Should You Work with Aranca: A Company Review (100% Honest)

Aranca is a KPO that offers customized research services to investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies. People who are interested to enter the finance industry as research analysts and executives should consider Aranca as a potential employment destination.

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The Aranca company review will focus on reasons why you should consider joining Aranca, career openings, estimated salaries and more.

Aranca: A Brief Profile

Founded in 2003, Aranca specializes in offering investment research, intellectual property research, business research, data analysis, tax compliance and financial reporting services and valuation services.

Aranca is headed by Hemendra Aran. Their global operations delivery center is located in Mumbai (India) and they have branch offices in Gurgaon (India), London (United Kingdom), New York (United States) and Palo Alto (United States).

Aranca Logo

Aranca works with independent research providers, investment banks, brokerage firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, law firms, corporations, management consulting firms, R & D institutions, trade associations, universities, IP firms and government bodies. In the last decade, Aranca has serviced over 1500 global organisations.

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4 Reasons to Join Aranca

Aranca seeks to induct best talents from the industry into its fast-paced growth-oriented team. They have established result-driven employee training systems to nurture talent and enable them to grow and pave their career success.

Here are some reasons to strongly consider Aranca as your next employer.

1. Challenging Assignments

Usually, finance is considered to be a boring and staid industry, with less creatively engaging options and more mundane repetitive work.

Aranca Job Profile

However, many past employees of Aranca state that the company offers challenging assignments, requiring various functional expertise and ability to handle diverse work areas. The assignments offer immense industry exposure in factors like managing client relationship, advisory and valuation, financial analysis and research exposure.

2. Learning Curve

Every company work profile has a learning curve. It depends on the employee to align with the learning curve and grow in skills and experience.

Aranca Growth Prospects

Aranca offers high learning curve, especially to fresh graduates looking for a break in the finance industry. High learning opportunities naturally influence the growth potential of the employee.

3. Work-Life Balance

As any corporate employee will tell you, corporate working life is often stressful. Sometimes employees have to spend 16-18 hours at the desk due to various reasons like deadlines and client negotiations or preparing reports.

Aranca Work life balance

Surely Aranca also works with deadlines and time limitations which sometimes necessitates that the involved departments invest more work hours but various credible working experiences that we read seem to tilt the balance in favor of Aranca as promoting a balanced work-life balance.

Apparently, the HR department is accommodating of employee personal commitments and sanctions personal leaves and other emergency leaves on need basis. Moreover, the working time is fixed to a large extent.

4. Experience for Fresh Graduates

Aranca is a recommended financial research company to join for fresh graduates.

New graduates look for experience and Aranca has a lot to offer. A fresh graduate gets the opportunity to work with various high ticket clients and receives exposure towards multiple industries.

Aranca Performance Appraisals

Aranca pays higher salary (shown below) against its competitors and disburses performance appraisals regularly.

Some negative points about working at Aranca are also mentioned here to give you a balanced perspective. These are:

  • The slow growth rate for employees who have worked there for more than 3-4 years.
  • The work profile, even though challenging, becomes a repetitive couple of months down the line.
  • There are significant management communication problems.
  • Sometimes the salary packages offered doesn’t justify the work profile.
  • Some ex-employees report the existence of ‘hire and fire’ policy.

Please note that the reasons stated above aren’t our personal thoughts. They were solicited from the past experiences of employees who have worked with Aranca. You can check their reviews here.

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Aranca Career Positions and Salaries

Like any other KPO, Aranca hires mostly researchers and analysts. Every employee of Aranca can take advantage of their professional development initiatives, comprehensive employee performance management program, mentoring programs and competitive benefits. Take a look at real-time current openings here.

According to the industry-leading human capital analyzer,, Aranca pays 40% higher than companies operating in a similar field.

How Aranca pays

A research analyst earns this –

Aranca Research Analyst earns

If you have skills in valuation, financial modeling, financial analysis, market research and more, here is a graphical representation of expected salary scale.

Aranca Expected Salary

Also, take a look at the educational requirements and experience break-ups.

Aranca Educational Background

The statistics clearly reveal that MBA and Bachelor’s degree are top educational backgrounds of its employees. Aranca has 78% male staff and 22% female staff. While the average salary of the male staff has a wide range, the average salary of female staff is fixed at Rs. 850,000. The section on ‘experience’ shows that 60% of its employees have 5+ years of experience. The 10% mark for <1 experience may also indicate high attrition rate.

The top jobs in Aranca, as per, are of research analyst, valuation, management, equity researcher and editor.

How to Clear Interview at Aranca?

Usually, campus hiring is common in KPO recruitment but for Aranca, online applications rank high as the preferred mode of sending resumes, following by campus recruitment and staffing agencies. According to the data available with, 70% of people rate interview experience as ‘positive’ and the interview difficulty level at a modest 3.4 / 5. Here is a pictographic representation.

Aranca InterviewA candidate has to clear three rounds of interview.

1. Technical Round: questions from work experience and skills mentioned in the resume are probed in detail to ascertain your suitability for the current profile.

2. Aptitude Test: questions are asked to test your quick thinking, logical or reasoning capabilities. Some expected question types are:

3. Personal Interview: if you clear both the rounds, you are called for personal interview round where your previous work background and experiences are discussed in detail. The mentioned references and educational and work certificates are checked in detail.

If the HR is satisfied on all counts, an offer letter is extended immediately or soon enough. Be careful about salary negotiations and ask in detail about all the benefits extended by Aranca.


Aranca is as good as any other well-known KPO operating in the global market. If you want to enter the financial KPO segment, Aranca would not be a bad option to consider.

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