Top 8 Proven Job Hunting Methods To Land You A Job

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Theodore Roosevelt

In my previous post, 6 Tips for Finding Hope When You Are Jobless, I mentioned a list of tips for finding hope when you are jobless. In this post, I am giving you top 8 job hunting methods to help you in your job search.

I believe when you are searching for jobs, you need to have an arsenal of different methods to find jobs.

Here’s a list of job hunting methods that you can use when you are jobless or looking for a job change.

1. Job sites

Job Sites or Job Boards are the places where you can search or check the available job openings.

Why Job Sites?

Job Sites give you an idea of the jobs available for your profile. For example, if you are looking for a Business Analyst profile, you can go to Simply Hired site and type keyword ‘Business Analyst’ and location ‘New York’ and press ‘Search All Jobs’ button and see the jobs available in your Country, State or City.

Check the result of this here.

Here’ the list of Job Sites/Job Board:


Simply Hired





2. Employer’s website

The second method for job-hunting is—visiting employer’s website and checking job openings.

For example: If you are looking for a Business Analyst job, you should know the companies that offer such jobs. You can list the companies and visit their website periodically to check the jobs available.

Once you check and shortlist the job openings, you can fill an online application form or email your resume to the employer.

3. Social networking sites

Nowadays, companies are using social networking sites to check the prospective candidates to fill the job vacancies.

Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are immensely popular for this.

If you have profile on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you can connect to Simply Hired and see the contacts in your network that can introduce or refer you to these jobs.

Another popular site is Craigslist, where you can find the jobs available.

4. Offline networking

According to one research, 60% of jobs are never advertised and are filled through referrals.

You need to have excellent networking skills. Don’t underestimate the power of offline networking.

You can network with co-passengers when you are traveling, with delegates in a conference that you are attending.

Another way of networking is meeting your friends, their friends, family friends and people in your community and tell them in specific detail about the job that you are looking for.

Use this method and see the results.

5. Newspapers

Newspapers are an excellent resource for job hunting. Read the news and you will know the companies that are recruiting.

Check the weekly edition of job supplement of national newspapers. Read here how to make use of this.

You can check online edition of leading national newspapers. See the jobs available in your city or town. If you are looking for industry specific job openings, check this.

6.Knocking employer’s door

If you take initiative and have the right attitude, this strategy will work for you.

I myself have used this method effectively with great results.

How I did it?

First of all, I zeroed down the companies that worked in my functional domain. Then I made a list and visited HR managers of these companies with prior appointment. I gave my 2-minute elevator pitch.

It worked.

HR managers called me for an interview. I had three offers and accepted the best one.

This strategy works with small companies having 50-200 employees.

You too can use this strategy—study the company well, check whether it’s a WIN-WIN situation for you and the company and prepare your elevator pitch.

7. Employment agencies

Employment agencies or placement consultants work for big companies on sourcing assignments. These consultants work for many companies at a time for their recruitment.

The consultants are in touch with companies and know job vacancies available.

Their job is to search the right candidate for the job. So, they use a number of strategies to fill the vacancy. They use job sites, social networking sites and other headhunting techniques to check the right candidate.

You can approach these consultants offline or online and see the openings available.

8. Work for yourself

If nothing works, then you can polish your enterprising skills.

First, check what product or service your community needs. Check the competition, your knowledge and skills and of course your passion in that field before you start something.

Once you complete this exercise, start volunteering first and then slowly charge for your service. See the feedback of your clients and tweak your product/service accordingly.

There are a number of ways to be useful. Check how you can be useful and design your product/service based on this value proposition.


I am sure now that you know many ways of job hunting that others don’t. Use these ways and enjoy the first mover advantage and see the results.

Top 8 Proven Job Hunting Methods To Land You A Job 1
Top 8 Proven Job Hunting Methods To Land You A Job 2
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