What Is Equity Research?

Financial markets sustain on the information.

Here, information is the prized asset.

The desire for information availability and consumption spurned a whole new industry, popularly known as Equity Research.

Well, to start with, equity research is the study of equities or stocks for the purpose of investments. Equity research is what an equity research analyst does. In simpler terms, equity research is the act of gathering information:

(1)    information that helps investors to decide where to put in their money;

(2)   information that traders require to understand whether to enter or exit a market position;

(3)    information that financiers (bankers and firms) need to evaluate companies.

Equities or common stock comprises a big chunk in any company’s capital and shareholders need to know whether to stay invested in the company or sell the shares and come out. Both the buy-side and the sell-side companies invest in maintaining an equity research division. This research may also include bonds and commodities.

The function of the equity researcher is to present a detailed analysis of a company, enabling investors to make an informed decision.

The research report is used by investment banks and private equity firms to evaluate the company for IPO, LBO, mergers and others.

For an investment bank, the equity research segment produces revenue as buy-side firms pay the equity research team to delve into its records and analyse information.

What is equity research

As an individual, it is time-consuming to do equity research, that is, to study the company, its financial statements, products, management and take a decision about investment. Exactly for the same reason, there are people working in research companies whose job is to do equity research and recommend companies for investment.

The application of equity research varies. Primarily, equity research is used in the mutual funds industry, investment evaluation, merger and acquisition deals, financial publications and charitable endowments.

Purpose of Equity Research

As stated before, the purpose of equity research is to study companies, analyze financials and look at quantitative and qualitative aspects, helping investors of varying degrees to make an informed decision.

As the name suggests, ‘research’ plays the most important role here.

Over the years, research methods have changed but the sole intention of research remains the same.

The number of investors is booming and so is the need for exploring the nature of investments.

Investors wish to take calculated and informed decisions, and this is where the role of equity research begins.

The purpose of equity research and the researcher is manifold.

To begin with, one gathers and analyses industry data and financial models of a specific company or an industry.

It also involves understanding current market trends, both from the perspectives of macro economy and micro economy, and report findings. Since the equity research targets a specific audience, it is necessary to tailor the findings to the audience demand.

Further, adequate stress is laid on the accuracy of information. If investors take actions based on any kind of misinformation or misrepresentation, losses are tremendous and harmful to both the investor and the company. Therefore, equity analysts spend a considerable amount of time analyzing stocks and valuating estimates.

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The Equity Research Process

There are multiple steps involved in the equity research process. Here they are:

#1. Economic Analysis: It is a systematic practice undertaken to determine the usability of available resources, comparison between two or more resources, accounting opportunity costs and measuring the scope or viability of an investment.

#2. Industry Analysis: It is a tool used for assessing current markets and understanding its complexities. Political, economic and market factors are reviewed to understand its influence over the development of the industry.

#3. Company Analysis: It is a series of activities undertaken to analyse the operations of a business, focusing on the cause and effect of decisions and how they are likely to benefit (or not) future investors.

#4. Financial Statement Analysis: The accounts of a company are evaluated to determine the financial soundness (or otherwise) of the company. Profit and loss statements and managerial practices are overseen to prepare an accurate financial statement.

#5. Financial and Valuation Modeling: This is the process of valuing the company and its assets.

#6. Report Writing: All the above processes culminate into the report writing stage where the equity analyst prepares an in-depth report accessible to relevant shareholders.

#7. Presentation or Recommendation: Based on the report, recommendations are made for the benefit of the company and its shareholders.

Equity Research Qualification, Skills and Pay Package

A degree in MBA, CA or CFA is essential to begin a career in research.

A person begins as an equity research associate and then moves on to become an analyst in the long-term.

Interning with good financial and investment companies while still completing the course gives a strong platform towards career building.

Among equity research skills, it is necessary to possess higher analytical abilities.

You need to have a strong understanding of accounts and financial fundamentals as most of the time, what you are doing are crunching numbers!

Apart from this, knowledge about global and local business is an added advantage.

You need to know about capital markets and how they function.

The equity analyst also needs to be a good communicator.

Since all the financial analysis needs to be presented in the form of reports and/or case studies, strong writing skills is a must.

Lastly, as an equity researcher, possessing correct judgment goes with the job.

The salary packages of equity researchers are good. They get base pay packages plus bonus.

In India, the salary package of entry level equity research analysts at low-end banks is around Rs. 4 lakh per annum and Rs. 20 lakh per annum at high-end banks.

Their US counterpart earn about 80,000 USD plus bonuses at the entry level.

Lastly, campus placements are one of the best ways to get recruited and start an awesome career in equity research.

If you are interested, check out this list of important books essential in equity market research and learn more on research courses.

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  1. hello sir i have recently completed my graduation in BBMIB and working with an investment bank as a financial analyst. want to pursue my studies ahead but i am confused if i should go for MBA or some finance related Certification Course like CFA or Equity Research?

    • Dear Anju,

      CFA is a better choice if you want to make a career in financial analysis and research, portfolio management, and equity research.

  2. Hi ,
    I am a CA final student and. Passionate about share marets and roles relating to that.. Such as equity research, forex…could you please suggest with some courses

    • Hi Ram,

      My course suggestion will be based on your career goal.

      Email me for a detailed career coaching session.

  3. hello sir, i have done ca cpt and i am in inter but i fail 2 times so i am looking for a course which is best for me in share market field.

    • Dear Sunny

      Please email me ([email protected]) your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I had done my MBA in Rural Marketing and now I want to build my career in Equity/Derivatives Analysis. I’m Commerce Graduate. So please guide me how can I reach to my goal?

  5. The above article indeed was informative. I wanted to clarify on my career choice. I have done BSc Maths and worked for 2 years in Regulatory Compliance. Currently pursuing MBA, Finance and planning to do summer internship in an interesting project. Given, Fin domain is huge, I would want to know various categories / vertical where i could get into or plan my future path based upon some reference . Though, my prime interest would always be in Risk- Corporate, Portfolio risk, regulatory(already have hands on experience).

    • Dear Ritwika,

      Working in financial markets related job is always a better option since it gives you transferrable skills.

  6. Hi Sir..

    I have done my B.tech in Electronics. and i am working in a bank for last 2 and half years..and did Financial modelling certification am i eligible for this..

  7. Hello sir I am completed my b.tech in computer science and MBA in marketing after that I have total 2.7 year experience in Real estate market research industry can you suggest me the growth prospect of this industry and is I am eligible for the equity research.if yes so from.where I start learn

  8. HI,

    I have done B.Com and working in an Bank for 3 years. I am interested in equity research. How do i go further for this , please guide.

    • Dear Anjali,

      Please read this guide to know the basics of equity research career.

      You need to acquire the skills mentioned in this guide. You may join this program to become professional equity research analyst.

      • Hello sir I am Archna I am a research scholar in finance sir i want to know that which is the best job for me

      • Dear Archna,

        Only YOU can decide the best job for you. Please read this passion guide and do a homework, so that you will get a fulfilling career 🙂

  9. Hello Sir,

    I am Chartered Accountant as Well as CS and i have experience of 1.5 year in listing operation.
    I am trader since 8 years & my vision will be equity analyst since beginning.
    Now How could I get this opportunity to work with Equity Research Company?
    Please advice me for grooming my career.

    Thanking You

  10. I am interested for equity research job in buy side firm. Please suggest. How should I proceed or work for it?

  11. Hi sir,
    This is Sampath .I am pursuing my mba from Osmania university and i am CERTIFIED IN EQUITY AND DERIVATIVE from NISM .SIR i whant u to suggest which module to be writteen in future to have a secured career and the courses to be under gone.
    Thanking you.

  12. Hello sir,
    I have done CA inter,MBA finance 2013-2015 batch .Currently i am working in an US mortgage bank (mumbai) as Financial Analyst since last 5 months.I want to work in core finance.Please suggest me whether financial modelling course will help me to get good job in finance???

    • Hi Ekta,

      Yes, learn financial modeling and other skills mentioned on this page.

  13. Hello sir,
    I have completed my MBA in Finance and currently working in Broking company as a Equity Dealer from last 6 months,and i want have my career in Equity & Derivatives Research/Analyst .

    so kindly guide Sir, what should I do next, How should i Develop my career.

    • Hi Shodhan,

      As quickly as possible move to core financial analysis jobs.

  14. Hello Sir, i have completed ca inter and want to pursue my career in equity research along with my ca final .Pls suggest me the way to enter in this field as i am totally new to this . I have completed my 3 year of articleship in ca firm so pls suggest the companies which help me to achieve this goal.

    • Hi Sarthak,

      Companies look for MBA/CA/CFA candidates for Equity Research position. So focus on completing your graduation+CA.

      Please read this guide to become a world-class equity research analyst.

      To groom yourself as an equity research analyst, check our program.

  15. Hi Avadhut,

    My name is Musaddiq. I have completed my CA in 2013. I am having 2 years of post qualification experience which is not in finance related field. I wish to pursue my career as an equity research analyst. Can you please guide if a CA degree would suffice in getting the right job at entry level ? Also which kind of firms should I apply in for the right job ? And which book should I read of the books mentioned above to start with.

    Thank you so much.

  16. Dear sir
    I completed my bcom in 2012
    I hav been pursuing ca and have appeared in dis nov. Already cleared group 2 early dis year. I want to start a career as an equity research analyst. How to go about it. How do i apply fr internships or jobs

    • Hi Akanksha,

      My associate will call you to provide detailed career counseling.

  17. Hi sir,

    I am b.com & ca inter. I am selected in kpo company as financial analyst in financial service.
    I want to know what growth i can see in future in kpo industry.. If i become CA , then kpo industry will good as my carrear making for long term.
    My area of work interest is in finance releated to research and anaylsis of financial statement or equity , capital market etc..

    And what scope kpo have in coming 10 years..

    Please suggest me , i am very much confused.

    • Hi Varun,

      If your mid-term career goal is to work in finance area, then work only in core finance KPOs. The work should involve research and analysis and not just processing. If you work for 3-4 years in high-end KPOs, you can shift to consulting, investment banking, equity research firms. By that time you will have CA + 3-4 years experience.

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