & currently I am withdrawing 29k as a monthly salary. having good experience of migrating processes US to india. & I am having a B1B2 Visa of US too. However I am looking for jobs in US or other foreign countries to make more money, but I am not able to find out the reference or way to go there… what I do to make my profile better to get jobs there.. please help

    • Dear Tarun,

      Please check their criteria. You may need an international certification and some series exam certifications.

  53. Dear sir I have applied in all above mentioned kpo but did not get even a single call.
    I am qualified CA and I have also done Advance financial modelling program, apart from this I am also pursuing CFA L2 and FRM from ICAI. I hv also taken IELTS test and GMAT. but still not able to get a call from financial KPOs.

  54. Hi Avadhut SIR.


    • Hi Adhvut,

      This post is very informative for job seekers like me.
      I would like to get an advice from you on my career path. I have an experience of 2.4 years in P2P, accounts payables, the time I joined this profile, I was not aware if this was a core finance job or not. I am an MBA(fin) and I think I a capable of doing much more challenging job. I always wanted to get into analyst kind of role where I need to research and analyse data. Could you let me know if I could change my career line now. And also how do I proceed?

  55. Hi ,

    I BE ( Electrical) with 6yrs Exp in Retail Branch Banking and Insurance .+ 4yrs in BPO as AM operations .. Should I take up a career in KPO .. If yes then how and which area to choose ..Do I need to go for a course . If yes which one ..

  56. Hello Sir,

    I am working with a KPO in R2R domain in Jaipur from last 3 years but the CTC here is low and increment rate is also not good.

    Getting an opportunity with copal amba KPO (R2R – intermediate level) in GGN, should I move on???

    What will be the chances if I I like to return back to my home town.


  57. Hi,

    I have completed my CA in may, 2015 in first attempt. I am willing to choose M&A or anything else in TAS as a career option, as per my research, CA Freshers are normally not welcomed by Big Fours or other big firms.

    So, where should i start my career with.

    • Hi Varun,

      People are welcomed for their knowledge, skills, and attitude.

      Let’s discuss this on WhatsApp: +91-9422038561.

  58. Hi,

    I am from Mumbai. I have done B.Com, Part time MBA fin, and presently pursuing CFA L1(Dec 2015). I worked as a Executive – Presales for the BD Team of a Financial services firm (KPO). I wanted to be a Financial Analyst and I’m not getting one to start with since I don’t have any experience, and I’m well aware that I will take a big hit on my CTC which is absolutely fine with me as long as I get what I need. Further, I do understand that I need to build on my skills to max I can…Please guide me…Thanx in advance

    • Hi Joshua,

      For career guidance, please contact me on WhatsApp: +91-9422038561.

  59. Dear Sir,
    I am Abhishek from Noida. I have done my MBA Finance from Institute of Information Technology Management Gwalior specialization- Finance, in 2010. Now i am working in Religare Securities as Investment Advisor science last 4 year. What are the opportunities for me in KPO ( Finance ). and want to know there is any age factor is effect in it, i am 31 year old. Waiting for you response.

    Thanks & Regards,

  60. Dear Sir,
    I am Abhishek from Noida. I have done my MBA Finance from Institute of Information Technology Management Gwalior specializtion- Finance, in 2010. Now i am working in Religare Securities as Investment Advisor sience last 4 year. What are the opportunities for me in KPO ( Finance ). and want to know there is any age factor is effect in it, i am 31 year old. Waiting for you response.

    Thanks & Regards,

  61. Please give names of good KPOs in KOLKATA

    • Hi,

      Please read the guide properly and for new names you can Google.

  62. hi avadhut,
    i have cleared leve I and II of CFA and looking for a job in equity research.
    so, can you suggest me some good core research companies to apply like Crisil.
    Also, it would be good if you can provide me some telephonic guidance.

    • Hi Vipin,

      Please contact me on WhatsApp: +91-9422038561 for career guidance.

  63. Seeking Online//Offline outsourcing jobs on accounts.

    • Hello,
      I passed BBA and done MBA from Punjab Technical University. I am currently working in an engineering company. My responsibility here is to maintain MIS system. I want to shift to KPO. can you please tell me the career prospect in a KPO. And please also mention the salary structure. I am currently in Kolkata, willing to relocate.

      • Hi Siddhartha,

        You need Career Guidance. Please WhatsApp me on: +91-9422038561 for the same.

  64. Hi,

    I am from Nasik. I have completed my BE in mechanical & PG in Quality Management . I am having 4 yrs of experience in implementation of QMS in manufacturing industry.

    will it be good decision to go for KPO/BPO???Are there better opps ahead ?

  65. Hello, Sir

    I am engineering Graduate in Electrical Engineering and also an MBA in Finance. I have huge interest in research and want to become a Financial Analyst. I have been offered jobs in Sales but I dont want to pursue.I have applied for various Banks but they prefer BCom plus MBA. As an Engineer + MBA finance , Have I taken a right decision??? If not than How do start my journey to reach my goal…!! Which companies will help me as fresher for my target achieving. I am confused .Should I start with the above companies???? Please help me in this concern…!! \

    Thanks in Advance…!!


    • Hi sir,
      Iam engineering graduate I also completed my mba in finance. I am having 4.6 years of banking operations exp. Can I get job in any finance mnc company.

  66. Hi Avadhut,
    I’m a CA student and will be completing three years of articleship training in about nine months and would have 5-6 months before the CA final exam and a couple of months after exam untill the results are declared. During this period I want to gain experience in one of the above mentioned KPOs ( in Delhi).
    My query is: Do they hire ca students as an intern or as an associate for the said period?

  67. Hi Mr. Avdhut..

    Its nice website and nice knowledge from yourside, for information seekers..

    I have 8 years of experience in accounts & taxation, I am currently drawing 23500 per month
    I provide the services for following services :
     TDS : Deductions Applicability, challans, e-returns, Issuing TDS Certificates, Checking of Form 26AS
     SERVICE TAX: Registration, amt working, provisions, E-payments, assist in filing of Return, & other services related to it.
     PROVIDENT FUND: preparation of challans, 12-A Form, Nomination form, Form 5, Form 10, Registration to get PF No., Form 10C & Form 19 for Withdrawals… etc.
     MAHARASHTRA SALES TAX (MVAT) : Registration, Working, provisions, Online MTR Challans payment, E-returns uploading returns, Form 704 AUDIT
     GUJARAT SALES TAX : Working, provisions, e-returns – Online application of C,F,H Forms under Gujarat
     C, F, H, Various Form Applications under Maharashtra sales tax.
     CST : Online application of C-Form, Working , Online payments, E-Returns,
     PROFESSIONAL TAX : Employers & employees PT Challan, Online submission of E-Returns Under NEW PTRC as per Govt notification
     ASSESSMENT/SCRUTINY : Preparation for Income tax Assessment, Sales tax assessment, scrutiny matters or notices from the various departments, prepare various statements as per requirement of tax authorities
     INCOME TAX : Filing Individual Income tax returns., Refund status, notice and scrutiny assistance, ADVANCE Tax computation,
     ACCOUNTING : handle accounting up to finalization , maintaining Cost center wise allocation of I & E, Project wise accountability at one package/data, which helps to track performance of a business/project & take timely decision, helps control cost exp and timely compliance with law authorities

    Kindly let me now should i change my job?? Can you value my service ?? how much should i draw

    in edu. point of view – i appeard ICWAI Final
    MCOM Done, BCOM 1 st class

    • Hi Vandana,

      With this JD and 8 years of solid experience, you should get anywhere between 5-8 Lakhs p.a. Which industry you’re working in right now? I suggest you look for job in IT or Telecommunication industry.

  68. Hi Avadhut
    I am graduate in Economics, completed my course in financial modelling and appeared for cfa level 2 this june .
    I am working with copal in credit research. i wanted to be on the wealth managment side. Should i stick here for some tym or should i start looking for some good companies in wealth mgt??

  69. Plese suggest me sir for Accounting or stock analysis related work in kpo either in gurgaon or in NCR.


      • Sir currently i am working in tcs kolkata bpo…but the companies tou mentioned is demanding somkind of experience…in finance and accounts but i m doing here backend jon since last one year….so for me shall i be eligible to apply in these kpos..

        • Hi Akhilesh,

          To get into high-end KPOs. you need to acquire skills mentioned on this page. Either join our classroom program that provides these skills with placement assistance or learn these skills on your own.

  70. Hi,

    Could you please let me know Australian Financial and Accounting KPO in Mumbai or Ahmedabad or Pune?

    I am CA.

    I have worked 6 months in Australian SMSF-Accounting field.

    Thank You !!


  71. Hi Avadhut,
    Thanks for the post. To make it more interesting you should add a bit info on working culture, operational areas and pay scale in those KPO.
    I am 2nd year MBA Student. Currently preparing for FRM Part II . I just want to know what is the scope for FRM holders in KPO. As these KPO mainly survive on operations delegated by top financial cos ( JP Morgan, Credit Suisse etc) . FRM usually look for global banks . And also I am in the final module of CFP. Enrolled for CFA too. I am not expecting great placement assistance from my college even. This is the reason I enrolled to too many global certifications. Please guide me as I will need a job within a year i.e., just after or before completion of my MBA.

    • Hi Vivek,

      We have already reviewd 10+ companies so far. You can read the detailed reviews on this page.

      MBA+CFP+FRM+CFA? You need any one or maximum 2 out of these. What you actually need at this stage is a practical program like this where you’ll acquire skills required to perform core finance jobs.

      • Thanks Avadhut,
        I went through the course overview. And yes the mentioned course is a must for working in KPOs . I am interested in the course but the problem is that I am from Pune and I guess your classrooms are in Delhi.

  72. I just wanted to know that I am currently working in a bank for the past 1 and a half year can I switch to kpos

  73. Dear Sir ,
    I am CA inter qualified with audit experience of my articleship , i am interested to work in KPO
    1 ) would it be a better option ?
    2) in pune in which kpo a fresher can apply.

    Kindly guide me .
    Thanking you

    • Hi Pallavi,

      1. Yes, it’s a good option.

      2. In all the KPOs mentioned in the list above, you can apply.

      • Dear Sir thank you for your valuable suggestions

  74. I am graduate and have 1.3 year of experience as equity research analyst how should i start looking for a better job

    • Hi Ashish,

      Upload your profile on job sites and directly apply to companies that you want to work with.

  75. Hi Sir,

    I have a ( Mumbai ) and cleared CFA level 1 in Dec 2014, career goal is equity research. Which companies in Mumbai should I try applying and how do I begin.( I am in my family business since 2 years which is unrelated to finance in any way.)

  76. Dear Sir,
    I have did my B.Com Graduation in 2011 & MBA Finance in 2014. I have 4Year of total experience in Accounting, Audit, Taxation, little in Analysis. I have worked under CA for 3.5Years along with my Studies. currently my resume seems more of Accounting and Taxations. but i want to go in KPO as Analysis. I enjoy doing analysis of financial statements. As and when i apply for a job i get a call related to accouting and taxation only.

    Pls suggest how should i turnup for KPO as analyst with my past experience.

  77. hi.
    I’m kamran Saifi pursuing 2year from Delhi college of arts and commerce regular student..I got 68 %in second I want to get some practical knowledge in any finance company…I want to join any finance company in summer vacation.. could you suggest me about in which type of field I can apply.. and tell me best company in gurgaon..

    thanks you

  78. Hi avdhut sir
    I am a graduate with 2years exp in bpo sector.I would like to know the possible roles offered in financial kpo’s after finance modeling course

    • Hi Arunkumar,

      Possible roles are: financial analyst, equity research analyst, business analyst, research analyst and so on.

  79. i have one year of experience in axis bank i want to get job in top finance companies how to get it?

  80. Hie Avadhut, Thanks for the Information.
    I have done my MBA Finance in 2011, since then i have worked for Financial Captive and independent KPO’s.
    I am confused as to which course should i go for…CFA,,FRM,,CMA or as to get Good Oppurtunities and also my past KPO experience would count..Please help..

    • Hi Rohit,

      The course suggestion will depend on your long-term career goal? In which area you want to make your long-term career goal?

      Check this article for CFA Vs. FRM. And this for other courses in finance.

  81. Ernst and Young Global Talent Hub (GTH) in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram.

  82. Hello,

    I want to start my own BPO or KPO. Could you please suggest me how I can start?


  83. Hi Avadhut,

    Would you have any information on the top 3 firms for a B2B research on Digital Transformation in financial services sector? Thanks!

  84. hello sir

    I am final year student of BMS specialized in finance ,my final sem is going on from Mumbai university . I want to set may career in finance path, but I don t know how to get the proper job experience in financial analyst because all company’s are asking experience.

  85. Cians Analytics (KPO) based in gurgaon

      • hi Mr Avadhut
        thank you for sharing dis valuable article with us . im persuing my MBA currently can you plz haelp me with some content on the topic i.e. ” role of BPOs and KPOs in irradiating unemployment problem”. i’ll be grateful to u.

  86. Thnx sir for your valuable information
    Sir I am commerce graduate and have 1.5 years experience in bpo and now wants to build my career as finance analyst I want to know about any course in pune for the same?

  87. my name is rajeev .i have done BCA and pursuing MBA finance &marketing.this is my last semester now i am getting confused on which profile is best for me after it mba.can anyone gude me i have sound knowledge of computers.please help me

  88. sir I am pravish Khunteta
    I am MBA in finance and I have 2 years exp in marketing
    now I want to make career in finance and account please guide me ( in kpo )

  89. Hello administrator can you tell me what are the qualifications required for entering in financial KPO because my basic graduation is in the bio field and i am thinking to pursue MBA in finance and HR so that i can get a job as financial analyst and what is the maximum age for entering i any financial KPO. It would be a great help from your side for my future carrer. Also can you tell me are there any financial KPOs in Madhya Pradesh.

  90. Hi
    I am going to graduate in commerce in may 2015.I have no. of queries.

    1 I want to make carrer in finance particulary in research analyst sort of jobs .How should i proceed further in my studies?

    2Doing job after graduation is the right choice or should i go for mba finance ?

    3 I am planning to do financial modelling course in january.Is there anything else which i can do before completing my graduation in order to enhance my skill set for this sector ?

    I am craving to work in finance sector.I would prefer to work and gain practical knowledge rather than studying and absorbing the theoretical concepts.Please guide me how can i go furher.


    • Hi Sanyam,

      1. Join our 6-week program. It will give you much-required break in core finance research and analysis jobs.

      2. Both are good options.

      3. That should be enough.

  91. Dear Sir,,,

    Would you please provide me with the names of the company in Kolkata engaged in BPO/KPO service in Accounts/Finance. Actually, I am seeking a job there, preferably in night shift.

  92. Hello sir.
    I am new graduate in MBA (Finance) and I am a fresher. I was looking for opportunities for carrer in equity research and business valuation. Can you suggest me the appropriate firms where I can find a suitable position for me.

  93. i am studying PGDM in wings business school.
    my major is finances.
    i want to job in top companies

  94. Frist of all thanks to avdhoot sir which providing greate advise for us sir I have done graduation in BBA finance and now I am doing MBA in finance from university of Mumbai so plz suggest me link which I enhance my knowledge in finance sector I wanted to do my carrier in financial analyst

  95. hello sir I m rakesh Deoghare I had complete my M.B.A finance and I have done in NISM EXAM in security market recently and I m search job in KPO investment banking and financial analyst but I m fresher so plz help advice me which company apply me in pune, mumbai?

  96. Hello sir
    i m studying final year M com.
    i want to do carrier in fianacial analyst job, what should i do first?

  97. Hi Avadhut,

    I am a from DU (correspondence) and working as a Quality Analyst in a US Healthcare KPO since 5+ years. As of now I want to switch my career to core financial sector.
    My confusion is:
    1. Should I move to other sector now as I have 5+ years exp in a different field and there is not much more opportuinities available ?
    2. What skills are essential to get into a core finance job and what will be the entry level salary ?
    Please reply ASAP as your feedback can change my path.

    Thanks in Advance

  98. Hello, I am 5 years experienced banker (MBA,NCFM,JAIIB,AMFI) , want to explore opportunity in KPO , let me know which KPO will enrich my banking experience and edge my career in field of research.

  99. Junior Research Associate at Aranca or Financial Analyst at TresVista…which of the the two is a better one to take up for a first finance job. And why?
    Please Help!

  100. I want to make my carrer in pharma KPO. I have cmpleted M.Pharm in Pharmacology which is very much required for the Pharma KPo sector as well as i have also done Diploma in clinical research and pharmacovigilance. i request you to please provide me the list of the pharma KPO company as we as the interview tips for the pharma kpo. I also want to know how to get the reference for the pharma kpo interview this will be your best and most humble help as almost i have spent 1 and half year without job.

  101. Hi Sir,

    I am cost accountant with All India 92nd rank in CWA. I have 3 years experience in a manufacturing company. My current designation is Asst Manager Account and finance. I want to move to Investment banks. Is it possible to move to IB. I have knowledge in portfolio, ratios, cash and fund flows and other finance concepts which i did learn in CWA. Please guide me how to move to IB. Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Arun,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please share your contact number. My associate will call you to provide a detailed career counseling.

  102. Hi
    can someone please review TresVista as an opportunity. Why has it been struck off in the list above.

      • I see a line over ‘TresVista’ on the above list. But be that as it may, what do you have to say on the opportunity with them.

  103. Hello Sir,

    I am currently working in the equity research (front office) and having worked in the same field for around 3 years, I am stuck with low salary of 5 Lakhs? If i do the next job change, how much salary can I look for?

    For your information, I have done MBA and CFA final level pending.

    Suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Research Professional,

      Ask for the industry standard pay for your role when you shift to new job. Good companies have set salary ranges for every position.

  104. Hi

    I m an MBA finance with seven years of workex in corporate banking with two leading Indian banks. I ve got an opportunity with back end process of a foreign bank for credit processing of their European corporate clients. Do you think it ll be a good career move ? Are their enough opportunities in this field of kpo industry ? I am worried that there may not be other companies to shift if i intend to change my join tomorrow . What are other companies that have such process in Delhi / NCR ?

    • Hi Ashish,

      Think before you switch your role. It seems you’ve worked on front-end. Would you love your job working in KPO on back-end processing?

      • You are right Avadhut. I ve worked on front end.
        While I am fine with back end , my areas of concern are –
        A ) are there enough opportunities in this segment of kpo in NCR ( credit processing of corporates) ? Which are the companies?
        B) is there a defined career path ?
        C) is remuneration; I.e. financially same as front end on the long run

        Kindly clarify.

        • Hi Ashish,

          A) I know 2-3 KPOs which work in credit research in NCR.
          B) Yes. In KPOs, the career path is based on experience and performance.
          C) These 2 roles are different so difficult to say anything about remuneration.

          • Thanks Avadhut..

            Can you pls name these KPOs which work in credit research in Delhi / NCR.

            Thank you

          • Hi Ashish,

            Following companies work in credit research:

            1. ONICRA
            2. ICRA
            3. India Rating
            4. Blackrock
            5. Evalueserve
            6. Copal Amba

  105. hai sir,kpo is use full for engineers are not and also the growth is there are not can you explain it

    • Hi Nagenra,

      KPO jobs are useful for everyone in terms of growth career-wise and money-wise too.

  106. Sir
    Let me know that weaher kpo experience count or not, if i will switch to other industries.
    Actually i m student of mba finance.
    It will be better to join as a financial analyst in kpo for getting experience for future uncertainity

    • Hi MD Wasim,

      KPO experience will be counted when you acquire transferable skills from your KPO jobs. Transferable skills are those skills that can be applied to the next job as well. So, if your long-term goal is to be equity research analyst, then you should work in KPOs that offer core finance roles.

  107. Hi Avaduth… I am Ashish Kumar from Visakhapatnam.
    Actually I am a and done my MBA in HR& Mktng and i have been working for shipping industry frompast 2.5 years and I have worked with BPO like WNS for a shipping process but after researching the market i regret that I am no where in the radius of finance and all my good friends working for very good financial organisations such as Delloite, J P morgan, E & Y .. etc…..they suggesting me to startup my career freshly in finance. After that I also think of starting my career freshly in the field of finance.

    Can I start my career in finance..?

    And one more thing, in Vizag HSBC is there but and i got offer in that but many of the people saying that vizag HSBC is nothing but a BPO. So I Want to ask you that will it be a good platform to start my career again in field of finance through HSBC.. ?

    Please advice me….. waiting for your valuable feedbacks.

    • Hi Ashish,

      Career in finance demands skills, attitude and experience. Having said that you need to be trained in financial analysis and a number of other skills to get into finance career.

      BPOs don’t offer core finance jobs.

      We run a program in Delhi that gives you much-required skill-set in finance. The eligibility criteria is strict for this program.

      If you want to know more about this program + career counseling, please email me ([email protected]) your contact number. My associate will get in touch with you to provide complete details.

  108. I am CA Intermediate Pass and I have around 5 Years experience in Corporate Environment like, Real Estate Company & Construction Company at Senior Level position.

    Now I want to change the job in KPO .

  109. Hi I have been working with Genpact from last 2 Year now I am looking for change and my process was anti Money Laundering in Genpact it was a BFSI process in banking related so please suggest me finance or banking related job in any MNC.

  110. Hi Mr. Avadhut

    I have done Mechanical Engineering and now pursuing MBA(Finance) from SP Jain. My immediate plans after MBA is to work in Corporate Finance or as M&A consultant. Please let me know where and how KPO’s fit into these plans.

    Looking forward to your revert

  111. Dear Avadhut,

    I have worked as management accountant in a KPO for 4.5 year. Now I am searching a new job. Kindly help.

    Many thanks,


  112. Hello Sir,
    Currently I am doing BBA from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, IP university and I am in final year. My passion is Investment banking, analyst roles, Research, Risk management, etc. So I am preparing for CAT but please tell me an alternative so that I remain in this field. We do have campus placements but my major is travel and tourism and KPOs, Investment banks, Consulting firms don’t come in our college. So to remain in this field i want to do a job in a KPO and i will do CFA side by side and then MBA but if i don’t get a job in finance then what shall i do ?
    I don’t want to work in any other industry because i will face a difficulty in getting post mba jobs.

    • Hi Vibhu,

      Try applying for core financial KPO jobs. If you’re not getting any response, you need to build your skills to get into core financial roles. You can build the skills through our classroom program.

      You can do CFA while working in KPO.

  113. Hi Sir,

    I have done my Bsc BIS in 2010. I was working with compsoft bpo services india pvt ltd and i have 2 n half year experience in capital market. Now i am looking for job in same feild. I left my previous company.
    I have knowledge and.experience in mutual fund, derivatives, fixed income and corporate action processes..
    Looking for job location: pune or mumbai..

  114. Hi,

    I am working at a KPO named Eclerx from the last 20 months under the financial domain. I am on a position of analyst. I work under the settlements process where we as a team look after the settlements of derivatives product like CDS and structured products such as IOS, CMBX, ABX.

    After working for 20 months, I feel I have learnt whatever I could by being a part of this process. Also there is very little scope of any promotions due to HR policies and with the fact that there many people in my team who are more tenured and would be given preference first. This job has mere become a source of earning livelihood and not enriching my career.

    I am confused as to what next? Should I leave this job and look for another opportunity. Is having experience in the settlements process any worthwhile if we talk about some core or captive finance firms? Would I be able to move towards more of a finance firm or would I be stuck in a KPO? Should looking for RM roles with retail banks could be an option?

    I request for much needed advise here from you. What options could I think of from here? I have read many of your articles, but at the moment I am not able to make a sound decision as what needs to be done next.

    I have done MBA in Finance and currently work in Mumbai.


      • Dear Avadhut,

        I am looking forward to work in some core financial areas, maybe with some boutique investment firms or something related to equity research to start with.

        I am unsure whether my current work exp in the settlements team would be of some use or not?

        I have read experiences of many in this forum and some with really good experience in operations are finding it difficult or are not able to make a switch.

        If my work exp. is not relevant I would rather prefer to exit out and do something that may put me towards captive finance firms or core finance areas. I am not interested in working for a third party vendor. I feel instead of this I take up some RM sought of job with finance or banking firms.

        Can you please advise what could be my options from now on? Any sought of help from your end would be of greatly appreciated in putting me towards the right path.

        Thanks and Regards.

  115. Hi,

    Wanted your opinion. Which one is better for financial research role for one with 3 years of experience given choice between Tresvista Mumbai and Cognizant Hyderabad? How much salary package one can expect in these companies for 3 years of experience?

    Background: MBA Finance from average B-School with good grades and CFA Level 2

    Sorry but do not want to specify e-mail id.

    • Hi,

      Which specific role these companies are offering you? Mention both roles and job responsibilities.

        • It looks like Tresvista provides opportunities/ exposure in investment banking and private equity projects too. I assume Cognizant profile is limited to equity research only. Check your priorities and decide.

  116. Hi,
    I have done CFA L-2 this year and completed financial modeling course also. I have 5 years of exp in leading KPO. That was like a data entry kind of job.After L-2 result, I quit my job and moved to Delhi to search a profile in IB or ER. However companies have problems with my past exp. I have no prob in joining as fresher. Even I tried in Copal, ENY n all but they hvnt even called for interview. People like my knowledge bt due to past exp rejects me. Please tell how can I get a break in this field which is my passion.

  117. sir , I have completed my MBA in finance and marketing this year august and now joined in Aditya alumina as trainee officer in finance and accounts department , I have been given the costing part to look into will this help my career growth .

  118. Hi Sir,

    I am looking for a change in the finance field, i have two years of experience in software indsutry at a top firm R&D centre. I want to have experience in this field first as i want to pursue MBA from some top B-School. Can you please guide me on the same

      • Sir , I am getting bored of development job as it becomes stagnant over time and i feel that a person gets to learn in a job where he deals with new people every time, interacts and though sharing takes place and also as i read more and more about finance and economics i get more attracted to it, the beauty of the subjects and the way they have evolved out of human understanding, so i aim at pursuing MBA from top B-school and start my career abroad in some front desk job

        • Hi Nikhilesh,

          Thanks for your detailed reply.

          Yes, Finance indeed is an interesting field. 🙂 I assume you’ve no background in finance. There could be 2 options:

          1. Try working on a finance-related projects in software development companies and slowly move to functional side.

          2. Join a short-term classroom training program that’ll groom you for core finance jobs.

          Please let me know if you need any more details.

          • Hi sir,
            yes sir you are right i don’t have any finance background but i started studying computational finance on my own and i believe i am well versed with that subject now and i have also worked on different statistical techniques using ‘R’ programming language . I have done my engg. from NIT and i also plan to complete CFA in years to come as that would make my profile strong for ivy league colleges. Is joining some KPO a good option. Am i working in right direction .Your guidance would be of great help as i am not sure which is the best way to approach.

          • Hi Nikhilesh,

            CFA may take 3-5 years to complete. You want to do MBA after that?

          • Hi Sir ,

            My plan right now is to join some good KPO and then pursue CFA along with it and once my profile gets strong enough then go for MBA . Is there any other better way to make my profile strong for good B-Schools ?

          • Nikhilesh,

            That’s the best way. Focus on learning and applying skills in core finance jobs.

  119. Dear Sir
    I am currently entering this industry and is going to Join with Radius Global Growth Experts P. Ltd. as Senior 2 Management Accounts.
    I have completed MBA in Finance, kindly let me know whether it is a good decision to join

    • Hi Bharat,

      Is this the role you are assigned to?

      If not, please write your job responsibilities to gain more insight.

      • Job purpose given is:
        Job purpose: A management accounts team senior level 2, S2, primarily responsible for organising, overseeing
        and checking data entry, reconciliations, record keeping and other administrative duties.
        Supporting all activities of the team and helping to deliver Radius’s management accounting
        services to their external clients and internal customers.
        Checking data entered into the various systems and ensuring that a high standard of customer
        service is maintained and that all deliverables are achieved to defined quality standards and on
        schedule. Ensuring that operational processes and procedures are followed at all times.
        The checking and validation of accurate and timely entry of employee expense claims, supplier
        invoices and payroll data. An excellent knowledge of bookkeeping and basic accounting concepts
        is a prerequisite.
        As required assist with the accurate and timely entry of employee expense claims, supplier
        invoices and payroll data and other records as required.

        • Hi Bharat,

          This is data processing and accounting role. Please check whether you would like to continue with the job at least for 1-2 years. If not, focus on other opportunities.

  120. I am interested to learn Financial modelling and investment and equity research. My Qualification: MBF & M.Com and having 10 years exp in KPO (Financial Reporting).

    Please provide me the suitable course who can help me to groom.


  121. Dear sir I have 12+ years of experience in Detailing, Analysis, Reporting, Presentations, Proofreading, could you please advise me for the better opportunity in Research / KPO companies as listed above. I am looking for the same.


  122. Hi sir,
    i had complete my graduation in bcom honours specialisation in finance ,from last one year working with hdfc life in banca channel wheir one have to source the buisness of investment from our channel partner hdfc bank, now i want to built my career in kpo iondustry please give suggestion to start career in kpo industry,,,
    jaydeep jariwala

  123. Dear Sir,

    I have around 10 yrs experience in commodities / forex CFD’s (3 yrs) trading and exchange functions as I was in NCDEX and ICEX. ( both national commodity exchange) However I want to persue a career in finance / analysis, I have cleared CFA L-2 (US) this june, also have MBA from ICFAI ( 2003).

    Request you to kindly suggest me how can I start my finance career, and what role do you suggest for my profile. I am mobile throughout India and have no restrictions in salary/ packages, provided it helps in shaping my career.

    Does the above listed KPO’s recruit person with experience not exactly matching the research profiles?

    kind regards,

    • Hi Arijit,

      These companies primarily look for candidates with research and analysis background.

      I’d suggest you to speak with my associate. Please share your contact number. My email id : [email protected]. He’ll provide you career counseling.

  124. Hello Avaduth,
    How difficult or easy is it to move from KPO to IB or PE

    • Hi Siddharth,

      Transferrable skills are important. KPO is more of back-end and analysis oriented. If your role in KPO is that of research and analysis oriented, you can apply for the same/similar profiles in IB and PE.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        So it is easy to get into IB from a KPO, provided we work for their equity research team.
        Can you shed more light on what exactly we do in Equity research and how it is related to IB or PE.

        • Hi Siddharth,

          Please read all the articles (total 34) on this page. Please take notes and write your questions while reading the articles. Shoot these questions to me after you read all the articles. I’m sure 90% of your queries will be solved after reading these articles.

          • Hi Avadhut,

            I finally managed to read most of your articles on IB and Equity research.
            Most of my doubts got cleared and it was a good read.

            1) In response to my previous question you said research and analysis oriented roles.
            Can you please particularly mention the names of such roles.

            2) Do KPOs like Copal perform proper equity research or do they just offer support services


          • Hi Siddharth,

            Almost all KPOs work on outsourced projects – which don’t involve end-to-end equity research cycle. They work on some or majority aspects of equity research.

            About Copal Amba – Check this link and see the “Responsibilities”, and you’ll understand that they provide support services.

          • I’m not looking for diplomatic answers.
            Is it possible to move from KPO to ER or IB or PE ? Yes or No; Easy or Difficult
            If yes, what are the roles and departments.
            If you do not want to answer it publically you can send me a personal mail.


          • Possible from KPO to ER, IB and PE provided one has transferable skills. Possible roles and departments will be decided based on the person’s skills and experience. Easy or difficult is related to one’s ability and skills.

  125. hello sir,
    I had done from Delhi university anf I want to make mu career in equity and derivatives research. can yoy suggest me suitable kpo or organization.

    • Hi Shikha,

      Please check all the KPOs in Delhi in the list above. I would suggest apply to all the KPOs and check which is suitable to you at the time of interview.

      • I am Senior Analyst working with Leading KPO in Pune from last 4.4yr, Need a change to learn more and for Next role,Planning to shift North side

        Kindly advise

  126. Hi Avdhoot

    Below is a snapshot of my career credentials (H) 2003,CFA (US)-1 passed 2013,NCFM (Derivative)-2011,MS (Finance)-Group Alpha,Beta (ICFAI,Distance Learning)
    Worked as an Accountant for 5 years after graduation (2003-2008).
    Worked as Block Accounts Manager under NRHM (Health Dept,Govt. of Jharkhand) for the period 2008-11.
    For some reasons, i had to quit that job and than i contacted you, following your suggestion i took 6 week IB program in delhi.
    After completing that course, i worked in a small boutique firm in delhi for some time,and subsequently got enrolled in CFA (US)
    program and cleared level 1 in first try in 2013.
    Further, I joined Copal Partners in Nov 13,and still working there.
    Thanks for your guidance!
    You must be thinking what is my query ?
    Since there is no formal training at Copal, people do and learn there, and one’s learning depends upon his learning skill and
    the senior person sitting next to him.
    I think due to imbalance in these two things lowered the pace of my learning.In total i am at creation level and having two year experience in Finance (Investment Banking).
    As closing time at copal is not fixed, i come late in night and unable to schedule my further studies.
    What next?
    How long to do Trading comps (balance sheet update),transaction comps,benchmarking etc.
    I see seniors (associates) at copal, working till 11-12 in night, they reach to their home in 1 am.
    I m the guy who can’t live this kind of life. Perhaps, I-Banking is not suitable for me, becoz working for late hours is a normal practice in IB.
    Should i try some another domain of Finance e.g Equity Research? is there any course which could take me further from this point?
    Should I start L-2 preparation, After clearing L-2, will i be able to get into some big firm, or Real Fin. Research Firm? Will clearing
    L-2 help me switch into equity research from IB? Should i change my current company for the time being, so that i can get some more time to study, because i have heard that L-2 is very hard.
    Your suggestions helped me in past,so i again come to you, i am in great dilemma. Please help.

    Looking forward to your revert


    • Hi Sushil,

      Nice to hear from you.

      You can do transition from IB to ER provided you’ve learnt the skills and can convince the interviewer with your knowledge. Also, the ER job will pay you lower than IB at initial stage.

      Start learning ER skills or check whether there’s any lateral opening in ER division of Copal. Once you think you’ve enough skills to crack the interview, start applying outside of Copal as well.

      If you can give time to CFA L2 now, then study else hold it till you switch to ER.

  127. Hello Sir,
    I am krishan kumar mishra. I graduate ( from mdu university, rohtak distance learning. Now i am pursuing MBA finance from amity school of distance learning, noida, one year remains. I wanna know which course should i do for get job in finance sector. I am still fresher. Please help me out.
    Thanx in advance.

  128. Hello sir,
    I am a 2013 , Mining Engg graduate from ISM, Dhanbad. I want to get into finance sector mostly for derivatives or equity research. I have taken my CFA L-1 in June. But problem with me is that I have no experience in the field and also a 6 month career gap on my resume. Could you please guide me through this. Should I go for analytics firms like Musigma, ZS associates etc. first , gain some experience their or should i try to directly get into a financial KPO,(which has been very difficult for me till now).

    • Hi Rahul,

      To make a rewarding career in finance, you need knowledge and skills both.

      CFA will equip you with knowledge, but what about skills? You need skills like Excel, financial modeling, financial analysis, report writing skills, capital budgeting and valuation.

      I suggest you take up a practical course that will equip you with skills required by companies.

      We conduct such program in Delhi. Please let me know if you need more details.

  129. sir,
    I have done my BBA in marketing and MSc in International Manegement from Ireland .I am interested in a career in Marketing do I have an opportunity in KPO .

  130. Hello,

    I am graduate in MBA in finance and looking out for job as a fresher.I have a gap of 2 year in my resume and getting difficulty finding the job.Can you tell me about some courses in finance details,so that i can get into it and get good opportunities in finance as a fresher

  131. Hello Sir,
    I am kunal agrawal from kolkata. and Sir i am fresher and completed my FRM from US conducted by GARP and Waiting for CFA level 3 results. Sir, will you please help me in suggesting how to get job related to Fundamental equity Research?

  132. hi,
    i am fresh graduate in Business Economics from Delhi University. Could you please suggest me some financial firms apart from KPOs(i am applying to KPOs as well) where i can find a job?

  133. Hi All,
    My Name is Gaurav Tripathi. My total experience is 5.9 years (3 years under graduation and 2.9 post).
    I am currently working with Accenture (Joined on 25th April, 2014) and Accounting Analyst (Level 3). I am not happy and feeling really very depressed with this company. I want to change job.
    Prior to this company I had worked with Genpact (1.11 years) and A CA Firm (3.8 years). I am looking for a Team Lead job in some Finance & Accounting BPO/KPO. I am worried that changing job this frequently may have impact on my career.
    Please advise. Also, suggest the name of some good companies like Genpact.

  134. Hi sir,
    I am fresher and have done engg in computers and mba in finance. Please suggest me if I can get job in kpo at the post financial analyst.
    Most of the kpo companies require bcom graduates. They do not prefer B.E. graduates.
    Please suggest me what next i should do.

    • Hi Yuga,

      Go for high-end KPOs where they require top analytical and reasoning skills that being an Engineer you possess. Also focus on gaining basic finance knowledge that you’ll need at the time of selection process and to do your job well. You can make use of our classroom or online programs.

  135. Hello Sir,
    I am Sohan from Pune. I have year experience in Bny Mellon in Trade process operations. So kindly please guide me for next career oppurtunity in Pune.

  136. Hi,

    I’m from kolkata. Want to shift to Mumbai or bangalore for a job . I want to be a financial analyst. My qualification is from st. Xaviers college, kolkata. I hv completed intermediate levels of both CA AND CS. But I don’t want to study further more. Looking for a job. Can I get a job in kpo with this qualification. Also suggest me what kind of job can I get based on my qualification if I shift to these cities.

    My requirement is at least 18k in hand in order to cover up my monthly expenses. Pls suggest any other job which I can get based on my qualification

      • Could you suggest apart from kpo what else job I can apply for? Plus what is the position that I should apply for as a fresher?

        • You can apply for para-financial planner positions at financial planning firms. I don’t know whether they will pay 18k or not. Apply for entry-level position available at that firm.

  137. Hello sir,

    Yes sir,the Insurance processing experience will not get counted in CRISIL but still can I apply or not in CRISIL after 1.5- 2yrs?

  138. Hello sir,

    I am Anuj. If, after having an year or 2 years of work exp in an insurance claim processing profile,if one switch to CRISIL for the post of credit rating analyst, will he/she be eligible to apply for the post though the experience will not be counted?

    • Hi Anuj,

      There 2 – Insurance and Credit- are different fields. Plus, your “processing” experience won’t be counted for “analysis” work.

  139. Hello Sir

    I am Anuj from Pune. Sir how is Gallagher Offshore Support Services which is a subsidiary of Arthur J Gallagher,USA as a KPO? I got selected for the profile of Insurance process associate in Pune.

      • Hello Sir,

        Yes, I would like to go for it. Isn’t the profile good sir and how is the company?

        • Then go for it, the company and profile is good for someone who want to make a career in insurance claim processing.

  140. Hi Avadhut,
    First of all thanks a lot for the informative details on the kpo sector.
    My query is with respect to my career path. I have done mba from tier I b school and currently have 6 yrs of banking experience ( into relationship and credit analysis for large and medium sized corporate). I want to move out of banking into thr it sector. Have been trying to get into bfsi domain of various it/kpo but have been facing a challenge wrt my experience not matching the requirement in them. So would it be advisable to move to a banking kpo ( maybe like barclays or hsbc shared services) to get into the bfsi segment in the long run.

    • Hi Avijit,

      I see that you’ve got 6 years’ solid domain experience. Have you applied to IT companies as a domain expert/ business analyst/ functional consultant? If yes, can you share your experience?

      Yes, you can surely apply to banking KPOs.

  141. Hi,
    Sir Good Morning
    I did (IT), then MBA (Marketing)
    I have 6 years’ experience as sr. Executive with branded company.
    But now i want to start career with KPO as a Business Analyst because of I completed MBA last year.
    And no further scope in BPO for me. Please Advice.


    • Hi Ranjan,

      Have you checked the role of Business Analyst in KPO? Paste a URL here so I’ll get an idea.

      • Hi,
        Good Evening Sir

        I don’t have more knowledge about of Business Analyst. Would you please guide me from where i can get information for
        Entering in KPO. Please provide me some usefull links and basic Criteria, those i will follow them for entering in KPO.


        • Hi Ranjan,

          I don’t know Business Analyst profile in KPO. You can go for financial analyst profiles in KPO. Read this guide and implement the steps.

  142. Hi,
    I am planning to start my recruitment consultancy in Mumbai. I have lots of candidates who are looking in Back-Office and IT field. Can you please suggest me some company names and contact details for tie-up. So, I can place those candidates.

    Kindly, give me reply as soon as possible on my mail id.

    Swarup Das

    • Hi Swarup,

      Start with the companies mentioned above. You can use LinkedIn and Glassdoor for this.

  143. Hi Avadhut,

    let me introduce myself to you.

    My name is Ravi and have 6 yrs of exp in Acounting BPO. My long time dream si to work for Investment Banking BPO. Please refer me some suggestions the ways to enter IB..Should i complete CFA or FRM to start with. Should I enroll myself with online courses.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Can you name 2-3 investment banking BPOs where you want to work in long-term? Also specify the role that you’re looking for.

  144. Hi,
    kpo and bpo companies experience are countable or not…..please .

  145. Dear Sir,
    I am Prasenjit Sengupta. I am from Navi Mumbai. My age is 28 years. I have completed Bachelor of Studies from University of Mumbai. I have 3.5 year work experience in stock market as a relationship manager. I am very much interested to boost my career as a Financial Analyst, but I am not getting any opportunity. I have applied for this job but have not gotten any response from the companies. Now I am jobless. I am getting offer for sales job, but I am really don’t want to do sales job. I don’t understand that what should I do. Now I am hopeless. I am loosing my confidence and getting pressure from my family. Since a long time I am jobless. Am really interested financial analyst job. I am not getting that what should I do! Sir please tell me What should I do now! Please please please help me and suggest me sir.

    Thanks &Regards,
    Prasenjit Sengupta

  146. Hi sir

    I did my graduation in B.Com and MBA in HR & Marketing will this be a problem since I dont have an MBA in finance while applying KPO or in any other finance jobs.



  147. Hi Avadhut,

    I am Avneesh Bhatt from Noida. I am a finance graduate with 1 Year experience in Credit Rating and Business Finance. Is there any course you offered for Credit Research or materials are available online. Any financial models to support those courses.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards
    Avneesh Bhatt

  148. Dear avadhut

    i am running a manufaturing faciltiy in one of the tier 4 cities of india… i see hell lot of talent in tier 3 and tier 4 cities who are not able to make it to metros for working in kpos

    can u recommend some kpos whith which i can tie up and start working from my place utilizing the talent available



  149. Dear sir,

    I am Dr. P.K.Sinha from Ranchi.
    My qualifications are as follows–
    (1)B.Sc. Engineering (civil) from B.I.T Sindri in 1988.
    (2)MBA(Finance) from IGNOU in 2001.
    (3)CFA from ICFAI,Hyderabad in 2001.
    (4)Ph.D (Finance) from Ranchi University in 2009.;
    My experience in construction industry for 12 years and then
    I have experience in preparation of detail project report of infrastructures projects
    as a structural design engineer and financial analyst.These days I am jobless because projects are not available always, so pressure of changing company is always on head.Currently I am in Ranchi.So I need stability in job.
    I have tried to get job of equity research after completing CFA,but could not succeed.I have also taken your online program on equity research and valuation in 2009.Now I am 50 years old .I want to get job in equity research analyst .Can I get job of equity research ?.I am not interested in construction industry now.
    My Ph.D was based on equity research.My two research papers(finance) has been published in journal.
    I am also writing four research papers(finance).I have also tried for faculty of finance in management institutes.
    Some institutes called me ,but I was not selected.What I have to do now,please please suggest me.

    Best Regards,

    Dr. Prafulla Kumar Sinha

    • Dear Dr. Sinha,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I think trying in management institutes/ institutes in finance (CFA, CFP courses) is a good option at this stage. Initially if the institutes are not offering full-time job, join them as a guest faculty. You can join 2-3 management institutes as a guest faculty.

      Let me know still if you have any queries.

  150. Dear Sir,

    My self chakrapani, i have don PGP In Marketing. prasently working as a Relationship Manager in AXIS Bank, and i want to start my career in financial sector.

    how do i shift to financial sector
    my banking experiance(I don’t have much just 6 months) is useful for this

    pls suggest me on this


    • Hi Chakri,

      If your long-term plan is to work in core finance areas like – financial/ equity research, financial modeling, investment banking, then you need to learn the skills. You can learn these skills through online program.

      However, for career shift, you need a mentor who will handhold you and correct you if/ when you go wrong and give you valuable feedback. We run a program in Delhi where we provide such mentoring and extend our contacts for placement.

      Here’re the course details

      Please let me know should you have any query.

  151. Hello sir,
    My name is ravi and in this may i will be graduating with bba degree. i am really interested in finance an want to make a career in investment banking. I am really interested in your program and i want to take it before entering any B-school for mba. since my knowledge is limited in finance and i have no experience of practical working so can i enroll for your program and will i get placed ?

  152. Hi Avadhut,

    Is EY, PWC and KPMG in india are Kpo firms. please clarify.


  153. Sir,
    I am a 2013 engineering graduate with 7mnth experience in a proprietary trading firm.I wish to pursue my carrer in analytics.What is the scope for this and relevant profiles within KPO’s?

  154. Hi Avadhut,

    I just wants to know that i hve done my PGDM from Sinhgad Institute Of Management,and I have just started my financial career with BNY Mellon and wants to grow my career in Finance.

    But i haven’t done any course or any diploma in finance, so please suggest me any course or diploma course which help me to grow my career in this field.

  155. Hi Avadhut,

    May I please know career & learning options.while I am an M.B.A.(finance)
    & working with a BPO as a Banking process associate for two years .
    Also sujjest me some thing about how can I make career in financial KPO.

    Thanks & regards,
    Anil Kumar

  156. Hi,
    I am a final year student of MBA FINANCE in Indore.I want to build up my career in FINANCE in FMCG company.I would really appreciate if you kindly give me a few tips on how should I proceed.

    • Hi Rohit,

      1. First, visit the company websites where you want to make your career.
      2. Check the ‘Careers’ section and see what are the requirements skill and knowledge wise.
      3. Acquire/ learn the skills.
      4. Build your resume mentioning the skills that these companies want.
      5. Apply to these companies.
      6. Start preparing for interviews.

      Read this guide.

      Hope this helps.
      Let me know if you need any help.

  157. Hi,

    I have 8 years of exp in Banking & finance BPO sector. Very recently cleared my CCRA from AIWMI but I doesn’t have any prior exp in Credit risk. Is it difficult to get a job even with certification from AIWMI.

    • Hi Niijeesh,

      Where are you based? You need certification and skills both. Let me know what problems you’re facing.

  158. Hello sir,
    I am CFA(USA) level3 candidate and Qualified FRM(GARP,USA) but don’t have any experience and looking for a job as an equity research profile and tried a lot about the same but not getting a job. can you suggest me what I need to do and how to kick start my finance career. I had given interviews in two companies but I got rejected in both of them because of my language problem.

    • Hi Kunal,

      You need both – knowledge and skills to perform a job. You need to acquire technical skills to perform the job of equity research. I would highly recommend you to have a look at our program details. I think it’ll help you to start your career in finance.

      If you want to know how this program will help you, email me your contact number. My associate will give you the details.

  159. Hello,
    I have done (H) from DU(regular) and MBA in finance(distance learning),C.A(Inter) cleared.I do have a one year experience in KPO but that is in accountancy and now i think my interest is in finance & i want to join some organisation which help me to build my career in finance.
    But i m very confused which area should i work for and with dis qualification i m not getting anything related to it…for this i have to do any course n all???plzz reply on my mail id…and me to come out of this confusion.
    thanks in anticipation.

      • Hello sir,

        I also do have same query like niti.I have done from Du and Pursuing MBA in finance(distance learning).
        i have one year experience in KPO and now i want to join some organisation which will help me in a good career in finance.
        please give me some suggestions i am very confused.

  160. Hello Avadhut,

    Wonderful website and I really appreciate you addressing the queries

    About me, I am a financial operation specialist , completed my full time MBA, with over 4+ years of experience in hedge fund accounting/NAV Calculations and asset management operations.

    I would like to know how this financial modeling course would add value to my professional profile.

    After the experience that I have garnered and with this certification, where can I hope to be associated in?

    1) Will I be taken in as a fresher in the equity research world / financial modeling KPO’s ?

    2) Will I stand a chance to be associated with any of the top IB’s (JPMC, Morgan Stanley) in their middle office portfolio management/prime brokerage/product control teams?

    3) Can my experience of asset management operations and financial modeling be a requirement for any profiles that you can help me with ?

    4) I know friends and colleagues across companies dealing in financial modeling like Tresvista , Transparent Value , Aranca , Irevna , Integreon. I would like to know which companies apart from these are into financial modeling. If any of the global banks/financial services hire financial modeling experts?

    • Hi Omkar,

      Please email me your contact number. My associate will contact you and explain in detail – how our financial modeling, investment banking program would give boost to your career.

  161. Amba (bangalore) recently got acquired by Copal

  162. Hi sir,

    I stay in bangalore so donyou have your institution in bangalore for joining a course?

  163. Hello Avadhut,

    I am a final year student of MBA finance in Delhi. I want to buil up my career in financial KPOs or Banking sector. I would really appreciate if you kindly give me a few tips on how should I proceed. If you could recommend any courses mandatory for my growth. Also I would like to ask how is Capital IQ as an organisation to work for?


    • Hi Shivani,

      Please read KPO Career Guide.

      Also, we run a program in Delhi. If you want to know more details, please email me your contact number. My associate will give you with program details.

  164. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the valuable information… I’m from Delhi and PG in financial planning (i.e. 1 year private PG course, not authorised by any university). I have 2.5 year experience in BPO in Capital Market profile [17 month in TCS (Hedge fund accounting and reconciliation) and 13 month with infosys(Capital Market)]. I want to do CFA, But its hard to spend time for study with job. Would it be right step of doing CFA after quitting Job? Is there any institute which provide full time coaching for CFA? or is there any better course to enhance knowledge in finance (financial analysis)? Kindly assist, would be thankful for your reply.

    • Hi Praveen,

      Don’t leave your job now for CFA. You need to devote 1-2 hour daily for CFA preparation. If that’s not possible, then I would suggest you to go for classroom programs which will help you in skill building and making an excellent career in core finance.

      We run a program in Delhi. If you want to know how this program will help you in your career, please share your contact number. My associate will guide you.

  165. Sir I would like to know that having a experience in banking sector for 6 years is there any chance to work for KPO firm…?

    • Hi Dipankar,

      Yes, provided you have transferable skills and you’re ready to learn and take responsibility.

      • Thanks for your reply sir.

        So where should I apply and for what designition.

        • It depends Dipankar. Please visit the company sites mentioned here and check what are the requirements for a particular position.

          For example, if you are in Pune, India, you would want to check the company’s Current Openings page.
          Then check the available openings and requirements. If you fit the bill, you can contact the company.

  166. Hii sir..

    Thank u so much 4 dis valuable information.
    I want to know that what are the necessary skills one should be having to work in a KPO.

  167. Hi Sir,

    First of all thank you for your valuable informations…

    Can u suggest a course for me in upgrading my Ms-Excel skills for performing financial analyst role..i have the qualifications what you pointed out in your articles but lack strong soft skills..


    • Hi Prasobh,

      Check Excel and Financial Modeling Fundamentals program on our courses page.
      Please let me know if you need any more details about the program and bonus that we are offering with this program.

  168. This one is really a great information……….but I would like to know that which one is best in it so that we can think of long term future. And one more thing can we move to PR or VC or equity analyst firms after working in this kind of KPO. One more KPO is Insync Analytics ……just I would like to know that how is this KPO and how much worth is its experience.

    • Hi Rohit,

      I have linked to companies’ websites. Please visit the websites and check which one you think is suitable to you based on your skills, education, domain, city and other parameters.

  169. Pl. provide me information regarding salary of Senior business analyst in RBS having experience of 1 yr.Is RBS is a KPO.What is the future scope for business analyst in the sense of their progress.

    • Hi Asha,

      No idea of salary structure in RBS. Yes, RBS Global Financial Services India seems to be a KPO.
      Business Analyst term is used in different industries. Which industry you are referring to?

  170. hi sir

    I have 10 yearsof experince in bpo industry. now i want to start my own kpo . cany

    ou please suggest is it ok to start and whats the process to start up.

    kindlydo needful.

    thanks and regards

  171. hi sir

    I have 10 yearsof experince in bpo industry. now i want to start my own kpo . canyou please suggest is it ok to start and whats the process to start up.

    kindlydo needful.

    thanks and regards

  172. Sir
    Can you tell how is EXEVO as a kpo based in delhi?
    How is work culture and salary offered ?

    • Rahul,

      The company seems to be good one.
      They are into market and business research. And, serve many sectors. They are also into primary research which involves carrying out in-depth executive interviews (telephonic and face-to-face) with key industry stakeholders.

      I don’t have details about their salary structure.
      Use LinkedIn to network with people who are working in the company. Meet them off-line and get this info.

      All the best.

  173. Sir,
    i have just cleared my MBA from FINANCE and interested in holding more knowledge by CFP. With heartfelt respect, i want to know about the scope of this course CFP and what kind of rational remuneration I can expect from the industry?
    Thank You.

      • Just want to hold some knowledge n become an financial planner and analyst

        • Well,CFP is good for knowledge purpose. Build relationship building skills which are important for a financial planner.

  174. Respected sir,
    my qualifications :

    CFA(INTERNATIONAL-USA) level 1 passed june 2013
    CPA-stock mkt. introduction course,kredent academy,kolkata
    MS-Finance level 1(accounts,eco,quant,financial management only)
    work experience:

    accountant in a private firm for 4 yrs.(manual)
    accountant in health dept. for 4yrs.(manual),jharkhand.

    after working as accountant in govt. dept. I left that job due to my interest in finance.and then passed above mentioned exams.
    As of now i’m jobless,cfa level1 result is out and i passed it.
    Please guide and help me get a job in financial kpo’s or any other kind of job in the field of finance,analysis,investments,stock mkt. or which you feel
    With regards

  175. Dear Sir,

    I have one year of experience in a NGO in operations. And I have completed my MBA in finance this year. I was also selected by UCO bank as scale 2 officer but due to the case against PSUS bank for campus recruitment my placement got canceled. So is there any opportunity for me in financial analyst jobs.

    Please do the needful.

    Abhimanyu singh

  176. Dear Sir,

    I have got two years of experience in Financial Research and Analytics domain and Regulatory Financial Reporting.I would like to know the openings related to Financial Research and Analytics domain and Regulatory Financial Reporting.

    Please do the needful.



  177. Hello Sir,
    I as currently working as Manager in Bank with 5+ years experience joined as Probationary Officer. Since i had BCA background and completed PG Diploma in Banking. What are the opportunities for me to join IT industry like KPO
    plzz suggest me.

    • Hi Ajit,

      You can apply for the post of Business Analyst in IT companies.

      For that you need to have strong domain and process knowledge.

      Check Business Analyst role and requirements on job sites like Naukri, Monster.

      Feel free to reply if you need any more details.

  178. Hello sir,
    i am sushil gunje, i have done Mba in finance,for a year i was working with an loan syndication firm in sales profile but now im looking for an financial analsyts job in mumbai and pune. I do have hands on knowlegde in ms excel can u suggest where and how to apply.althgh i have been registerd to different job portals but not getting the relevant jobs. Please just me the right way.

  179. Thank you for the information……being from a btech background and doing mba in finance, do this companies accept such profiles or is it only for ppl from commerce background….how should a mba finance fresher prepare himself for a equity research analyst job (things to do and learn in mba) ….please reply .

  180. Couple of Other I can think of

    EXL Services – Noida / Gurgaon

    TCS – Mumbai

    Office Tiger / RR Donnelly – Chennai

    Cognizant (After UBS Captive Take over)

    Captive ones Are:

    JP Morgan Mumbai

    Deutsche Bank

  181. Dear Sir,
    I am puja from Bangalore. I have done my post graduation from Mount Carmel Institute of Management specializtion-Actuarial/Risk Management and Banking.If there is any vacancy for fresher then do schedule my interview.
    Waiting for you positive response.


    • Hi Puja,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, we are not into placement services and so can’t help you in this case.

      Wish you all the best.

  182. State street syntel and eclerx are also kpo’s in mumbai.

  183. Dear Sir,

    I am interested to learn Financial modelling and investment and equity research.


    • Hi Wajahat,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Please check our courses link to check our programs.


      • hi,
        myself vipin, i am an engineering graduate from rgpv, branch cs, and interested in learning the core investment and trading concepts for stock market and for this purpose i have enrolled for the dec 2014 cfa level 1 and is looking for a initial job.
        so. can you just guide me to go for which type of job where i can learn more about stock research.
        i am also looking to enroll for cmt is it a good plan.
        help me out as i am a fresher. thanks in advance

        • Hi Vipin,

          High-end KPOs have strict eligibility criteria. They need MBA/CA/CFAs. Go for a training program that will equip you in skills AND knowledge. We run such program in Delhi. Click here to know the details.

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