Should You Work with TresVista? My Honest Company Review

TresVista, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s leading KPO providing value-based diverse financial services.

It has worked with some of the world’s most reputed financial firms and its global footprint spans across Asia, Africa, Europe, US, and MENA region. TresVista headquarters at Mumbai, India.


Their mission is to be recognized as a high-quality financial service provider through a team of industry-leading talent, consistent service dedication and active participation in the growth prospects of its client.

Valuation analysis is a core competency of TresVista. They deal with trading comparables, precedent transactions, discounted cash flows, leveraged buyouts and more.

They invest a lot of resources in hiring the best industry talent. They understand the key to company success depends on a highly cultivated, motivated and mentored team.

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Why Should You Work at TresVista?

You should work at TresVista if you have:

  • high judgment level
  • subjective analysis skills
  • technical interpretation skills
  • can align yourself to company growth

Many reviews at, the world’s premier career community, recommend TresVista as a desired destination to build financial career.

Below we highlight some of the reasons you should consider working at TresVista.

1. Steep Learning Curve

Learning is an important career growth asset.

If you’re starting a career at TresVista, its steep learning curve will work wonders. The team focuses on turning human manpower into a profitable asset and towards this end; they invest in employee training workshops which will turn you into a detail-oriented finance professional.

2. Promotion Structure

TresVista has a flexible and transparent promotion structure, following the simple adage: you perform, you grow and earn equally. If you can align yourself to the internal work culture and company goals, nobody can stop your promotion.

Promotion Structure

However, if this is your first job, the salary will be less than other competitors. People rate TresVista salary at a modest 5/10.

TresVista User Review2

3. Intensive Training

The primary mode of hiring at TresVista is campus recruitment. Once hired, the incumbents undergo intensive training sessions and therefore, there are multiple drop-outs too.

TresVista enforces strict work discipline and works ethics. If you’re able to survive the training period, working with TresVista or any other financial company will be a smooth ride. You won’t run away from hard work anymore!

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4. Multiple Industry Exposure

Working at TresVista is divided on the basis of clients you’re assigned to handle and not on the basis of any specific industry. What this means is that you’re not asked to handle clients from a singular industry but clients from many industries. People rate TresVista work culture highly.

TresVista user review1

This opening gives exposure to varied industries, adding on to your learning experience. You get an excellent understanding of financial intricacies.

5. Stepping Stone

A good number of ex-employees recommend TresVista as a stepping stone to understand core financial verticals, enabling you to diversify into fields like investment banking and equity research.

The senior management is accommodating and eager to help in employee growth. The company follows an open door policy, giving team members greater exposure to various financial aspects.

You should research on your own to get more knowledge about TresVista in terms of:

  • Salary
  • Management
  • Job Profile
  • Work Culture
  • Work Life Balance
  • Growth Prospects
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Location and Amenities

While the above advantages are attractive, there are some negatives of working at TresVista as well. Again, let me remind you, all these are real-time reviews of current and ex-employees at TresVista. I don’t guarantee them to be true.

  • Sometimes the salary is not at par with the number of hours put into work. Working on weekends and steep work schedule disrupts professional and personal life balance.

Tresvista user review3

  • Low payment scale for those recruited through campus placements. The pay increases after a couple of years on the job.
  • The HR department has its issues but the problems are subjective in nature. You may not face the issues as other employees faced.
  • Year-end bonuses aren’t much forthcoming. Some say the management is secretive.
  • The atmosphere is sometimes highly political, making employees feel that they have to campaign for themselves in order to sustain.
  • The work profile might become monotonous after some time.

What we understand from all the experiences, both the pros and cons, is that TresVista moulds its employees to suit its value proposition offered to the clients.

TresVista Career Offers & Salary Range

Find a list of current openings at TresVista here.

I don’t have the complete list of career options at TresVista but I can list some. Given below are some of their career options with salary range that we could find publicly.

  • Executive Analyst: 228,000 p/a
  • Senior Analyst: 324,000 p/a
  • Research Assistant
  • Financial Associate
  • Recruitment Assistant

Note that the salary mentioned isn’t what you’re going to receive if you apply for the same position. The final salary is based on negotiations; this is just an average estimate.

Clearing Interviews at TresVista

All interview experiences mentioned on for TresVista rate it as 100% positive with campus recruitment as the preferred hiring medium. Take a look.

TresVista Interview

The whole interview process takes more than 2 weeks. There are four stages to clear:

  • Aptitude
  • Technical
  • HR Session
  • A session with Senior Management

The aptitude stage tests your quantitative and verbal knowledge. You’re also asked about coding techniques and questions on the database. There will be questions like:

  • What will you look at while hiring people?
  • How many cars are there in the city?
  • How can you estimate the audience attending a music event?

In the technical stage, your field-related knowledge is tested. If you’re applying for the ‘financial executive’ position, expect questions on finance basics, research skills and more. If you’re applying for ‘IT analyst’ position, expect questions on Java, C++, and related technologies.

If you clear these two, you are called for the HR session and the session with senior management. Sometimes both are clubbed together into one session. Your profile and background will be discussed in detail. If you are through, an offer letter will be given immediately.


TresVista is a recommended place to begin your career in the financial service industry.

Should You Work with TresVista? My Honest Company Review 1
Should You Work with TresVista? My Honest Company Review 2

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