What is Business Analytics? The Careers and Jobs


What is Business Analytics
What is Business Analytics


This post explains what is business analytics and how to make careers in business analytics.

How many of you are really good in business analytics and excel skills and can analyze “any” huge data?

You really enjoy working on analytical tools and come up with solutions that are useful for decision making?

I know a majority of you would enjoy working in a field which is not only interesting but equally rewarding too.

Companies like IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte are using business analytics tools and coming up with decisions that are useful and profitable.

I will publish a detailed list of companies that are using analytics for decision making and thereby to increase market share and profitability.

But, before that let's see - what is business analytics all about.

What is business analytics and its usage

What Does Business Analytics Mean :

  • Private banks are using data mining and analytics to compete successfully
  • Credit Card companies use analytics to predict customer risk profile and identify profitable segments
  • Insurance companies use analytics for risk estimation

This is just a representative list; the scope of analytics is much more than this. Big MNCs are optimistic about the data and business analytics.

“Data analytics is going to be the next big wave that will sweep across the world — and India is going to be right at the forefront of it”, says Manoj Singh, global managing director (operations) at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Mid-sized analytics consulting companies focus on Retail Banking, Consumer Finance, Consumer packaged goods and Retail, Customer Relationship Management and Media.

Examples of Business Analytics

I ran a search on simplyhired.com on keyword “Business Analytics” and I got almost 250000 results.

Interesting point is, these were the openings for fresher with “0” experience. Sounds good? But wait, though these openings were for freshers, they require a certain skill set in data and business analytics.

Skills required to succeed in business analytics career

1. Inquisitiveness

Imagine, a huge data about customers’ demographics is given to you and your boss has asked you to come up with meaningful conclusions to design a product.

If you are not curious about the data and the usage of it like why's and how's of it, you will not be able to provide the right solutions.

So, inquisitiveness will help you work on huge datasets.

2. Interpretation skills

You are working on huge data and want to find out meaningful solutions which will help in decision making and designing a product or service.

Experience and domain knowledge will help you in interpreting the results.

You can form strategies, products based on your interpretation of the results.

3. Understanding tools and methods

Having knowledge of  SAS and Excel is good.

But, knowing how to apply thoughts,  while analyzing the data (using SAS and Excel) is better! SAS and Excel are tools which every analyst needs.

However, tools will not give you result unless you use your intelligence.

4. Detail Oriented

This skill is important as often while keeping the big picture in mind, people lose track of small details.

5. Quantitative Skills

Business analytics requires you to work with figures. You need to be comfortable with mathematical formulas.

If you are scared of the word “Quant”, then this career is not for you.

To help you make a career in business analytics, we, in association with our training partner, aim to meet the growing demand for talent in the field of analytics by providing industry-relevant training and education to develop business-ready professionals.

I hope now you understood what is business analytics and how to make a career in business analytics.

What is Business Analytics? The Careers and Jobs 1
What is Business Analytics? The Careers and Jobs 2
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174 thoughts on “What is Business Analytics? The Careers and Jobs”

  1. Hi, I have total 7 years of experience as a business analyst in Insurance. Currently I am working in MNC but want to upgrade my skill. I am interested in business analytics course. Please let me know any good institute which provides online course. Also I want to know, how far it can help me in getting good job. What’s the average package at my experience people gets.
    Thanks in advance for your response

    • Dear Simpi,

      Please check for classroom course of any recognized institute.

  2. Hii,

    I had did B.E in computer science and have 2 years of it experience in development. The thing is that I hate coding and I dont understand it. I am.planning to start my career by doing MS in business analytics . Is coding is required for this role as I dont have any knowledge abt business analytics .. I smy decision is worth for my career. Can u pls tell.me what interest someone for doing business analytics means what must be an interest for a person for doing master in business analytics ?

  3. Hey, i hav done bba so is it good for me to take masters of business analytics and in analytics how much percent of math is involved??

  4. Hi!
    I’m a AA graduate in business. I also have a good background in chemistry as I thought that is what I wanted to do. I have always loved sports though and the numbers involved in making a team a “winner”. They offer a Business Analytics and Information Services program at the University of South Florida. I was wondering if this would be a good field to go into for a student who loves to solve problems but also is looking to make a wave in the world of sports; are there jobs for majors of this degree in sports organizations?

    • Dear Kam,

      Please choose BA career if you love solving problems and you are good at analytics and technology.

  5. Hi Avadhut,

    I’m into QA background and have experience in Automation as well as Manual and ETL testing. I want to transition my career into Analytics (Business Analytics or BI).

    Please advise , as to what should be my first step.


    • Dear Juhi,

      This is a great step. Please go ahead.

  6. I have >20 years experience in sales operations. Will career shift in Business Analytics possible and worthy? what certifications are required to get meaningful opportunities?

    • Dear Manish,

      If you have a good domain knowledge, you can learn skills for Business Analytics.

  7. respected sir,
    I completed my undergrad from mechanical engineering and i am planing to pursue my masters in business analytics can u provide me the details of tools which will be very helpful for me

    • Dear Pavan,

      Go for Diploma in Business Analytics and focus on the practicals.

  8. Hi. I’m 2016 Information science engineering graduate. I’m going to pursue my masters in business analytics from September 2017. Till then I have to work somewhere. Currently I have two offers with me- Underwriting analyst from AIG and a role in ITIS from TCS. Which of the two roles will be relevant to business analyst is?

    • Dear Sandeep,

      Both are good as far as you understand the Business processes and Analysis.

  9. Hi,
    I am interested in business analytics. I am from Bsc(cs),MBA background.n I am a beginner,I am nt at all gud in maths, I am working on siebel. So plz can u guide me

    • Dear Mithun,

      Go for Diploma or classroom program in Business Analytics.

  10. I am from life sciences background and have done post graduation. Can I switch my career to analytics? If yes then which short term course should I go for?

    • Dear Ankita,

      Yes. You can. Please go for 1-year programs in Business Analytics.

  11. I am commerce background working professional, dont have any knowledge about java or any languages of computer and i joined business analytics course. But i dont understand anything whatever they teach and i realy want to make carrer in this, please help me. What to do please suggest.

    • Dear Sharad,

      There are 2 ways: Either you love what are you doing or do what you love. If you love Business Analytics, you will love to learn computer languages.

      There is another way, you can think of pure finance careers based on your background and career goal.

  12. Hi,
    I have completed B.com in finance specialization and have 1 year work experience as an IT analyst.
    Will it be a right move to take up business analytics certification course?

  13. Hi,
    I work in regular expression, presently working with Amazon, I want to join the business Analytics team of Amazon.

    Will this course helpful for me to get in to Amazon or any other big company.

    • Dear Pinak,

      Yes, Business Analytics course will help.

  14. Hi
    I am in in HR with 3 years of exp in recruitment.
    Can I go for Data analytics course.
    Pl. suggest

    • Dear Pratiksha,

      You can go for it, provided you have got inclination towards it.

  15. Hi,

    I am engineering graduate (EC) and have a 2 yrs of wrk experience in IT.
    I would like to do MBA in business analytics( part time course since it’s difficult for me to take a break from work).
    I like to know whether doing business analytics through MBA will be useful.. Will it improve my career growth..pls provide your suggestions.

  16. Hi,

    I am MBA in marketing with 4 years of sales experience. I don’t have any stats or maths background. I visited Koenig institute for SAS. They suggested me BI & PM modules. Can you please suggest which module I should go for?


    • Dear Gaurav,

      What’s your long-term career goal?

  17. Hi Avadhut,
    I’m MBA (Mkt.) with 13+ years of experience in to sales of IT solutions (Hardware,software,projects) , will it be good idea to make a shift in to analytics field.



  18. Hi,

    I am a software professional with 3.5 years of industry experience in software development but I wish to switch into field of Data Analytics. I need guidance regarding how I can transition my career into this domain and what all courses can be of help.


    • Dear Richa,

      Go for Business Analytics programs they will help you.

      • Hi Avadhut,

        Thanks for replying.

        What I’ve understood is that there is a difference between Business Analytics and Data Analytics and the programs being offered in B Schools are Business Analysis ones, oriented more towards the business aspects. While researching on this, I came across Post Graduate level programs like M.S. in Analytics offered in various universities outside India, like NCSU. Are there any such courses/programs available in India?

  19. Sir i completed Bsc in computer science but i’m not interested in hard coding so because of educational background i have very difficulties to find job.now i’m a HR @ Magna but money is limited so do i go business analytic or what should i learn to make career stable.I also know html,css and good hand in excel,word.

    Please suggest here

    • Dear Pranav,

      Yes, Business Analytics is a better option for you. Go for it.

  20. Hi Avadhut,

    I have did my graduation in Eco (Hons.) and post that MBA in Finance. I work with a data mining company and have a experience of around 2.4 years. My questions are a) I don’t have any technical knowledge (C++ and other computer programming Language) how will this impact my learning. b) How will i fit in with the experience. c) Can i get some information on some of the good centers in Delhi NCR were in they ca teach and provide placement assistance. d) Get some counselling so that i can be sure that i am moving in right direction.
    Sir, these are very critical question. Please help me with these questions so that i can make my decision.

    Looking forward for your response.


    • Dear Sumit,

      In which area you want to make your career?

      • Hi Avadhut,
        I want to make career in Analytics, is there any institute in Delhi NCR were in i can do weekend classes.


  21. Hi,

    I am a software professional with 3.5 years of industry experience in product development, having an M.Sc degree in Computer Science and now wish to switch into analytics. I need assistance regarding career transition and given my background what would be the right approach to go about it, is an MBA or an M.S in Analytics required, what all courses meet the industry demands, which courses from which institutes are beneficial.


    • Dear Richa,

      Go for any course that has good placement assistance.

  22. Hi Sir,

    I have completed my engineering in industrial engineering.
    Working for a company in IT sales.
    I have no background in coding.I don’t know any coding language.
    I want to pursue a course in business analytics .please give me suggestions.


  23. need carrier guidance on business analytics

  24. Hi,
    I am mechanical engg graduate with 10 years of industrial experience in a PSU, last year i have done with Executive MBA from one of the premier institutions of india, presently continuing in the same industry as i have 5 yrs service bond which is still in force for 3.5 yrs, i want to change my career to business analytics in next 1-2 years, how shall i proceed please guide with your valuable suggestions

    • Dear K Praveen Kumar,

      Join a classroom/ Virtual Classroom programs in India. Business Analytics is an excellent field with growth opportunities.

  25. Hi
    I am a management grad from one of top universities in India majoirng in the filed of HR and Operations IT. I have also worked with a leading MNC before pursuing MBA for 2years. I am looking for a career transition into business analytics. I would like to know how to transition my career into this role and would certification in SAS fetch me a job in this particulare role. I am currently employed , working in to L&D , HR – IT projects and some part of HR analytics though not using any specific tool for the same.

    Would like to hear from you on how to transition my career.


    • Hi Richa,

      SAS is a good tool and in demand. Do this program from a reputed institute.

  26. Hello,

    I’m a B.Tech. (CS) & MBA (Marketing) graduate with 1+ year experience in IT software sales. I want to move out of sales. I’m good in maths and also tech savvy but I’m not interested and also very weak in coding. I want to shift my career into business analytics and intelligence. I’ve also learned SAP BI (Not from any training center). Now, is this right to go on for a course in BA from a reputed training institute? And what is the difference between BI & BA?
    Please Reply ASAP.


  27. Hi Avadhut sir,
    I m btech graduate currently working as a (informatica developer) actualy i want to know whether mba in business analytics would be beneficial fr my carrier. If yes, then which bschool in india offer mba in this field and what r the oppurt after that.

  28. hello
    what would you say of the project of testing assigned to a business analyst job profile. Since testing is mainly done by quality assurance engineers and not BA’s.
    I am in a dilemma whether I should take it or not.
    Thank you

    • Functional testing is a part of BA profile in IT companies.

  29. Please let me know the average package, that is offered to Business Analytic persons.

    • Hi Chandan,

      Difficult to give you a static figure. Please make use of sites like PayScale and Salary.

  30. Hi,
    I am an electrical engineer with good knowledge in Excel. But I am working as project manager for electrical infrastructure projects and have an experience of 13 years. Is it advisable to change the career path to Busyness Analytics now? If yes what are the courses which I can attend for that? Kindly guide.


  31. Sir currently m doing maths hons from DU..after dat I m planning to do MBA..and I m actually interested for making a carrer in business analytics. ..will you please guide me abt this field. N help me rise on this field

  32. Hi Avadhut Sir, I am a 2013 fresher and i have done BI Course, Can you please suggest me few companies which are hiring freshers in BI vertical

    • Hi Adithya,

      Use LinkedIn to find out the companies. Start networking and participating in discussions. You’ll be easily noticed and then you can pitch for your candidature.

  33. Hi Avadhut,

    I have done Engineering in Computer Science. I want to build my career in Business Analytics. If possible can you tell your any of counsellor to call me.

    • Hi Aseem,

      My associate is trying to reach you. Your number is switched off.

      • Hi Avadhut,

        So sorry for the inconvenience. Due to some low signals of my cell phone, it might have caused this. But please, please tell any of your counselor to call me once again. It would be great help for my future. Please..

        Aseem Kapur

      • Hi Avadhut Sir,

        I have done Engineering in Computer Science. I want to build my career in Business Analytics. If possible can you tell your any of counselor to call me. It would be greatest help of your, if you can guide to build my career in analytics. I’m waiting for your response.

        • Hi Aseem,

          My associate(John Wilson)told me that he called you and gave all the details. Please let me know if you didn’t receive any details from John.

  34. sir,
    should i go for SAS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION or BUSINESS analytics training using SAS,EXCEL. Wt is the difference between two
    WHICH WILL GIVE BETTER JOB prospective for FRESHERS?????
    PLSS suggest some institutes in bangalore
    Either online or class room
    I have completed B tech electronics and have worked in a core company whose experience wont count at all
    I have also appeared final yr MBA this yr.

    PLSS reply…

    • Hi Pranay,

      Please email me your contact number for more details.

  35. Hello Sir,

    I am an MSC in Computer Science student having 2.6 years of experience in Digital Marketing. I want to change my field and get into the field of Analytics as early as possible. Kindly suggest what are the skills that I need to develop and what kind of jobs are available in the field of Analytics, Which tools i need to learn for the career in analytics.

    Thanks and regards
    Atul J

    • Hi Atul,

      Yes, you can get into Analytics field now too. You need to learn SAS, R,and other softwares.

      There’s a PG program available in Great lakes too.

      • Hi Avadhut

        Thank you for your reply. But to get into analytics filed for which course should i apply
        Certified Business Analytics Professional
        Certified Hadoop & Big Data Expert
        Certified R Programmer for Analytics – R tutorial
        in above course which is beneficial for me to get the job, and what are the other modules in SAS or software which i need to learn to get job in business analytics field and is there any difference between SAS and Big Data & Hadoop.

        Thank in Advance,

        • Hi Atul,

          I think Jigsaw Academy will have answers to all your queries. Here’s the site. Contact them and get your queries solved.

      • I am mba in marketing with computer science background and now I am with 2years of experience in sales will the SAS EXCEL help me in buisness analytics profile. Please suggest me the way go ahead

  36. Hello

    I am a computer engineering graduate with 8 years of experience into IT (Domain financial services) I would want to take business analytics. What is the scope of the same , in information technology and financial services.


    • Hi Shwetal,

      Please email me your contact number. My associate will provide you required counseling.

  37. Great article. Do let me know, how I can contact you to get more information !

  38. Hi,

    I need to know is it possible to do a career transition into analytics despite you are having knoweldge of sas, basic analytics.
    How to proceed further.

    Please let me know your thoughs on this.

    And kindly mail your mobile no also.


  39. Hi Avadhut, I have 4 yrs exp in sales want to change career is BA is for me , I had completed MBA in Finance and Marketing.

      • Hi Avadhut,

        Will it be possible to discuss with you over the phone, want some inputs as I am looking for career change

        • Vikas,

          Please email your phone number to me. My associate will guide you in this regard.

  40. HI Avadhut,

    I am software engineer and having 3.3 years of experience in Software Testing, I am planning to change my profession to BA,Please suggest met whether i should opt for BA as a career

    • Hi Jaydev,

      Yes, if you love analytics side, then go for it.

  41. ​Hi Avadhut,

    I have gone through financewalk website and read your post on What is business analytics : Careers and jobs. Thanks for sharing such a valuable info.

    I’m writing this to you to know your feedback on taking up business analytics as profession after 2 years of work experience in sales manager role.

    Currently, I’m working with ​​​TTK Prestige​ as Area sales manager and want to change my field into business analytics.

    Do you think my domain experience in business process counts? Will this experience fetch extra points than others? Is it a right move to change my career from sales to analytics?

    I do spend my time on understanding the business trend and products performance and marketing activities impact by looking at the numbers collected at the local point by using excel tools and customize the schemes and activities accordingly.

    Does this experience comes in handy in pleasing my interviewer for analytics role??

    Kindly help me in understanding the companies expectations from a sales guy like me in business analytics role, medium to apply for it, salary packages and so.

    Waiting for your reply!

    • Hi Gowtham,

      Please share your number,so that my associate will guide you regarding this.

  42. Hello Sir,
    i am a Chemical Engineer working in a PSU since 4 Years.. i want to know that is it possible for me to switch my field now? how can i know that i can be successful in field of BA.

    • Hi Jigar,

      Please provide your contact number, my associate will guide you in this.

  43. Hi Avadhut,

    I am a b-tech in software engineering however i have 2+ experience in as a game consultant along with associate. I want to change my designation and wanna move to some some real challenging opportunity which can give me a premium income as well as a job satisfaction intending my mind to set a targeting goal and achieving the desire. I don’t have any experience in software field as you can see my last designations. I just want to know whether i could change my career and what could be the better prospectus i don’t want a fresh start just to boost up my skills or else my career.

    can you guide me please.


    • Hi Anis,

      You can try business analytics option.

  44. Dear Avadhut

    I have with around 9 years of experience in HR consulting. I want to change my field and get into the field of Analytics. Kindly suggest what are the skills that I need to develop and what kind of jobs are available in the field of Analytics.

    Thanks and regards.

    • Hi Rohit,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Can you please share your contact number? My associate will discuss these things with you in detail.

      – Avadhut

  45. hi..
    my self vikram completed B.com and M.Com,,,
    it hapnd me to wrk as a lecturer in commerce bt m intrstd in business analytic can u jst help me ot in acquiring knowledge twrds dis n fr a stable career in dis field

    looking frwrd fr reply frm u….

    • Hi Vikram,

      Please share our contact number. My associate will call you and give the details.

  46. Hi Avadhut,

    I am software engineer with 1.5 yrs experience in telecom domain.What course should I do to make a carrier in this filed

    • Hi Ankit,

      Please share your contact number. My associate will get in touch with you regarding this.

  47. Hi Avadhut,

    I’m a Design Engineer ( Mechanical ) in R&D of a Top Medical device company, having 3 years of experience, Is this a fair decision to go into the analyitcs. But I dont have much idea about this, Like how should i start , which course I should do & how to land myself into the field of analytics. Please reply ,

    • Hi Jeet,

      My associate is the right person for such queries. Please share your contact number. He will get in touch with you.

      • Please send me the mail id where i would share my contact number & queries.

        Thank you.

  48. Hi Avadhut,

    I am a Technology Consultant with 4 yrs of Experience in Data Analysis (Informatica) . I wish to study further and am confused whether I should pursue a Certificate program in India or MS in Business Analytics abroad. Major points of contention-

    1. Does a degree or certification in Business Analytics add value to my current job profile.
    2. Which one has a better ROI Certication programme in Analytics from ISB and other Indian Business Schools or 1.5-2.5 yr MS degree in Analytics by NUS ( Singapore)

    Also can you advise on other good universities that offer certification programmes or degree in Business Analytics.


    • Himanshu,

      My associates conduct a business analytics program.

      If you’re interested,please share your contact number. My associate will get in touch with you.

  49. Hi Avadhut,

    I am working with TCS as Business Process Leader since last 2 years. I have complemted M com and PGDBM in Finance. I would like to continue my career as Business Analyst. kindly let me know whether my decision is right or not ?. If yest then any diploma or part time PG course for BA to grow further.

    • Vashudeo,

      My associates conduct a business analytics program.

      If you’re interested,please share your contact number. My associate will get in touch with you.

  50. Hi,

    I am from life science background and have been working in clinical domain as SAS programmer from last 5 years. Now i have an offer from analytics firm so bit confused whether it is right decision to switch from clinical SAS reporting to analytics where they are involved in areas like predictive modeling.

    Please suggest me if my decision is worth interms of job security, future and salary.

    • San,

      I think this is a good decision.
      If you need specifics on this, let me know your number and my associate will contact you.

  51. Hi Avadhut ,

    Appreciate your effort for sharing your comments !

    I am working as a Teradata architect , having total 9 years of exp and looking for build me career into Analytics . Could you please suggest me how can i make my career path . Does certification course on Analytics really help ?


    • Praveen,

      Yes, the certification program will really help.
      If you want to know more about this career, let me know.

  52. Hello Sir,

    I have done Btech and then MBA in Finance/marketing, now i am working with one of top management consulting firms in analytics domain. I have just started my career in Analytics. Could you please suggest what is the career graph in analytics. Is it right for MBA grads to take job in analytics, though is it discouraging that we could only find a very few people who are MBA and are into Analytics.

    • Hi Shilpa,

      The career graph is excellent. If you want more details, please share your contact number and my associate will brief you about the career opportunities.

  53. Hi Avadhut,

    I have 2.5 yrs exp in BI tool (Datastage) in Infosys. I am looking for career in Business Analytics and planning for MS in BA. Please guide me for the same.
    Also I have a confusion with Management Infomation System (MS in MIS). Are both on same track ?

    Thanks in Advance!

  54. Hi,

    I have completed my masters in Finance and Marketing. I am currently working with HDFC-Business Banking (Its been a month). I always want to get into such strategy deriving work. I am not a Techie (B.Tech) and not even a B.com Grad. I have worked with Infosys BPO LTD before my MBA under Master Data Management.

    So i would like to know is it feasible to get into Business Analytics after the coaching. If yes, I don’t want to write codes or programs. Let me know how tough is to learn and survive in Business Analytics and at the same time will my experience with Infosys be considered or i will be treated as a fresher? If my exp does not count….tell me how can get myself prepared for better roles. That is by doing any live projects before i go for job hunt after the course completion. I am earning more than 35K. Would the first job in Analytics match it or do i ahve to compromise on that front.

    If i have to be effective let me know the course i have to take up?


    • Hi Kishore,

      Kindly email me your phone number and my associate will get in touch with you.

  55. Hi Avadhut,

    I have completed my M.C.A and M.Sc(Info.Sys) and am into education industry teaching polytechnic students overseas for the past 15 years. I am currently pursuing Business Analytics course. I would like to seek your advice if i can switch career to a Business Analytics job. If so, how do i need to prepare myself.

    Appreciate your reply to my email


  56. Hi,

    I have around 9.5 yrs of experience inmainframes.Please let me know how busines analytics course help me and change my resume accordingly.

  57. Hi Sir,

    I need to go to business analytics side.I am working as of now with a giant company in oracle,sql,pl/sql,unix and datastage.I need to groom my career so that I can expose myself more into the market.

    Request your suggestions for the same.

    Saurabh Sharma

    • Saurabh,

      Check your email please.


  58. Hi sir
    I have recently completed my masters in finance. I am interested in analytics and I have basic knowledge of statistics and Econometrics. I have also used SPSS and Eviews in my course study. I am currently not working and will be looking for an analytics job soon. Can you advice me how I should go about it.

    • Hi Vaibhav,
      You need solid skills or experience to get into analytics or financial analysis career.
      If you’re interested, share your contact numbers and one of our associate will call you and brief you about the program details.

  59. Hi Avadhut,

    I have completed by Masters in Management and IT and currently working as a Consultant in one of the big 4s. Before my masters I worked for 4 years in IT industry as a software tester. I have developed a huge interest in Business Analytics and want to pursue my career in this field. My current work requires to analyse data but the analytical skills requied are quite low level. I want to switch to mainstream business analytics and would like to know what prior skills and certifications are required. Can you please help?

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Siddhesh,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      My associate handles queries related to ‘Business Analytics’. I’ve mailed his contact number to you.


  60. Hello Avadhut,
    I have 6 years of experience as an ERP administrator,currently working in PeopleSoft technology. I am interested in business analytics and want to pursue a career in it. Could you please let me know how to prepare myself for the same. Waiting for your kind guidance.

    Warm Regards

    • Hi Jagat,

      Please check your inbox.


  61. Hello Avadhut Sir

    I have completed my MBA in system and finance, in telecom domain. I have experience of almost 3 years, and I am recruited as a consultant. But I am interested in a job related to business analysis.

    Kindly let me know how should I take forward by career path. Thanks!

    • Hi Anshul,

      Business Analysis careers are in two areas 1. Software companies and, 2. Business Analytics or statistical analysis. Which area you want to make a career in?


      • Hello Sir,

        I am targeting software companies. Kindly let me know the career path, where I can apply my managerial skill also.


        • Anshul,

          To get into business analysis in software companies, you need to have strong domain knowledge, coordination skills, excellent communication skills and passion for writing. Managerial skills are required when you are working as a Principal Consultant.

          Career path depends on the company and the business analysts are also called as Domain Experts/Subject Matter Experts/Functional Consultants.

          Hope this helps.


  62. Hi Avadhut,

    I have been working for in the analytics team of an international bank for the last 1.5 years , I am very comfortable working with both SAS and excel , I am now looking for a professional program or an executive MBA that would help me build a career in analytics , would you be able to help me out here ?


    • Hi Kunal,

      Sent the details to your inbox.


    • Hi Avadhut,

      I’ve extensive experience in Software Testing around 5 years, would like to shift my career. I zeroed in on Business Analytics, I did maths as a major in UG level but not very talented.

      Can I learn all your courses while working and after completing courses will I be getting job in Business Analytics as a Fresher?

      I feel I should improve my English language skills.

      Thanks for your time in this.

      • Hi Pavan,

        I’ve mailed you the details.


  63. Hi Avadhut,
    I am a BE(Computer Sc) and MBA(Systems) with 6.7 yrs of domain exp in Talent Acquisition/Recruitments, HR, Management Consulting areas. Now I am keen to get into the Business Analytics areas. Would like to know whether i can get into the Analytics domain easily after completing a short course on Analytics and in which specific area in Analytics will my profile be suitable ?
    Plz advise on the same.

    • Hi Shirsendu,

      Please check your inbox.


  64. Hi Avadhut,

    I am engineering grad with 8 years of techno functional exp. I am current a business analyst in a bank and want to pursue a career in business analytics. I saw that they are courses in IIM kolkatta,banglore or iit bombay,.
    Your suggestions and inputs please

    • Hi Sandhya,

      I assume you know the difference between business analysis and business analytics area.

      Having said that, I do not know about the courses you mentioned. Do your due diligence before joining any program.


  65. Hello sir, I have completed my graduation in statistics and economics and now i am pursuing MBA in Human resource management and i am very interested to make the career in business analysis but i am very confuse that is there any link between HRM and business analysis .

    • Hi Aditya,
      Business Analytics is used for analysing huge data sets using statistical tools. However, if you want to clear your confusion, you can contact my friend. I’m sending his details to you. Check your mail please.

      Hope this helps.

  66. Dear Anadhut,
    I am a Btech Mtech from IIT Kanpur. I have been working in a IT company for last 3 years. I have an interest in quantitative maths and have reasonable analytical skiils. Thus i want to switch into analytics. Please suggest.


    • Hi Aditya,
      Sent details to your inbox.


  67. Hello Avadhut sir, i have been in marketing field for past few years, i have done my graduation in statistics and now pursuing my MBA in marketing, i want to switch my career now i.e., from marketing to business analytics, so for this i am planning to go for SAS course ( SAS base+SAS advance+predictive modeling) and also i am looking forward to do a course available in IIM kolkatta,banglore or iit bombay, related to BA,
    now can u tell me that going in this way will be the right thing to start my career in BA will it provide me good opportunities,good job.

    • Hi Amit,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      I have sent you a mail. Check your inbox.


  68. Dear Avdhut,

    I have completed my BE Electronics with 2 yrs of exp. in Automation as project engineer as my company is small company i am taking care of all dept. so i am not having a specific profile. Now i am in big trouble so thinking to make my career into BA because i am very excellent in to Maths, and i have also tried in SAAMA Technologies where i selected in 1st round out of 1000 only we 30 people get shortlisted for that aptitude but unfortunately rejected in second round of interview.

    Kindly suggest friend please for BA Career

  69. hi
    I have an experience of 2 years as a software engg and have very good knowledge in oracle sql,pl/sql.
    At this stage i want to change my role to analytic but i am hardly finding a way to do it. I can do an internal switch in my company but i need to upgrade my skill set before applying for so.
    May i ask you what are the skill sets required in order to be an analytic professional. Apart can you suggest some good websites where i can find those materials.

  70. Hello,

    I have done MCA and working as a Software Tester from 2years. I want to switch to Analytic. Please guide me.

  71. Dear Anadhut,

    I am an MBA in HR with 8 years of experience in HR. I want to change my field and get into the field of Analytics. Kindly suggest what are the skills that I need to develop and what kind of jobs are available in the field of Analytics.

    Thanks and regards
    K Mitra

    • Hi K Mitra,

      Please check your mail.



  72. Hello sir,
    I am snehali. I have completed my BE in IT, MBA in IT and Finance. I am Fresher and looking for job. I have interest in Business Analyst profile I try to get job in that field but every time i saw the opening were experience in required. so I want to know for what positions I have to apply so after take experience I will grow my career in business analyst in any IT company.

    • Hi Snehali,
      First criteria for any business analyst is to have domain knowledge and experience. I would suggest you get at least 2-3 years experience in finance and then apply for Business Analyst post. As this job is very demanding, you need to have knowledge of both – Domain and Business Analysis.

      Hope this helps.


  73. hello sir,
    with all regards i want to state that i have completed my b.tech in computer science. i have a gud knowledge of quantitaive maths and aptitude.
    but i am nt finding any way out in acheving the job for buisness analyst .so, kindly help me out in this matter as i m extremely passionate about this job.

    regards ,
    manik sharma

    • Hi Manik,
      Try gaining *skills* in business analystics and it will help.

  74. Avadhut SIR

    Thats a good effort but just an advice that ” Don’t discourage people by saying that if you are scared of “Quant” then this field is not yours. These statements talks about old school of thought which our previous generation has followed enough.

    May be you have scored 100/100 in your CBSE, but I have really not heard a lot about you where you have done some miracles in the field of Analytics. Or people see you as some one who solve Analytics problem in a minute.

    We all know there is no correlation between how much you have scored in your school and how successful are you in today’s analytics industry. So please dont discourage people with your old school thoughts and GROW UP

    • Hi Ashish,

      First of all, thanks for taking time to write such an insightful comment, appreciate it.

      To answer your comment, my job is to tell the truth to the people. During my 12 years of experience, I have seen people choosing the career mainly for money aspects and then they feel miserably. The main reason is that they are not good in what they are doing and bad performance SO losing the confidence. I do not want this in case of Analytics readers.

      Reality is I was neither a topper in Quants, nor was I topper in Entrepreneurship subject that we had in MBA. But, I am happy doing what I am doing. I was never scared of it. Never did I mention that school score is important, the liking of the subject is important than score.

      Thank you once again for writing.

      • hello ashish,

        i am working in eclerx services ltd as financial analyst, i very good at excel. but still i wanted to switch in business analytics can you guide me with few companies where i can apply for a BA .

        • Hi Madhulika,

          You need to be good in financial analysis, excel and other areas including domain expertise to get into business analysis role, be it in software companies or non-software companies.
          You may Google it for the companies that offer this role.


          • Thanks for the opportunity
            hi sir i am naman shah i have completed my B.E.(comp. science) in 2013 and i m fresher and looking to go for business analysis…
            can you guide me…
            thanking you,


          • thanks for rlying…
            as i am not interested in programming side…
            so sir is their a bright future in BA?
            and also i want to know that if i am going to BA side than what sort of course should i do?

            thanking you,
            -naman shah

  75. Hello Avadhut SIR ,im B.com,MBA [bt of no use practically ] and for past 12 months im very active in stock market like trading & stuff like that ….so want to know which course should i go forward with as im a keen on learning each & every aspect of stock market.SIR please reply…

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