WNS Career Review: Should You Work with WNS Global?

Following our regular FinanceWalk.com series of trusted and authentic reviews, we bring you today the review of WNS.

In this article, we will talk about the company, employee feedback, salary scales and scope of growth in the company.

What Is WNS?

WNS is one of the world’s leading Business Process Management company, working with over 200 clients globally in multiple industry verticals such as Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Consulting, Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods, Shipping and Logistics, Utilities, Travel and Leisure, Telecom, Diversified Businesses, Professional Services and Media and Entertainment.

If you’re interested in any of these industry verticals, working at WNS might be a good option for you.

Their business process management services includes a varied spectrum such as front-office, back-office, technology, human resource solutions, finance and accounting, customer care, research and analytics and other associated departments.

WNS is based in USA, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Romania, Poland, China, Costa Rica, Philippines and South Africa.

As a service provider, WNS offers end-to-end solutions impacting the end users.

A list of current career openings can be found here.

What Employees Say about WNS?

As always, we have done a detailed research about what current and past employees say about WNS.

If you’re visiting here for the first time, note that these reviews are often left as anonymous inputs but they are genuine nonetheless. Employee feedback about WNS is drawn from Mouthshut.com, Indeed.co.in and Glassdoor.com.

Here is a gleaned feedback.

Someone who worked there for almost 7 years rates it as one of the best BPOs out there in the market. The infrastructure is great and they have some big clients like Centrica and Travelocity, which are obviously high revenue earning clients for the company.

Many interns working at WNS reported that interns are usually well paid in the organisation. There is not much work pressure and the interaction with the HR is very streamlined and cordial. Usually, the interns are paid on per hour basis for working additional hours.

An overview of how WNS is perceived.

WNS Overview

Every employee has to sign a contract, which can be a negative feature but that’s entirely how you perceive it.

Again, opinion is divided on whether the company offers a good work life balance or not. Some ex-employees reported a working span of 8 hours daily while many others said they had to work for more than 12 hours daily. We think this differs on your job profile.

If you want to go into Research and Analytics, WNS is a good bet. A

Any fresher will find good opportunities to learn new things and understand the workings of a third-party BPO.

There is free transportation and periodic training programs to keep employees at level with current industry developments. There is workplace innovation.

Among cons, office politics is something inevitable, along with complaints about the management team.

Reviewers at Indeed.co.in rate the company attributes as such.

WNS - Indeed

Let’s move on to other factors.

WNS Salary and Key Stats

The average salary at WNS is INR 140,000 annually for Senior CSA to INR 1,400,000 annually for Group Managers. The common positions at WNS and their average yearly packages, wherever available, is listed below.

  1. Senior Associate - INR 265,000
  2. Deputy Manager - INR 1,044,000
  3. Operations Manager - INR 450,000
  4. Senior CSA - INR 170,000
  5. Senior PPC Executive - INR 293,000
  6. AP Clerk - INR 295,000
  7. Group Manager - INR 1,330,000
  8. Team Leader (Level 2) - INR 300,000
  9. Senior Analyst - INR 586,226
  10. Assistant Manager – INR 573,292
  11. Analyst - INR 400,243

According to Payscale.com, WNS Global Services offers the following financial benefits.


Obviously, it doesn’t cover all positions available there but you can surely get a basic idea.

The popular locations for working in WNS are Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai and Gurgaon.

Salary at WNS is also depended on the education of the employees. The common degrees along with the average annual income is listed below.

  1. Bachelors’ Degree - INR 180,601 - INR 674,074
  2. MBA – INR 201,980 - INR 576,871
  3. Com (Accounting & Finance) - INR 482,500
  4. MBA (Finance) - INR 463,142
  5. BE (Electronics) - INR 711,000

Moving on, talking about experience, a large percentage of the employees, 43% to be exact have an experience of 1-4 years. Here is a representative data from Payscale.com.

Years of Experience

As per the above figure, even though WNS is supposedly a good destination for interns and new graduates, only 8% of the whole staff have less than 1 years of experience.

Further 34% of the staff have a maximum of 9 years of experience and understandably, the senior management comprises 15% of the manpower and they have 10-19 years of experience.

In our past company reviews, most of the companies had good gender ratio actively employed. WNS seems to stagger in that.


Notice the statistics above, not only is the female ration skewed, their average pay packages are also much less than their male counterparts even when they are operating under the same profile or departments.

WNS Interview Round

Glassdoor.com respondents certify the interview as such.


As the data reveals, most of the hiring is done through a recruiter and employee referral, which doesn’t mean they don’t do campus recruitments. You have to be on the lookout. The difficulty level is high and the interview experience is fairly good.

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The interview process varies between a day and a week. It depends on the profile you are applying.

Usually, there are 5 rounds.

  1. Simple Aptitude Test
  2. Psychometric Test
  3. Personal Interview / HR Round
  4. Personal Interview / Technical Round
  5. Personal Interview / Telephonic Round

The interview rounds are very basic. You’re asked questions only about your profile but we did come across two important negative factors. These factors were reported by all respondents.

  1. Huge waiting time – Candidates are made to wait 3-4 hours and then told to leave citing that the senior manager is not present to take interview. Candidates are asked to wait for a revert call and they never receive it, almost. In fact, one of the candidates had to wait for 12 months!
  2. Referral hiring – Referral hiring isn’t wrong unless you are wasting time of other people. Many times the interviews are conducted just as a ‘show’ whereas the recruitment has already been done internally.

Key Takeaway

WNS is a good company to begin your career.

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