ValueNotes Review: Positive Experiences, Salaries and Interviews

A market research and competitive intelligence company, ValueNotes has extensive experience in over 15 industries, working with clients to develop business strategies through their proprietary research models. Continuing with our company review series (links given below), FinanceWalk brings you ValueNotes review.

ValueNotes: A Company Brief

ValueNotes is a market research firm since 2000 involved with providing competitive intelligence to its clients. They serve specific business needs such as strategy for market entry, competitive intelligence, investment appraisal, customer need analysis, due diligence, partner selection, business location setup, knowledge management and customer needs analysis.

ValueNotes operates in multiple industries and sectors, specializing in unique research methodologies applicable to a diverse market range. Their proprietary research methods deal with information-scarce markets and unorganized markets to validate triangulate and correlate information.

The ValueNotes organisation is headed by Arun Jethmalani as the Managing Director, Sangeeta Ganapathy and Varsha Chitale as Directors.

The company is based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Why Should You Join ValueNotes?

The experience of ValueNotes in various industries and their research intelligence makes it a viable option to pursue a career in research and intelligence.

You should consider ValueNotes if you want to work in the Agriculture, Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Building Materials, Chemicals and Paints, Consulting, Consumer Durables, Education, Electrical Engineering and Power, FMCG, Healthcare, Engineering and Capital Goods, Industrial Electronics and Automation, Information Providers, Information Technology, ITES / BPO, Lighting, Media and Publishing, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Private Equity and Venture Capital Segments.

Their business is made up of four core research services:

  • Competitive Intelligence and Consulting: ValueNotes specifically deals with Intelligence needs assessment, audits, frameworks and strategy workshops.
  • Research Training and Education: ValueNotes conducts training programs for its associates to deliver practical research and solutions, using proprietary methodology.
  • Custom Research: This is about mapping client needs and delivering analytical models, validation methods, hypothesis designs, data collection measures and more.
  • Business Research Services: ValueNotes also offers outsourced business services in domains like Virtual Research, Financial Modeling and Analysis, News Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Desk Research, Primary Research, Competitor Price Tracking and Custom Publications. The dedicated KPO team is all about reliability, ethics and value for money.

If, after reading all this, you think working at ValueNotes will give a boost to your career, continue reading. In the subsequent sections, we bring you real perspectives of working at ValueNotes from both current and ex-employees.

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Positive Opinions on ValueNotes

These opinions are not from FinanceWalk staff but gleaned from

Value Notes General Overview

1) Excelling Opportunities

If you’ve been working for long, you will understand when I say that not all companies offer opportunities to excel. Most of the times, employees remain restricted within the walls of following orders and a monotonous work life.

Many of the employees associated with ValueNotes voted in favor of the company for giving them ample opportunities to excel.

2) Good Working Style

Again, you aren’t restricted to follow fixed working times or put in additional laborious hours. What we felt reading the reviews is that there are no unnecessary working pressure on the staff, which is definitely a good feature.

3) Commendable Communication Skills

Maybe because ValueNotes is a comparatively smaller organisation, the communication flow between all departments and managers is transparent and fluent. This is really a wonderful asset because most problems generate due to communication gap and if ValueNotes is really able to bridge this gap, you should give this company a try.

4) Client Dealing

Given the nature of projects, you are directly working with clients and not covered by a veil of project managers blocking access. Since you can directly work with clients, there is a higher chance of client satisfaction, in terms of project research and fruitful completion.

5) Recommended for Freshers

It’s not that experienced people shouldn’t work here but popular opinion is that the organisation works as an incubation zone for freshers who are interested to carve a career in the competitive intelligence industry.

Some other positives were employee-friendly working environment, business learning opportunities, good for internships, challenging deliverables and positive knowledge sharing.

Some negative opinions we came across are bulleted below:

  • Lack of employee medical coverage.
  • Compensation may not be adequate for some.
  • There is no clear industry focus. [Our Comment: This is not a completely negative opinion because unless and until ValueNotes is able to effectively manage clients from all industries, there shouldn’t be any problem.]
  • Volume of work fluctuates.
  • Attrition rate is higher and the work quality stagnates sometimes.
  • The growth percentage is slow.
  • HR management is not that forthcoming. [Our Comment: Some ex-employees did praise the HR management and given the comments swaying both ways, it’s safe to assume work experiences might differ with changes in HR management].
  • Lack of long-term strategy by senior management.
  • No clear business goals.

…that’s it.

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ValueNotes Salary

Since ValueNotes is a relatively smaller company, we couldn’t find adequate data on their salary, bonuses and other employee benefits.

The common positions at ValueNotes are Business Editor, Research Analyst, Project Manager, Research Team Lead, Business Development Executive and Internships.

According to GlassDoor data, the average salary of a Research Analyst is Rs. 355,000 and Rs. 903,000 for a Project Manager. ValueNotes interns are paid about Rs. 5000 monthly.

According to Pay Scale, there is an equal distribution of employee experience.

Employee Experience

Further, here’s some data we found on Pay Scale that measured ValueNotes salary on the basis of skills and specialty.

By Skills

Check out their current job opportunities here.

ValueNotes Interview Questions

Hands down, the interview experience of participating people has been 100% positive. The main mode of application is online and some portion is dedicated to campus recruitment. Here’s a screenshot.

Value Notes Interview

Sometimes there are walk-in interviews as well. The interview process takes between 1-7 days. The recruiter asks questions about IQ and it is followed by an aptitude test. Those who clear this round are given a ‘case study’ test with specific questions.

If all the rounds are cleared, HR interview is the last round. If shortlisted for the final round, final interview is scheduled and if cleared, the offer letter is instantly handed over.

In short, there are four rounds to clear: IQ Test, Logical Reasoning Test, Case Study Analysis and Management Interview.

You can read more interview experiences here.


ValueNotes is a recommended company for internships and freshers. For experienced people, the salary might be a concern but if you find something worthwhile that will complement you career prospects, do apply to ValueNotes.

ValueNotes Review: Positive Experiences, Salaries and Interviews 1
ValueNotes Review: Positive Experiences, Salaries and Interviews 2
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